Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting, starting at 9pm, 11th January 2009


  • ebel
  • Mean-Machine
  • czajkowski
  • jpich
  • daxroc


Feel free to add an agenda item, and don't forget to put your name next to it.

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Volunteers & Ubuntu LoCo formalities

Mean-Machine asked for some volunteers to take care of technicallities in running the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo. Yours Truely (ebel) is adding the logs of the meeting to the wiki page and writing up the minutes. It was agreed to hold elections for a LoCo point of contact in the first quarter of the year. It was agreed that it would not be a president or position of power, merely and offical point of contact for interested parties, such as the media, Canonical Ltd, etc.

The ubuntu-ie website is using the drupal software. Anyone who knows is welcome to help us maintain it.

LAN Party

daxroc suggested a LAN party to celebrate the next release of ubuntu and to raise funds for the ubuntu ireland loco.

Ubuntu Global BugJam

There is an Ubuntu global bug jam on 20th to 22nd Febuary. It is a good event for Ubuntu Ireland.

We need a venue. Somewhere that can hold 10 to 15 people. Wifi internet access is a must. ebel will contact UCD netsoc people to see about getting a room. czajkowski will also look for a venue.

Camara room

czajkowski asked about the Ubuntu Ireland room in Camara. We have been moved around recently, and we do not have a great room. We discussed if we even need a drop in centre, since not many people have dropped in in the last few months. Mean-Machine will talk to Camara staff to find out our situation and we shall take it from there.

IRC Logs

Jan 11 21:00:51 <Mean-Machine>  it's 9pm. let's start the meeting
Jan 11 21:01:07 <Mean-Machine>  Please say PRESENT to show that you're here for the meeting and paying attention.
Jan 11 21:01:14 <Mean-Machine>  PRESENT
Jan 11 21:01:16 <ebel>  PRESENT
Jan 11 21:01:18 <czajkowski>    PRESENT
Jan 11 21:01:25 <jpich> PRESENT
Jan 11 21:01:34 <daxroc>        PRESENT
Jan 11 21:02:04 *       daxroc not all marbles accounted for !
Jan 11 21:02:12 <Mean-Machine>  first in the agenda is: Ubuntu-ie Team Structure
Jan 11 21:02:54 <Mean-Machine>  who would like to get involved and take over some responsibilities within the team?
Jan 11 21:03:14 <Mean-Machine>  or say... what would you like to do?
Jan 11 21:03:28 <czajkowski>    Mean-Machine: how about saying what needs to be done, or examples where folks can give a hand
Jan 11 21:03:30 <ebel>  Well what needs to be done?
Jan 11 21:03:59 <Mean-Machine>  no own initiative?
Jan 11 21:04:00 <ebel>  If we get more organised with meetings and the like then we can get offical status from Canonical and get free stuff and the like.
Jan 11 21:04:04 <Mean-Machine>  ;-]
Jan 11 21:04:16 <czajkowski>    Mean-Machine: hardly fair to say that
Jan 11 21:04:23 <ebel>  Well regularly holding meetings is one thing.
Jan 11 21:04:24 <czajkowski>    I'm running ossbarcamp on my own iniitative :)
Jan 11 21:04:45 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, is that a ubuntu-ie project?
Jan 11 21:04:57 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, yes
Jan 11 21:05:12 <daxroc>        Any one know how many actual irish ubuntu users there are ?
Jan 11 21:05:20 <czajkowski>    it's open source and promtes all forms of it, and ubuntu-ie is highly involved in it
Jan 11 21:05:23 <ebel>  daxroc: it's hard to say.
Jan 11 21:05:51 <czajkowski>    daxroc: aye hard to say, a lot I know use it in some form or another, laptop, desktop, alternative OS
Jan 11 21:06:48 <Mean-Machine>  Launchpad says: There are 67 direct members of the "Ubuntu Ireland" team, and 67 people are members in total, directly and indirectly through other team memberships.
Jan 11 21:06:49 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: aside from regular IRC meetings is there anything else that ubuntu-ie should be doing?
Jan 11 21:07:10 <daxroc>        What about some sort of viral Zero Cost marketing campaign. to promote A: ubuntu B: OSS in general
Jan 11 21:07:30 <daxroc>        Well other than time
Jan 11 21:07:40 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, well regular meetings means sending out emails/reminders to mailing list, setting up wiki
Jan 11 21:08:04 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: that's what I mean. Aside from IRC meetings (and related stuff), there's nothing else?
Jan 11 21:08:11 <daxroc>        Mean-Machine: I Think an actual website would be in better order?
Jan 11 21:08:17 *       ebel starts the ball rolling by offereing to put logs of this meeting on the wiki
Jan 11 21:08:47 <Mean-Machine>  daxroc, ubuntu-ie.org ?
Jan 11 21:09:05 <daxroc>        Yeah , even ubuntu.ie ?
Jan 11 21:09:23 <daxroc>        its gone :D
Jan 11 21:09:28 <ebel>  Huh. Someone in UL has it
Jan 11 21:09:37 <Mean-Machine>  http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/
Jan 11 21:09:44 <Mean-Machine>  we have one, don't we?
Jan 11 21:10:28 <Mean-Machine>   Thu, 01/01/2009 - 23:39 - administrator posted
Jan 11 21:10:28 <Mean-Machine>  Ubuntu-ie New Year's IRC Meeting
Jan 11 21:11:15 <Mean-Machine>  btw, we should stick to once a month meetings
Jan 11 21:11:22 <Mean-Machine>  I think
Jan 11 21:11:40 <ebel>  yeah good idea.
Jan 11 21:13:28 <Mean-Machine>  Ubuntu-ie Team Structure... when should we vote for new LoCo Team Point of Contact? I think we should do this once a year
Jan 11 21:13:49 <Mean-Machine>  preferebly 1st quarter of the month
Jan 11 21:14:03 <Mean-Machine>  of the year I mean
Jan 11 21:14:07 <Mean-Machine>  :P
Jan 11 21:14:19 <czajkowski>    heh
Jan 11 21:14:20 <czajkowski>    ok
Jan 11 21:15:03 <Mean-Machine>  I think we all agree that there is no leader of the team, and it's just a point of contact, right?
Jan 11 21:15:13 <czajkowski>    maybe to get people involved explain what the role is and what they do?
Jan 11 21:15:18 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: yeah
Jan 11 21:15:28 <czajkowski>    Mean-Machine: aye
Jan 11 21:15:42 <Mean-Machine>  well, representing ubuntu local community in Ireland
Jan 11 21:16:32 <Mean-Machine>  and if someone wants to contact ubuntu-ie, you're the contact person
Jan 11 21:16:54 <ebel>  yup
Jan 11 21:16:55 <Mean-Machine>  for, canonical, ubuntu council, press etc
Jan 11 21:17:59 <czajkowski>    ok
Jan 11 21:18:00 <czajkowski>    cool
Jan 11 21:18:17 <Mean-Machine>  should we set a date for candidates to step forward?
Jan 11 21:18:48 <czajkowski>    might be an idea alright.
Jan 11 21:19:00 <czajkowski>    let folks think about it and then nominate/step forward
Jan 11 21:19:54 <Mean-Machine>  Action: send an email to mailink list and advertise on ubuntu-ie.org website
Jan 11 21:20:54 <ebel>  sounds good
Jan 11 21:21:01 <Mean-Machine>  for the ubuntu-ie.org website, we currently have 3 admins
Jan 11 21:21:45 <Mean-Machine>  it would also be great to have a new drupal-experienced admin
Jan 11 21:22:32 <ebel>  yeah
Jan 11 21:22:36 <Mean-Machine>  a real admin though, not like me :P someone who will mostly concentrate on the website
Jan 11 21:22:51 *       ebel knows nothing about drupal, but I know and hate php
Jan 11 21:23:26 <czajkowski>    well I do know there are going to be two talks about drupal from low and high end of drupal at the barcamp
Jan 11 21:23:35 <czajkowski>    perhaps we can ask for a tutorial on it ?
Jan 11 21:23:41 <czajkowski>    to be given to ubuntu0ie folks ??
Jan 11 21:24:39 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, cool
Jan 11 21:25:15 <Mean-Machine>  we'd also need a wiki maintainer or maintainers
Jan 11 21:25:40 <Mean-Machine>  just check it once a week for changes, correct mistakes etc.
Jan 11 21:25:49 <czajkowski>    I'll give that a go
Jan 11 21:26:04 *       daxroc it's mouse  season
Jan 11 21:26:38 *       daxroc just seen a mouse run bye :O
Jan 11 21:26:49 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, cool. I'm also on it
Jan 11 21:28:09 <ebel>  I'm willing to try some wiki cleanup duties
Jan 11 21:28:58 <Mean-Machine>  currently I'm also admin for ubuntu-ie mailing list, I'm willing to continue this unless anybody else would like to take over
Jan 11 21:29:26 <daxroc>        Mean-Machine: Is it active ?
Jan 11 21:29:48 <czajkowski>    daxroc: aye tis
Jan 11 21:29:59 <Mean-Machine>  https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ie not much traffic tho
Jan 11 21:31:36 <Mean-Machine>  coming back to daxroc's idea... marketing campaign
Jan 11 21:32:34 <Mean-Machine>  having someone to write something to the papers, websites about next ubuntu release would already be something
Jan 11 21:34:07 <daxroc>        Or a lan party for some ubuntu-ie.org cash for things like marketing ?
Jan 11 21:36:06 <Mean-Machine>  daxroc, we'll try to discuss the marketing ideas on the mailing list. make sure you subscribed ;-]
Jan 11 21:36:12 <ebel>  yeah
Jan 11 21:36:17 <daxroc>        A lan party for every Major release / Once a year
Jan 11 21:36:30 <Mean-Machine>  daxroc, that would be cool
Jan 11 21:36:50 <Mean-Machine>  anything else regarding team structure?
Jan 11 21:37:25 <czajkowski>    daxroc: aye that would be interesting alright, next one is April, lot of time for you to work on it :)
Jan 11 21:37:47 <daxroc>        ahem me ahem: community :P
Jan 11 21:38:20 <Mean-Machine>  2nd and last on today's agenda is: Ubuntu Global Bug Jam - 20 to 22 February
Jan 11 21:38:27 <ebel>  bug jam!
Jan 11 21:38:33 <Mean-Machine>  indeed
Jan 11 21:39:02 *       daxroc might try squash some bluez bugz
Jan 11 21:39:18 <Mean-Machine>  we have at least 2 ppl who are familiar with bug reporting/triaging/fixing
Jan 11 21:39:27 <czajkowski>    ebel: so dont forget you need to email me details on this so I can find you a venue :)
Jan 11 21:39:38 <ebel>  czajkowski:Yes I remember!
Jan 11 21:40:04 <ebel>  In case anyone doesn't know, a bug jam is a weekend long event where people get together to work on the ubuntu bugs
Jan 11 21:40:05 <Mean-Machine>  so a quick crash course / presentation for new to bugs won't be a problem
Jan 11 21:40:34 <Mean-Machine>  and you can read more at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam
Jan 11 21:40:41 <ebel>  focussing more on cleaning up bugs and adding comments, and the like, as opposed to actually writing code to fix the bugs.
Jan 11 21:40:54 <ebel>  So it's very easy to do. :)
Jan 11 21:41:26 <ebel>  we need a venue!
Jan 11 21:41:39 <czajkowski>    ok
Jan 11 21:41:39 <Mean-Machine>  correct
Jan 11 21:41:49 <Mean-Machine>  a venue with wi-fi
Jan 11 21:41:56 <ebel>  Yes, internet access is a must.
Jan 11 21:41:59 <czajkowski>    ebel: and  I am right in saying preferably with internet?
Jan 11 21:41:59 <czajkowski>    cool cool,
Jan 11 21:42:01 <czajkowski>    and for how many? oughly ?
Jan 11 21:42:05 <czajkowski>    *roughly
Jan 11 21:42:26 <ebel>  Depends how many show up. I'd guess about a dozen?
Jan 11 21:42:37 <ebel>  maybe up to 20?
Jan 11 21:42:44 <Mean-Machine>  I don't thinl there'll be more than 10 - 15, but I really hope I'm wrong! :P
Jan 11 21:43:32 <Mean-Machine>  it's very soon, and we have to advertise it as soon as we get a venue confirmed
Jan 11 21:44:33 <czajkowski>    aye
Jan 11 21:44:40 <czajkowski>    well we can advertise it before we have a venue
Jan 11 21:44:43 <czajkowski>    which would be better
Jan 11 21:44:46 <czajkowski>    as weekends fill up
Jan 11 21:44:54 <czajkowski>    and either way we will have a venue no matter what
Jan 11 21:45:10 <ebel>  true
Jan 11 21:45:35 <Mean-Machine>  ok...
Jan 11 21:46:00 <Mean-Machine>  in the worst case scenario we'll book a table at the market bar :P
Jan 11 21:46:02 <ebel>  possible venues could be (a) a pub (b) a room in a dublin college.
Jan 11 21:46:35 <Mean-Machine>  I think college would be the best as you could advertise it there as well and get new people ;-]
Jan 11 21:46:43 <ebel>  Yep.
Jan 11 21:46:47 <czajkowski>    pub would be more difficult due to wifi, but a possibility would be to get wifi sponsored
Jan 11 21:47:11 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, market bar has free wi-fi
Jan 11 21:48:16 <Mean-Machine>  ok, so what are our actions, and who's doing what?
Jan 11 21:48:46 <czajkowski>    I'll look into venue
Jan 11 21:48:58 <czajkowski>    and start to update the wiki
Jan 11 21:49:11 <Mean-Machine>  I will start designing a poster for the bug jam
Jan 11 21:49:45 <Mean-Machine>  and will also send info to mailing lists, ubuntu-ie, ilug and ifso
Jan 11 21:50:45 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, are you up for doing the bug jam crash course on the day?
Jan 11 21:50:58 <Mean-Machine>  a quick presentation?
Jan 11 21:51:04 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: Yeah.
Jan 11 21:51:13 <Mean-Machine>  cool
Jan 11 21:51:48 <ebel>  I'll try to follow up with UCD netsoc people about getting a room in UCD..
Jan 11 21:51:59 <ebel>  even though it is far out.
Jan 11 21:52:37 <Mean-Machine>  cool
Jan 11 21:53:07 <Mean-Machine>  I kinda hoped tdr112 would be present at this meeting
Jan 11 21:53:41 <Mean-Machine>  do we have any other business to discuss?
Jan 11 21:54:10 <ebel>  don't think so...
Jan 11 21:54:32 <czajkowski>    yup
Jan 11 21:54:32 <Mean-Machine>  who would like to fill the wiki after the meeting? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-01-11   I will send the summary based on that to the mailing list tomorro morning then
Jan 11 21:54:36 <czajkowski>    AOB
Jan 11 21:54:47 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: I'll do it
Jan 11 21:54:48 <czajkowski>    Regarding our home and the fact that it's kinda up in the air
Jan 11 21:55:00 <czajkowski>    should we A)  look into finding an alternative
Jan 11 21:55:02 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, thanks
Jan 11 21:55:14 <czajkowski>    B) stay where we are and try and see if it can be more certain
Jan 11 21:55:16 <czajkowski>    or
Jan 11 21:55:21 <czajkowski>    C) bother as do we need it ?
Jan 11 21:55:47 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, yes. we don't really know what's going on at the moment
Jan 11 21:56:13 <ebel>  yeah, no idea.
Jan 11 21:56:15 <Mean-Machine>  and to be honest, not many people have ever droped in, right?
Jan 11 21:56:40 <ebel>  What I do like is the 'halp my laptop is broken' stuff.
Jan 11 21:56:55 <ebel>  i.e. I think it's good that there's somewhere that people can go with that.
Jan 11 21:56:58 <czajkowski>    aye
Jan 11 21:57:00 <czajkowski>    true
Jan 11 21:57:04 <czajkowski>    ebel, but like yesterday
Jan 11 21:57:05 <Mean-Machine>  maybe we should also ask that question on the mailing list and let people decide if they want a drop in centre
Jan 11 21:57:08 <ebel>  But a lot of the time, potds are good like that.
Jan 11 21:57:09 <czajkowski>    bit hard when we cant even get on the net?
Jan 11 21:57:13 <czajkowski>    so is it really worth it?
Jan 11 21:57:37 <ebel>  yeah no-online is kinda poitnless
Jan 11 21:57:54 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, you've got a point there
Jan 11 21:58:12 <daxroc>        In dublin ye could try introduce mesh networking ?
Jan 11 21:58:29 <czajkowski>    see
Jan 11 21:58:33 <czajkowski>    I do know it's a great idea
Jan 11 21:58:37 <czajkowski>    and we have had people drop in
Jan 11 21:58:41 <czajkowski>    and when they do it's great
Jan 11 21:58:50 <czajkowski>    it's also a way for us to meet more often  face to face
Jan 11 21:58:52 <czajkowski>    which is good
Jan 11 21:59:01 <Mean-Machine>  agree
Jan 11 21:59:19 <czajkowski>    so while I do agree it's great, unless we can get more of a confirmation with camara and stay there, or do we look else where is the question
Jan 11 21:59:28 <czajkowski>    as I think more and more people would use it
Jan 11 22:00:07 <Mean-Machine>  my dream would be something like the c-base in berlin... but that's a DREAM! ;-]
Jan 11 22:00:38 <ebel>  c-base?
Jan 11 22:00:45 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, we have to as camara what's the story first and then move from there
Jan 11 22:00:54 <czajkowski>    aye ok
Jan 11 22:00:56 <ebel>  yeah.
Jan 11 22:01:12 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, http://c-base.org/
Jan 11 22:01:14 <czajkowski>    so Mean-Machine maybe you could assertain that from Eoghan and report back via the mailing list?
Jan 11 22:01:52 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, yes, I will
Jan 11 22:02:28 <czajkowski>    cool
Jan 11 22:03:43 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, that's a better link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C-base
Jan 11 22:03:59 <Mean-Machine>  ok so... anything else to discuss?
Jan 11 22:04:50 <Mean-Machine>  THE MEETING IS NOW OVER

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