Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting, starting at 9pm, 4th May 2008


  • Mean-Machine
  • ompaul
  • ebel


Feel free to add an agenda item, and don't forget to put your name next to it.

  • www.ubuntu-ie.org (Mean-Machine)


  • Chatted about Hardy Release Party that was held the previous Thursday
  • Mean-Machine ordered an Ubuntu Mix CD collection
  • Raised the idea of doing something for Software Freedom Day in September.
  • ubuntu-ie.org is unavailable, a [h ttps://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-webhosting/+bug/226502 bug has been filled on Launchpad]

Any Other Business


May 04 21:02:52 <Mean-Machine>  anything for tonight's agenda?
May 04 21:04:14 <ebel>  Can't really think of anything.....
May 04 21:05:01 <Mean-Machine>  BOZG, czajkowski, delcoyote, Drazha[away], md5, ompaul, shortword?
May 04 21:05:25 <ebel>  Actually there were some people with cameras, does anyone know if any of them pics are online?
May 04 21:05:29 <ompaul>        Mean-Machine, then you were sitting beside me for a few mins
May 04 21:05:37 <ebel>  at the potd / hardy party that is.
May 04 21:05:52 <ebel>  might be good for publicity / marketing
May 04 21:06:12 <ompaul>        I was beside you telling the barman to give you the wrong food :)
May 04 21:07:01 <Mean-Machine>  ompaul, which table?
May 04 21:07:15 <ompaul>        to your right on the night
May 04 21:07:15 <Mean-Machine>  hmm...
May 04 21:07:20 <ebel>  He was in the middle in the black tshirt.
May 04 21:07:24 *       ebel stalks well
May 04 21:07:59 <Mean-Machine>  I do recall :)
May 04 21:08:06 <ompaul>        I had a blue shirt iirc
May 04 21:08:47 <ebel>  hmmm, musta been dark blue...
May 04 21:08:47 <Mean-Machine>  sure we'll meet again and say hello to each other in person ;-]
May 04 21:10:39 <Mean-Machine>  so I have only one thing to share/report, well maybe two
May 04 21:10:59 <Mean-Machine>  first is ubuntu-ie.org
May 04 21:11:24 <Mean-Machine>  we don't have access to configure the page
May 04 21:12:00 <Mean-Machine>  so I reported this as a bug on launchpad -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-webhosting/+bug/226502
May 04 21:12:39 <Mean-Machine>  I'll be updating everyone on this matter through mailing list
May 04 21:12:52 <ebel>  Deadly. :)
May 04 21:13:14 <Mean-Machine>  I think there's also an option for subscribing
May 04 21:13:22 <Mean-Machine>  not sure
May 04 21:17:11 <Mean-Machine>  another thing: I ordered ubuntu CD mix pack for LoCos today, they'll be available for pick-up at Camara. more info on the mix-pach here -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingCds
May 04 21:18:20 <Mean-Machine>  *mix-pack
May 04 21:19:19 <ebel>  Cool.
May 04 21:21:27 <Mean-Machine>  ompaul, do u know anything about availability of last potd's pictures?
May 04 21:22:23 <ompaul>        no however check czajkowski's web site and also check for a bigbro on google
May 04 21:22:34 <ompaul>        his camera was in use by me
May 04 21:23:48 <Mean-Machine>  hmmm, maybe I'll just drop a line on the ILUG mailing list? or is that rude?
May 04 21:29:29 *       ebel shrugs
May 04 21:29:44 <ompaul>        it ain't rude
May 04 21:31:29 <Mean-Machine>  ok, another thing that I thought about is http://softwarefreedomday.org/   I know its very early, but I like to think/plan ahead
May 04 21:34:15 <ebel>  Yeah.
May 04 21:34:35 <ebel>  but yeah that is really early. :)
May 04 21:35:52 <Mean-Machine>  again, I think it should be organized together with ILUG... well, if they'd be interested of course
May 04 21:36:00 <Mean-Machine>  when do you think would be the best time to start talking about it?
May 04 21:36:12 <ebel>  IFSO aswell.
May 04 21:36:56 <Mean-Machine>  absolutely
May 04 21:37:31 <ebel>  hmmm i dunno. :)
May 04 21:37:57 <ebel>  depends what sort of things we could do.
May 04 21:38:10 <ebel>  we could start planning the intrepid ibex release party too. :P
May 04 21:39:21 <Mean-Machine>  :F
May 04 21:41:42 <Mean-Machine>  alright, we'll come back to that again in 1/2 months time
May 04 21:43:38 <Mean-Machine>  anything else you want to discuss or share?
May 04 21:44:31 <ebel>  we should look into getting that free powered by ubuntu sticker deal going for ireland.
May 04 21:44:57 <ebel>  I believe happy_tux offered them guiness, they said they'd look into it when hardy was out.
May 04 21:45:54 <Mean-Machine>  it would be nice, alright
May 04 21:47:09 <ebel>  i'll drop happy_tux an email. haven't seen him round this parts in a while.
May 04 21:47:23 <ebel>  if not i'll just get back on to them directly.
May 04 21:47:42 <Mean-Machine>  great stuff
May 04 21:50:19 <Mean-Machine>  I hope to be at camara workshop on Thursday
May 04 21:50:42 <Mean-Machine>  need to finally do some work for them
May 04 21:51:15 <Mean-Machine>  and get the ubuntu-ie offices set up ;-]
May 04 21:52:17 <ebel>  cool.
May 04 21:54:04 <Mean-Machine>  Judith might come along as well, if not on Thursday then maybe on a Saturday
May 04 21:54:16 <ebel>  cool.
May 04 21:54:41 <ebel>  I should be down on saturday. maaaaybe thursday. dunno depends.
May 04 21:54:48 <Mean-Machine>  its really nice to have someone from work to share same hobby/interest
May 04 21:54:58 <ebel>  I should probably meet the team I'll be going away with.
May 04 21:55:30 <ebel>  Went out on the absolute tear on Friday night. I was like a zombie wandering around the workshop on saturday
May 04 21:55:31 <Mean-Machine>  oh yeah, when is that happening?
May 04 21:55:40 <ebel>  July.
May 04 21:55:48 <Mean-Machine>  cool
May 04 21:55:51 <ebel>  Pretty much the whole month of july.
May 04 21:56:03 <Mean-Machine>  nice one
May 04 21:57:31 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, could u do me a favour? could u please update tonight's IRC meeting page on wiki?
May 04 21:57:45 <Mean-Machine>  I have to go now, sorry
May 04 21:57:46 <ebel>  ok
May 04 21:57:49 <ebel>  bye
May 04 21:58:24 <Mean-Machine>  thanks a million
May 04 21:58:29 <ebel>  no probs
May 04 21:58:33 <Mean-Machine>  see ye soon!
May 04 21:58:45 <Mean-Machine>  cheers
May 04 21:58:45 <Mean-Machine>  bye
May 04 21:58:55 *       Mean-Machine has quit ("Leaving")
May 04 22:15:23 <ompaul>        anyone else going to UDS?
May 04 22:18:51 *       ebel isn't
May 04 22:18:59 *       ebel doesn't know anything about it.
May 04 22:19:24 <ompaul>        ahh
May 04 22:19:46 <ompaul>        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Intrepid
May 04 22:19:58 <ompaul>        The summit is open to the public, but it is not a conference, exhibition or other audience-oriented event.

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