The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 14th October 2009, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode.

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  1. ebel
  2. Mean-Machine
  3. Duvelhedz
  4. czajkowski
  5. theirishpenguin
  6. davem
  7. airurando
  8. ubot3
  9. shane_fagan
  10. slashtom


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    Release Party


    Bug Jam - thoughts post event


    state of IRC Channel


    Point of Contact



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Meeting started by ebel at 14:24
14:25:50        LINK    czajkowski      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-10-14
14:26:01        LINK    ebel    http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2009/10/14/%23ubuntu-ie.html this is the logs of the meeting
14:26:27        Topic: Release Party
14:30:33        LINK    ebel    http://www.jimmychungs.com/locate/loc_dublin.htm
14:42:43        Topic: Bug Jam - thoughts post event
15:16:09        Topic: state of IRC Channel
15:23:43        Topic: Point of Contact
Meeting ended at 15:42.

People Present:

   1. ebel
   2. Mean-Machine
   3. Duvelhedz
   4. czajkowski
   5. theirishpenguin
   6. davem
   7. airurando
   8. ubot3
   9. shane_fagan
  10. slashtom

Any Other Business

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Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:24:20] <ebel> hello all!
[14:24:27] <Mean-Machine> heya
[14:24:40] <ebel> please say "PRESENT" if you're here for the IRC meeting, so that we have some idea of who's paying attention
[14:24:42] <ebel> PRESENT
[14:24:42] <Duvelhedz> long time no see MM
[14:24:46] <czajkowski> PRESENT
[14:24:48] <Mean-Machine> PRESENT
[14:24:50] <Duvelhedz> present
[14:24:53] <ebel> hiya Duvelhedz
[14:25:00] <theirishpenguin> PRESENT
[14:25:03] <Duvelhedz> Is allen
[14:25:17] <czajkowski> slashtom: *poke*
[14:25:20] <ebel> For the record the wiki page for this is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-10-14 [LINK]
[14:25:43] <ebel> We've got an agenda on there that people have added to recently.
[14:25:50] <czajkowski> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-10-14
[14:25:54] <czajkowski> weird bot
[14:26:01] <ebel> [link] http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2009/10/14/%23ubuntu-ie.html this is the logs of the meeting
[14:26:13] <ebel> well ish.
[14:26:24] <ebel> First item from czajkowski
[14:26:27] <ebel> [topic] Release Party
[14:26:57] <czajkowski> right so we have the restaurant ticked
[14:27:07] <czajkowski> we do need to get numbers this time as last time was great
[14:27:16] <czajkowski> but adding 2 chairs at a time is rather annoying
[14:27:26] <czajkowski> so I was gonna send out a doodle asking who was coming
[14:27:33] <czajkowski> also we were to ask the mailing list re pub
[14:27:41] <czajkowski> so does anyone have any ideas
[14:27:56] <ebel> sounds good
[14:28:03] <ebel> what time were we thinking again? 1pm?
[14:28:07] * Mean-Machine is not going to be there as he's flying home for a week
[14:28:21] <czajkowski> 1/1:30
[14:28:25] <ebel> on saturday 31st of October, wasn't it?
[14:28:27] <czajkowski> more likely 1:30
[14:28:32] <ebel> (just so everyone knows :) )
[14:28:33] <czajkowski> allow for sleepy heads to get up
[14:28:44] <czajkowski> and also I know of a group from limerick coming uo
[14:29:04] <Duvelhedz> Is that the guy who was enquiring about the party
[14:29:33] <czajkowski> davem: *ping*
[14:29:46] <davem> yo
[14:29:51] <Mean-Machine> 15days till the official release :-]
[14:30:01] <czajkowski> davem: release party
[14:30:06] <czajkowski> also take part in irc meeting
[14:30:08] <ebel> The restaurant is Jimmy Chungs, isn't it? http://www.jimmychungs.com/locate/loc_dublin.htm
[14:30:20] <davem> huh?
[14:30:20] <Mean-Machine> ebel: yup
[14:30:33] <ebel> [link] http://www.jimmychungs.com/locate/loc_dublin.htm
[14:30:56] <ebel> hiya davem
[14:31:01] <davem> hell
[14:31:04] <davem> *hello
[14:31:13] <Mean-Machine> davem: 0/
[14:31:48] <Duvelhedz> hello airurando
[14:32:18] <czajkowski> right so jimmy chungs @1:30on saturday 31/10
[14:32:21] <czajkowski> pub afterwaqrds?
[14:32:25] <Mean-Machine> btw, i have no confirmation from ship it about the goodies pack for the party
[14:32:26] <czajkowski> do we fnacy messers again?
[14:32:32] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: feck :(
[14:32:35] <Duvelhedz> Same as last time?
[14:32:40] <czajkowski> yeah?
[14:32:47] <theirishpenguin> i likes mssrs
[14:32:52] <Mean-Machine> czajkowski: messers stinks
[14:33:02] <theirishpenguin> :-)
[14:33:03] <Duvelhedz> Pity there is no wifi there
[14:33:04] <davem> czajkowski: should have around 6 heading to it
[14:33:13] * ebel is easy about the pub, doesn't mind
[14:33:24] <ebel> might be a nice change from longstone
[14:33:27] <airurando> Hello Duvelhedz. to introduce myself I'm just a simple ubuntu user
[14:33:42] <Mean-Machine> airurando: hiya
[14:33:52] <ebel> hiya airurando, here for the IRC meeting?
[14:33:59] <czajkowski> davem: excellent
[14:34:08] <Duvelhedz> Welcome, we a discussing the release party of the 31st in Dublin
[14:34:08] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: aye it did that day, not sure it does usually
[14:34:12] <czajkowski> where else is close
[14:34:17] <czajkowski> this was meant to go on the mailing list
[14:34:59] <airurando> Hi Mean-Machie and ebel. Yes here to see what ubuntu-ie is all about if that is Ok?
[14:35:12] <Duvelhedz> Karma on Fishamble St. E3.70 Guinness and free internet
[14:35:32] <Mean-Machine> airurando: of course, welcome!
[14:35:32] <Duvelhedz> Just an idea
[14:35:46] <czajkowski> Duvelhedz: is that clsoe to chungs, no idea of locations tbh
[14:35:50] <ebel> airurando: yeah, everyone is welcome.
[14:35:59] <ebel> Duvelhedz: yeah been there.
[14:36:10] <ebel> czajkowski: it's a bit of a walk... end of temple bar.
[14:36:19] <Duvelhedz> Its right by christchurch on that hill going towards the quays
[14:36:24] <Mean-Machine> one needs a walk after that buffet anyways :P
[14:37:12] <czajkowski> could we map as we go along?
[14:37:19] <czajkowski> eat walk n map to a pint?
[14:37:22] <czajkowski> just a thought ?
[14:38:00] <Mean-Machine> osm ;-]
[14:38:22] <ebel> :)
[14:38:36] <ebel> possibly could map, central dublin is fairly good :)
[14:39:12] <Duvelhedz> ebel: your right, there is plenty of choice out there
[14:40:07] <Duvelhedz> Karma may just be a bit too quiet if we want newcomers to be introduced to Ubuntu
[14:40:08] <czajkowski> ok Duvelhedz could you please mail the list after meeting and suggest a few pubs as I dont know the city well and would like to firm up on this soon so we can blog and advertise
[14:40:18] <czajkowski> Please
[14:40:40] <Duvelhedz> czajkowski: sure
[14:40:43] <ebel> Duvelhedz: quiet is good. more talking. :)
[14:40:59] <czajkowski> Duvelhedz: thanks shall keep an eye on email so tonight
[14:41:02] <czajkowski> right moving on
[14:41:03] <czajkowski> ebel: :)
[14:41:11] <ebel> something like doodle would be good for selecting the venus
[14:41:41] <czajkowski> Duvelhedz: yes perhaps doodle would be great here
[14:41:54] <czajkowski> list 2-3 pubs, ppl chose and hey presto we have a winner
[14:42:20] <ebel> so, for the release party, we need to (a) get a good idea of how many are coming, and (b) collect ideas for the pub after and (c) select a pub
[14:42:34] <ebel> next topic
[14:42:35] <Duvelhedz> czajkowski: bang on, takes away the element of been blames for picking "the wrong place" on the day
[14:42:43] <ebel> [topic] Bug Jam - thoughts post event
[14:43:08] <ebel> topic suggested by czajkowski
[14:43:09] <Mean-Machine> good day overall
[14:43:20] <czajkowski> right I was asked to bring this up by someone who was at the event
[14:43:23] <czajkowski> I wasnt at it
[14:43:29] <czajkowski> but seemingly it wa s alow turn out
[14:43:33] <czajkowski> was this due to publicity
[14:43:34] <czajkowski> venue
[14:43:40] <czajkowski> lack of interest
[14:43:48] <czajkowski> or what can we do differently /
[14:44:17] <ebel> there were about 5 or 6 people there
[14:44:30] <theirishpenguin> Well, I made a start on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bzr/+bug/264275 :-)
[14:44:32] <ubot3> Malone bug 264275 in bzr "bazaar internal error if adding file in a linked directory" [Undecided,Confirmed]
[14:44:42] <ebel> this was the global jam we had in TOG the hackerspace
[14:45:05] <ebel> for the record I took some photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rorymccann/tags/globaljam/
[14:45:15] <ebel> and Mean-Machine has some videos i believe
[14:45:25] * Mean-Machine was working on cleaning up and redisigning thw wiki a bit
[14:46:31] <ebel> the new wiki page is very nice Mean-Machine
[14:46:49] <Mean-Machine> 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLtNxLwkWxg
[14:47:09] <czajkowski> ok but my point is we;ve over 70 folks signed up
[14:47:13] <czajkowski> and very few people showing up
[14:47:15] <Mean-Machine> 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTx_ppGvPrc
[14:47:17] <czajkowski> how can we help to change this
[14:47:58] <ebel> What did people who were there think of the venue?
[14:48:01] <Mean-Machine> what might have scared ppl a bit was the msg about not having enough seats
[14:48:11] <Mean-Machine> maybe?
[14:48:18] <ebel> It wasn't big and couldn't have handled 30 people, but it wasn't squashed.
[14:48:26] <czajkowski> aye
[14:48:53] <czajkowski> would it be better if we had said our team is gonna work together on wiki's for the first 2 hrs
[14:48:55] <Mean-Machine> we didn't advertise the event as good as the last one
[14:49:00] <czajkowski> to get people more ued to it?
[14:49:21] <czajkowski> ok so we know for any other event we need to increase our publicity ok
[14:49:32] <ebel> it was quite free form this time
[14:49:41] <ebel> perhaps something with a bit more structure might help?
[14:49:52] <ebel> Mean-Machine: good point about the seats... can be a bit off putting
[14:49:53] <Mean-Machine> yup
[14:50:09] <czajkowski> mods
[14:50:39] <czajkowski> so more structure and a bit of hand holding which is not bad and a good way to get more ppl involved as they think they cannot do it on their own
[14:50:45] <Mean-Machine> I think that ppl need structure at that kind of events, especially when they want to learn something
[14:51:16] <ebel> as well as structure, what about a bit of competition on the day to encourage people who already know about it?
[14:51:45] <ebel> Free pint for whoever increases their launchpad karma the most that day?
[14:51:53] <Mean-Machine> it does motivate ;-]
[14:52:09] <czajkowski> ok
[14:52:22] <czajkowski> so fo future events
[14:52:28] <czajkowski> possibly not the release party
[14:52:34] <czajkowski> but structure
[14:52:37] <czajkowski> leading is needed
[14:52:45] <czajkowski> to get ppl more motivated and interacting
[14:52:53] <czajkowski> so my next big question
[14:53:01] <czajkowski> is how do we get the members that have signed up
[14:53:02] <czajkowski> to come along
[14:53:09] <czajkowski> and get invovled what do we need to do
[14:53:16] <czajkowski> again a thought would be doodle
[14:53:25] <ebel> theirishpenguin: what did you think about the event? How did you hear about it?
[14:53:29] * shane_fagan present but late
[14:53:39] <ebel> hiya shane_fagan
[14:53:44] <czajkowski> ask our members what they want to do, more talks, get togethers, more jams etc ?
[14:53:46] <Mean-Machine> shane_fagan: hi
[14:54:40] <Mean-Machine> czajkowski: I agree
[14:54:40] <theirishpenguin> On the event, I agree that more structure would be good.
[14:54:50] <Duvelhedz> Doodle could be used to see what people want to learn on the day
[14:55:29] <theirishpenguin> I think getting people interested is also an exercise in community building
[14:55:42] <ebel> and a flip side, people who want to show off something, could say "I know X, who wants to learn more about X?"
[14:56:10] <theirishpenguin> I'm at the python ireland meetup and I'm wondering how many py ireland devs would consider turning up.
[14:56:50] <theirishpenguin> And if the answer is less than 'most' then I wonder why not.
[14:56:50] <ebel> I wonder about a themed track at a future jam.
[14:57:01] <czajkowski> theirishpenguin: can I ask you do use doodle to mail the loco and as what they want to know more about or do within the LoCo
[14:57:05] <ebel> "Help improve $TECH in ubuntu" ?
[14:57:06] <czajkowski> I really want to get more ppl invovled here
[14:57:13] <ebel> (in this case python)
[14:57:18] <czajkowski> which is why new folks are getting tasks rather then the same people
[14:57:57] <czajkowski> so Duvelhedz is gonna send poll out on post beers on release and if theirishpenguin could send out a poll also on what folks want to get from the LoCo it would be great start
[14:58:19] <theirishpenguin> I don't know what doodle is but would be happy to give it a go.
[14:58:50] <czajkowski> theirishpenguin: doodle.com
[14:58:58] <ebel> theirishpenguin: http://doodle.com/ a website for running polls
[14:58:59] <czajkowski> set up polls and let ppl tick beside them
[14:59:08] <theirishpenguin> In terms of getting people interested in Ubuntu python (which is widely used in Ubuntu) development...
[14:59:26] <theirishpenguin> ... it will take time. Structuring programming events can be hard.
[14:59:41] <czajkowski> in terms of development, more talks, , more get togethters, help with tranaslatons, documentaion, or more local jams etc
[14:59:47] <theirishpenguin> Checking out doodle.com as we speak.
[15:00:50] <theirishpenguin> Thanks czajkowski, ebel
[15:01:29] <czajkowski> great
[15:01:31] <czajkowski> ok
[15:01:35] <theirishpenguin> The first thing newbie's (to such an event) will want is low hanging fruit.
[15:01:42] <czajkowski> yarp
[15:01:49] <ebel> yeah
[15:01:52] <shane_fagan> Send them to do ubuntu docs
[15:01:56] <theirishpenguin> So before the next event it would good to have a list of easy tasks.
[15:02:05] <czajkowski> yes
[15:02:06] <ebel> so we should really try to cater for all sectos.
[15:02:10] <theirishpenguin> i'll check it out
[15:02:20] <ebel> newbies, hardcore hackers, specific interests., etc ?
[15:02:21] <shane_fagan> (they generally have a load of easy stuff to do)
[15:02:23] <czajkowski> shane_fagan: lets not send anyone anywyheere till we can help them
[15:02:31] <czajkowski> shane_fagan: lets start locally before we go global ok
[15:02:40] <theirishpenguin> The other big think i think - is if ppl cant already code a bit let's teach em!
[15:02:43] <czajkowski> we are of no use to the community unless we can help ourselves first
[15:02:56] <shane_fagan> Ok
[15:03:13] <theirishpenguin> I'm happy to show anyone that turns up Ruby or Python programming instead of working on bugs myself.
[15:03:19] <czajkowski> cool
[15:03:31] <shane_fagan> thats good
[15:03:31] <czajkowski> I was at the hackerspace over in toronoto and they hold classes
[15:03:33] <czajkowski> just an idea
[15:03:41] <theirishpenguin> We should advertise the fact that we can do a teaching programming stint for those who are interested
[15:04:06] <theirishpenguin> That sounds pretty cool czajkowski
[15:04:21] <theirishpenguin> Would be great if we could do the same.
[15:04:29] <ebel> czajkowski: FTR a php class is starting in TOG soon
[15:04:39] <theirishpenguin> Cool
[15:04:42] <shane_fagan> The problem I found with most events is that they are too far away
[15:04:50] <shane_fagan> So location does matter
[15:04:59] <ebel> shane_fagan: 1/3 of the irish population lives in Dublin :P
[15:05:01] <Mean-Machine> *
[15:05:04] <theirishpenguin> Who can attend? Do you need to be signed up to tog to attend the php class?
[15:05:17] <ebel> shane_fagan: why not run something yourself :)
[15:05:22] <Mean-Machine> TOG does Electronic Fashion http://www.tog.ie/2009/10/tog-does-electronic-fashion/
[15:05:27] <ebel> theirishpenguin: I'm not sure, it hasn't start for definite yet.
[15:05:51] <shane_fagan> I would in carlow but nobody would come im afraid
[15:06:02] <theirishpenguin> I know someone who'd be interested. I'm sure that loads of ppl would be.
[15:06:20] <Mean-Machine> shane_fagan: I bet you'd find a few ppl in college
[15:06:31] <shane_fagan> Mean-Machine: I know of 1
[15:06:36] <ebel> shane_fagan: yeah worth a shot
[15:06:54] <Mean-Machine> shane_fagan: that's a start
[15:06:56] <shane_fagan> ill ask the SU for some space some evening
[15:06:57] <czajkowski> shane_fagan: ok while they are in dublin the majoity of oss folks are here, an optipn would be to run one locally in carlow, saying nobody would come proves why we run a lot in dublin.
[15:07:27] <shane_fagan> true
[15:07:42] <shane_fagan> But its just hard for people down the country
[15:08:24] <czajkowski> but as you've just said yourself.......... and you're in a college. also last few events we;ve had we've had folks come fro limerick, cork, galway, athlone
[15:08:27] <czajkowski> all attends
[15:08:36] <theirishpenguin> Another thing is marketing such an event. Long term I'd like to know how we get more females involved in an event like this and also less geeky types.
[15:09:09] <shane_fagan> how?
[15:09:10] <Mean-Machine> do we need to discuss more or should we move on to the next one?
[15:09:34] <theirishpenguin> Before we finish
[15:09:54] <ebel> yeah there's a lot here
[15:09:59] <theirishpenguin> I'd just like to say that I'd be happy to organise the next hackign event
[15:10:14] <Mean-Machine> theirishpenguin: cool
[15:10:17] <theirishpenguin> and I'll try to tackle the issues raised here.
[15:10:30] <airurando> czajkowski, what not try to get those members from limerick, cork, galway, athlone to set meets up regionally?
[15:10:52] <ebel> theirishpenguin: cool
[15:10:54] <theirishpenguin> We can discuss more on the ubuntu-ie list or if there is something more suitable then plz suggest.
[15:11:08] <Mean-Machine> airurando: that's how it should be
[15:11:09] <ebel> theirishpenguin: irc or the mailing list is great.
[15:11:11] <ebel> theirishpenguin: irc or the mailing list is great.
[15:11:14] <shane_fagan> yep
[15:11:26] <theirishpenguin> In terms of getting people involved I think the colleges are crucial.
[15:11:47] <theirishpenguin> ok ebel. I will use the mailing list.
[15:12:19] <ebel> theirishpenguin: irc aswell :)
[15:12:36] <czajkowski> airurando: ideally yes and then they operate under the Ubuntu-ie LoCo
[15:12:50] <czajkowski> problem is with onlu 1-2 ppl in each area it's harder that way
[15:13:12] <shane_fagan> But 1-2 would bring along a few others
[15:13:13] <czajkowski> plus we also need to make sure if thyey are flying the Ubuntu-ie flag they conform to the COC etc
[15:13:22] <theirishpenguin> ebel: I'll try but I find async comm the easiest.
[15:13:43] <czajkowski> rght so I think we have some good ideas for the next event
[15:13:44] <theirishpenguin> I think that we need to focus on one area first (Dublin) then replicate elsewhere.
[15:13:45] <ebel> theirishpenguin: what ever works for you :)
[15:13:47] <czajkowski> and how we ant to proceeed
[15:13:51] <czajkowski> theirishpenguin: exactly
[15:13:52] <Mean-Machine> !coc
[15:13:53] <ubot3> The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/
[15:14:21] <shane_fagan> obey the coc lol
[15:14:34] <Mean-Machine> srsly
[15:14:58] <czajkowski> shane_fagan: you should know better
[15:15:07] <shane_fagan> I know
[15:15:27] <shane_fagan> kidding sorry
[15:15:55] <ebel> yeah
[15:15:59] <ebel> OK shall we move on
[15:16:04] <czajkowski> yarp
[15:16:06] <ebel> next topic is also from czajkowski
[15:16:09] <ebel> [topic] state of IRC Channel
[15:16:21] <czajkowski> right so tonight ther is activity in here
[15:16:28] <czajkowski> but in general it's quiet
[15:16:35] <czajkowski> and not very inviting for new fokls as it's dead
[15:16:52] <czajkowski> there were meant to be some trnaslatons sessions on here but never happened
[15:16:58] <czajkowski> what about a weekly session on X
[15:17:00] <czajkowski> once a week
[15:17:03] <Duvelhedz> Agree
[15:17:07] <shane_fagan> +1
[15:17:10] <czajkowski> a member tells us what they are doibng for OSS #
[15:17:23] <czajkowski> can be on trnasltons ngo, tog anything
[15:17:33] <czajkowski> but get discussions like tonight happening
[15:17:45] <czajkowski> thoughts...
[15:18:14] <shane_fagan> yep I agree we should have weekly stuff in here to get some activity
[15:18:21] <ebel> might be a good idea
[15:18:52] <Duvelhedz> I think there should be a weekly meet for a Q and A session. Thought it might be helpful for new users
[15:18:53] <theirishpenguin> +1
[15:19:09] <shane_fagan> yep
[15:19:14] <czajkowski> Duvelhedz: nice idea
[15:19:50] <shane_fagan> We can rotate it between different people too
[15:20:06] <shane_fagan> So it could be fresh
[15:20:14] <czajkowski> well that;s what I'm saying one person a week could talk on what they are working on
[15:20:22] <czajkowski> or someone could give a class on something
[15:20:45] <shane_fagan> yep, I could do documentation and translations
[15:21:04] <shane_fagan> that kind of stuff
[15:21:09] * Mean-Machine will pencil in a wiki session in the near future
[15:21:16] <theirishpenguin> Ruby/Python/MySQL/etc
[15:21:19] <Duvelhedz> It would be great for the newbies to get setup and comfortable quickly
[15:21:23] <ebel> could work
[15:21:27] <shane_fagan> that too
[15:21:46] <shane_fagan> We all can contribute something
[15:21:54] <czajkowski> aye
[15:21:58] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: great thanks
[15:22:09] <Mean-Machine> working on ubuntu-ie wiki as a group
[15:22:12] <czajkowski> I tink we should try and have this in place as soon as we can to keep momentum
[15:22:18] <Mean-Machine> learn how to edit pages
[15:22:20] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: wiki looks great *hugs*
[15:22:34] * czajkowski is all done on agenda
[15:22:35] <czajkowski> thanks
[15:22:36] <czajkowski> :)
[15:22:40] <Mean-Machine> czajkowski: not finished yrt :P
[15:22:54] <shane_fagan> AOB?
[15:23:16] <Mean-Machine> one more item on the agenda
[15:23:20] <czajkowski> my agenda :D
[15:23:24] <Mean-Machine> ebel
[15:23:40] <ebel> another topic from Mean-Machine
[15:23:43] <ebel> [topic] Point of Contact
[15:23:51] <Mean-Machine> ok, so...
[15:23:52] <ebel> some background:
[15:24:03] <ebel> ubuntu LoCos like us have a point of contact
[15:24:24] <ebel> Which is the offical address and contact for the team
[15:24:29] <ebel> it's *not* a leader or president.
[15:24:43] <ebel> Mean-Machine is the current Irish Team P.o.C.
[15:24:50] <Mean-Machine> correct
[15:24:58] <Duvelhedz> Must go and do the gravyard shift in the hotel, czajkowski , ill email you tomorrow on the list of watering holes for after the food
[15:25:00] <Mean-Machine> thanks ebel ;-]
[15:25:08] <ebel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamContact
[15:25:25] * Mean-Machine is stepping down from this position
[15:25:31] * czajkowski would like to nominate ebel for the POC position
[15:25:44] <Mean-Machine> it's due to lack of time
[15:25:52] <czajkowski> Duvelhedz: not me, the list please
[15:26:05] <theirishpenguin> Can there be a Nobel Peace prize for the president? :-)
[15:26:14] * czajkowski would like to thank Mean-Machine for his time and contributions to the LoCo
[15:26:23] <Mean-Machine> and I don't want the loco to suffer because I can't do something or am not available
[15:26:24] <Duvelhedz> czajkowski: ok
[15:26:29] <ebel> yeah Mean-Machine has been great. Has been involved for years
[15:26:48] <Mean-Machine> I will not be vanishing
[15:27:00] <theirishpenguin> Thanks for the work Mean-Machine.
[15:27:10] <Mean-Machine> will still be part of the team and help out wherever and whenever i can
[15:27:40] <Mean-Machine> also the new point of contact will not be alone
[15:28:03] <Mean-Machine> 30days transition period should be ok I think
[15:28:53] <Mean-Machine> anyone here who would like to step up?
[15:28:54] <ebel> yeah
[15:29:13] <Mean-Machine> I'll also send out an email tomorrow
[15:29:14] <czajkowski> ebel: is that your hand I spy
[15:29:20] <Mean-Machine> with all the info etc
[15:29:29] * ebel throws his hat in the ring
[15:29:34] <czajkowski> yay
[15:29:43] <Mean-Machine> ebel: cooooool
[15:29:43] <theirishpenguin> +1 for ebel
[15:29:52] <czajkowski> +1 ebel
[15:29:54] <Mean-Machine> +1
[15:31:13] <theirishpenguin> Anyone else left to vote?
[15:31:32] <Duvelhedz> +1 ebel
[15:31:44] <ebel> anyone else wanna nominate themselves
[15:32:17] <ebel> ?
[15:32:51] * Mean-Machine will send out an official announcement to ubuntu-ie and lococontacts list at some stage tomorrow or Friday... depends on work really
[15:32:58] <czajkowski> cool
[15:32:59] <czajkowski> :D
[15:33:01] <czajkowski> w00t
[15:33:14] <ebel> ah thanks :)
[15:33:22] <Mean-Machine> ebel: congrats!
[15:33:56] <theirishpenguin> Congratulations!
[15:33:56] <czajkowski> w00t
[15:34:11] <ebel> :)
[15:34:20] <slashtom> congrats ebel!
[15:34:30] <czajkowski> slashtom: give him a hug for us
[15:34:38] <ebel> OK i think that's everything on the agenda....
[15:34:40] <slashtom> already have
[15:34:45] <ebel> Is there any other business?
[15:35:11] <czajkowski> nope diddly
[15:35:12] <Mean-Machine> coolio
[15:35:13] <theirishpenguin> just a quick one
[15:35:31] <theirishpenguin> Regarding the next bug jam event...
[15:35:59] <theirishpenguin> When would be appropriate to have the next one?
[15:36:21] <ebel> theirishpenguin: I don't know.... try a doodle poll? :P
[15:36:22] <Mean-Machine> theirishpenguin: whenever you want
[15:36:29] <Mean-Machine> ;-]
[15:36:43] <ebel> if you're driving it, then when suits you is best.
[15:36:46] <theirishpenguin> Would something like 1 months time be ok
[15:37:06] <theirishpenguin> Regarding polls, I prefer the benevolent dictator approach :-)
[15:37:14] <czajkowski> theirishpenguin: doesnt work :(
[15:37:16] <czajkowski> polls do
[15:37:25] <czajkowski> anything after UDS so end of November and I can come
[15:37:33] <czajkowski> and then fill folks in on work done at UDS
[15:37:36] <theirishpenguin> whens uds?
[15:37:52] <czajkowski> November 15-s0
[15:37:53] <czajkowski> 20
[15:38:00] <ebel> theirishpenguin: well when were you thinking of having one?
[15:38:03] <shane_fagan> netsplit got me
[15:38:25] <shane_fagan> what did I miss
[15:38:27] <theirishpenguin> Dec 01 then - after uds - its a tue
[15:39:36] <shane_fagan> ebel: what did I miss? (I was stuck in a netsplit
[15:39:51] <theirishpenguin> And I might try a mini event before that. Will put something up on doodle
[15:40:06] <ebel> theirishpenguin: cool :)
[15:40:10] <Mean-Machine> shane_fagan: ebel is the new ubuntu-ie loco point of contact!
[15:40:18] <shane_fagan> Oh ok
[15:41:04] <shane_fagan> congrats ebel
[15:41:09] <Mean-Machine> AOB?
[15:41:16] <czajkowski> nope diddly squat
[15:41:20] <czajkowski> oh
[15:41:22] <theirishpenguin> One last thing, if anyone has anything to contrib to http://www.theirishpenguin.com/2009/09/18/open-letter-to-the-irish-government-on-open-source-driven-innovation then please add comments to the post.
[15:41:31] <czajkowski> 2 Ubuntu-ie members are attending UDS :D
[15:41:42] <shane_fagan> :D
[15:41:47] <shane_fagan> My first UDS too
[15:42:05] * shane_fagan loves canonical now
[15:42:12] <theirishpenguin> And if there's a way to get canonical interested in promoting FOSS directly in Ire then that would be cool too.
[15:42:14] <ebel> Enjoy peeps :)
[15:42:41] <czajkowski> #end meeting
[15:42:44] <theirishpenguin> Anyway gotta run. Congrats ebel. Thanks to all and catch talk soon!
[15:42:46] <czajkowski> #endmeeting
[15:42:48] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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