This is the 1st Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting, starting at 9pm, 24th February 2008


  • ebel
  • happy_tux
  • kidders
  • Mean-Machine


  • Team Organization (Mean-Machine)
  • Community Goals (Mean-Machine)


[TOPIC] Community Goals (Mean-Machine)
[ACTION] Ubuntu-ie will get involved with Camara 

[TOPIC] Team Organization (Mean-Machine)
[ACTION] * ebel is in charge of ubuntu-ie - Camara project (communication etc.) 
         * happy_tux will be sending reports to mailing list after every IRC Meeting
         * Mean-Machine will maintain wiki pages and IRC Meetings
         * Release party ideas to be discussed in ie.ubuntuforums.org

Any Other Business

ubuntu-ie.org - hosting staff needs to be contacted in order to get access details


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<Mean-Machine> should we wait few more min? maybe few more ppl will join us
<happy_tux> np, when the next person joins ?
<Mean-Machine> we dont want to wait till tomorrow ;) lets just give them another 5min.
<ebel> wait, that's today!
<Mean-Machine> it is indeed ;-]
<Mean-Machine> let's start the meeting now, please type <PRESENT>, so we know who's here and paying attention
<Mean-Machine> PRESENT
<kidders> PRESENT
<ebel> PRESENT
<Mean-Machine> hehe, good crowd
<kidders> :P
<Mean-Machine> [TOPIC] Community Goals (Mean-Machine)
<Mean-Machine> lets cover this as first
<Mean-Machine> what should we concentrate on
<happy_tux> promotion?
<Mean-Machine> happy_tux has already started a bit of that, didnt u?
<happy_tux> im not too good at irish for translations :-)
<happy_tux> wrote article outlining benefits of using free software
<happy_tux> emailed to 27 free local newspapers
<happy_tux> and some student unions
<Mean-Machine> did u get any response from them?
<happy_tux> nope :-(
<kidders> nobody at all?
<happy_tux> only limerick post - to say i sent it to the wrong person .....
<kidders> that's disappointing :(
<Mean-Machine> did they give u the right contact then?
<ebel> :( Fair dues for trying though happy_tux
<happy_tux> i emailed a cover letter with links to the full article
<happy_tux> its not in the northside news anyway :-/
<ebel> Well it's usually good to have something to hang it on.
<happy_tux> i think if i followed up with a phone call....
<ebel> I'm involved with Camara, and irish charity that sends computers with ubuntu to schools in africa.
<happy_tux> more work but...
<ebel> the fact that we use linux and open source all the way is always mentioned at press stuff.
<Mean-Machine> ebel, great stuff!
<Mean-Machine> maybe we should also start working close with Camara, I know its mentioned on wiki
<Mean-Machine> but now, when we have an insider ;)
<ebel> :)
<ebel> That would be col.
<ebel> The new workshop on Thomas st in Dublin is opening this week actaully.
<Mean-Machine> it could be easier now to initiate our contribution to that project as a community
<happy_tux> just looking on the camara site...
<ebel> I mostly work on customising the edubuntu installer so that it'll be automated
<ebel> If you have a few hundered pcs it doesn't pay to be typing the same thing all the time.
<Mean-Machine> heh
<ebel> I've intermittantly updated my blog with details: http://blog.technomancy.org/category/camarabuntu/
<ebel> If you're interested in getting involved you can either come down to the new workshop (opening times and directions are on the website)
<Mean-Machine> do we all aggree that we should start contributing to Camara project as a ubuntu community?
<ebel> Or help out with the linux stuff. There's a mailing list at linux@camara.ie
<kidders> sounds good to me :)
<ebel> and a git repo for all the scripts and stuff at http://repo.or.cz/
<Mean-Machine> lets set this as our first priority then
<ebel> Wow, cool, volunteers, brilliant guys.
<kidders> hehe
<Mean-Machine> ebel, would u mind taking over the communication between Camara and ubuntu-ie in the near future?
<ebel> Sure thing.
<ebel> There are lot of camara volunteers but not a lot of them are linuxy people.
<ebel> I've been involved with camara for about 2 years. I was on lugradio about 2 years ago about it aswell.
<Mean-Machine> great, we'll post it in the mailing list beginning of next week with more details on Camara
<ebel> I'll do the same and talk to some of the camara folk next week.
<ebel> http://repo.or.cz/w/camarabuntu.git camarabuntu git repo. (Damn repo.or.cz's took ages to load)
<Mean-Machine> here's when we come to the next [TOPIC] Team Organization (Mean-Machine)
<Mean-Machine> wa already have ebel in charge of ubuntu-ie <=> Camara
<Mean-Machine> I'll be taking care of IRC meetings and wiki maintenance
<Mean-Machine> we'd need someone to post the meeting summary in the mailing list
<Mean-Machine> volunteers?
<happy_tux> if i know how to do it, i will :-)
<Mean-Machine> itd be a usual email with report emailed to ubuntu-ie Mailing List with a "ubuntu-ie IRC meeting Report [date]" Subject
<Mean-Machine> it would be sent out 24hrs after the meeting, when the meeting wiki page has been updated
<happy_tux> yeah sure put me down for it...
<Mean-Machine> cool
<Mean-Machine> any other arganization needs to be done ATM?
<happy_tux> what about release partys!! :-D
<Mean-Machine> nice one! hardy is to come out quite soon
<Mean-Machine> what kind of event do u have in mind?
<happy_tux> drink
<happy_tux> lol no
<Mean-Machine> hehe
<happy_tux> im easy...i used to run a Amiga Users Club years ago
<happy_tux> was a great time
<happy_tux> everyone copying *ahem* public domain software
<kidders> lol
<happy_tux> im easy on the location...just an excuse to get the media involved ?
<ebel> There's a techie pub quiz on soon AFAIk
<ebel> http://iwtc.firstport.ie/conferenceBlogPost.aspx?id=24
<Mean-Machine> itd be good to "go out" and just let ppl know about ubuntu
<Mean-Machine> and celebrate the new release
<happy_tux> yeah i would bring a load of blank cds n copy for anyone wanting a copy
<happy_tux> maybe a college location ?
<Mean-Machine> maybe thatd be a good place to go, they have wi-fi http://www.marketbar.ie/information.php
<Mean-Machine> sure college would probably be the best
<Mean-Machine> main gate of trinity :d
<happy_tux> that market bar costs plenty money .....no thanks :-)
<happy_tux> city center would be best place alright
<Mean-Machine> maybe there is a way to organize it with trinity college, probably the best location
<Mean-Machine> would also have to advertise it with posters and flyers
<happy_tux> anybody work in a advertising agency ??
<happy_tux> :)
<Mean-Machine> thatd be handy ;)
<happy_tux> im playing with inkscape n will try my hand at advertising flyer
<Mean-Machine> lets start a release party thread on the forums, maybe someone else will help out
<Mean-Machine> happy_tux, cool
<Mean-Machine> we'd probably use the standard "Highway to Freedom" poster
<Mean-Machine> is everyone here in Dublin?
<ebel> yes
<kidders> yep
<Mean-Machine> that will make things a bit easier
<Mean-Machine> happy_tux: are you in Dublin as well?
<happy_tux> yes
<Mean-Machine> ok
<Mean-Machine> we'll continue the release party discussion in the forum, is that ok with you?
<Mean-Machine> I'll take that as a YES ;-] Could we just go back to the Camara project for a moment, before we finish the meeting?
<ebel> ok
<ebel> Sure hardy isn't out for ages anyways.
<Mean-Machine> ebel, what kind of work is needed at Camara, and what would be the best way for ubuntu-ie to contribute?
<ebel> Many things/
<ebel> There's lot of work to be done on the software side.
<ebel> Although we've got a very decent installer there's lot of stuff to be done on that.
<ebel> we wanna include more software on the cd / cds. And we wanna get a proper network installer up and running in the new workshop
<Mean-Machine> ok
<ebel> Stepping back things like money or actually 2nd hand PCs are always welcome/
<ebel> If you want to volunteer to teach computers in africa for a month this summer, that's also a possibility.
<Mean-Machine> cool, here's what we're going to do
<ebel> They try to spread the techies amoung the various teams. There'll be able 5 teams this year, AFAIK.
<ebel> Basically having more linux people is a plus.
<ebel> Camara produces it's own education materials, and it could do with some more linux info aswell.
<Mean-Machine> the meeting page on wiki will be updated by tomorrow 9pm, then happy_tux will send out the meeting report, and then its where you'd come in and announce the start of ubuntu-ie contribution to Camara + infos and ask to to get involved
<Mean-Machine> is it ok?
<ebel> SUre
<Mean-Machine> happy_tux, please remember to send out the report tomorrow nite
<happy_tux> noooo problem
<Mean-Machine> great stuff
<Mean-Machine> is there any other business?
<happy_tux> http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ ?
<Mean-Machine> oh, yes thats a long story :P
<happy_tux> is it that it needs a drupal developer ?
<Mean-Machine> Im trying to get hold of the hosting staff, as we need new access (logins)
<Mean-Machine> we dont have the original ones
<Mean-Machine> :P
<Mean-Machine> LOST!
<Mean-Machine> or something ;)
<happy_tux> did u try: username :admin and password :password ??
<happy_tux> password
<happy_tux> ;)
<kidders> rofl
<Mean-Machine> I was given the login once by tck, but I had to reinstall my machines in Germany and left them behind
<happy_tux> ok np
<Mean-Machine> I dont think we'll need a drupal developer but someone who used it before
<Mean-Machine> or has some time to learn it
<Mean-Machine> its probably easy anyways ;)
<happy_tux> yea agree it just needs time to understand how it works
<Mean-Machine> yes
<Mean-Machine> so, I'll just keep trying to contact the hosting staff
<Mean-Machine> is there anything else for tonite?
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<Mean-Machine> ok so
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<happy_tux> happy_tux **gets the first round of drinks in**
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<Mean-Machine> Next IRC meeting: Sunday 9th March 2008 at 9pm

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