Hardy is coming, we should have a release party.


The Irish Linux User Group will be having a PoTD (Pint of the Day) on the 1st May 2008 in the Longstone Pub, Townsend Street, Dublin. (map to the venue) We're going to team up with them. ILUG post about the PoTD

CD Burning

We need Hardy Heron CDs to give out to people on the release party. Hardy is released on Thursday 24th of April. If we have the party on Saturday we should have time to burn CDs.

Volunteering to Burn CDs

Please add yourself here if you can burn CDs! If we get enough people, then everyone'd only need to burn a dozen CDs or so.

  • ebel
  • happy_tux
  • Mean-Machine
  • Skrynesaver

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