The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Tuesday 10th November 2009, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode.

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  1. ebel
  2. fagan
  3. daithif
  4. airurando
  5. slashtom
  6. tdr112
  7. lau1
  8. terran
  9. davem


  • Agenda item


    Ubuntu Ireland twitter/identica account


    Post release party debrief


    UDS - Ubuntu Developer Summit


    Having other types of events


    try and get the loco out of Dublin, an event somewhere else



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Meeting started by ebel at 14:09
14:15:41        Topic: Ubuntu Ireland twitter/identica account
14:16:25        LINK    ebel    http://identi.ca/ubuntuie
14:16:31        LINK    ebel    https://twitter.com/ubuntuie
14:25:31        LINK    ebel    http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=5771419554&ref=ts
14:34:51        Topic: Post release party debrief
14:36:14        LINK    ebel    http://pix.ie/czajkowski/album/359447 some photos from czajkowski
14:36:25        LINK    ebel    http://pix.ie/czajkowski/1319568/in/album/359447 a very nice group shot of people who were there
14:46:15        Topic: Having other types of events
14:54:34        LINK    tdr112  http://www.charlestownonice.ie/
15:03:05        ACTION  ebel    tdr112 will investigate ice skating
15:04:17        Topic: UDS - Ubuntu Developer Summit
15:06:34        Topic: try and get the loco out of Dublin, an event somewhere else
15:33:16        LINK    ebel    http://doodle.com/ a great easy site for organing schedules / polls etc
15:35:53        ACTION  ebel    ebel will look into some merchandice for an event
Meeting ended at 15:40.

People Present:

   1. ebel
   2. fagan
   3. daithif
   4. airurando
   5. slashtom
   6. tdr112
   7. lau1
   8. terran
   9. davem


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[14:10:25] <ebel> I'm ebel and I'll be chairing this meetingf
[14:10:37] <ebel> For the record, the wiki page for this meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-11-10
[14:11:15] <ebel> Before every meeting we put up a wiki page like that that lists the agenda etc.
[14:11:19] <ebel> everyone can put stuff on it.
[14:11:38] <ebel> we're also using MootBot, which makes taking the minutes and logs nice and easy
[14:11:54] <ebel> however it's in a strange timezone, so that's why it thinks it's 14:09ish now.
[14:11:59] * fagan forgot about the meeting
[14:12:18] <ebel> Please say PRESENT if you are here for the meeting and paying attention.
[14:12:20] <ebel> PRESENT
[14:12:28] <fagan> PRESENT
[14:12:29] <daithif> PRESENT
[14:12:31] <airurando> PRESENT
[14:12:33] <slashtom> PRESENT
[14:12:46] <fagan> czajkowski wake up :)
[14:12:58] <ebel> IIRC czajkowski is on a phone call at the mo
[14:13:06] <fagan> oh cool
[14:13:10] <ebel> ;)
[14:13:20] <ebel> I think tdr112 will be along in a little bit
[14:13:22] <fagan> lets push on
[14:13:54] <tdr112> PRESENT
[14:14:32] <ebel> :)
[14:14:51] <ebel> well initially tdr112 was gonna be goign first
[14:15:00] <ebel> but he asked to change it around
[14:15:08] <ebel> tdr112: do you wanna go now? do you have time?
[14:15:23] <tdr112> go with you first ebel
[14:15:41] <ebel> [topic] Ubuntu Ireland twitter/identica account
[14:15:57] <fagan> +1 blind :)
[14:16:04] <ebel> Just for the record I have set up an twitter and identica account for ubuntu ireland
[14:16:09] <ebel> as another form of communication
[14:16:15] <fagan> url?
[14:16:22] <ebel> https://twitter.com/ubuntuie and http://identi.ca/ubuntuie
[14:16:25] <ebel> [link] http://identi.ca/ubuntuie
[14:16:27] <fagan> (please)
[14:16:31] <ebel> [link] https://twitter.com/ubuntuie
[14:17:13] * fagan follows
[14:17:30] <ebel> Expect updates on that account
[14:17:45] <ebel> myself, czajkowski, tdr112 and Mean-Machine have the power to update it at the moment
[14:18:06] <ebel> soon we'll set up a twitter list thing to follow ubuntu ie members
[14:18:24] * fagan was just going to suggest that
[14:18:50] <ebel> oh wait i started setting that up https://twitter.com/ubuntuie/members
[14:19:33] <ebel> but y'know we need more followers.
[14:19:59] <ebel> any questions about it?
[14:20:08] <fagan> I just followed both
[14:20:11] <tdr112> what are we going to use it for
[14:20:28] <ebel> tdr112: another form of communication for people who use twitter?P
[14:20:46] <fagan> tdr112: we can update it with post from ubuntu-ie planet
[14:20:54] <ebel> we have this channel, regular meetups, website and the mailing list used regularly
[14:21:09] <ebel> there's also a web forum, we should use that more
[14:21:37] <ebel> when applying to be an approved ubuntu loco we mentioned about spreading our communication
[14:22:03] <tdr112> i would not like to see it become our main source of communication
[14:22:26] <fagan> tdr112: thats not going to happen
[14:22:29] <ebel> tdr112: I agree.
[14:22:37] <fagan> No one wants that
[14:23:08] <tdr112> also i would like to see it not being over used
[14:23:13] <ebel> it should also be always publically visible without a twitter account, (i.e.: none of this 'protected tweets' thing), in my opinion
[14:23:15] <tdr112> *not
[14:23:45] <ebel> well twitter is usually updated more than once per day. :P
[14:23:47] <tdr112> ebel: it should be open to be viewed by all
[14:24:33] <ebel> tdr112: I agree. I think having it closed goes against how we've done things before and would be a step back
[14:25:09] <ebel> but there are people who use twitter.
[14:25:27] <ebel> that reminds me, someone (i dunno who) set up a facebook group
[14:25:31] <ebel> http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=5771419554&ref=ts
[14:25:33] <airurando> Could the twitter (and identi.ca) bio be expanded upon. Perhaps to encourage participation in ununtu-ie?
[14:26:20] <ebel> airurando: oh? got a suggestion? I'll put it in there...
[14:28:49] <airurando> Ubuntu-ie LoCo Team. All users of Ubuntu and open source Software welcome to join (or something along those lines).
[14:29:17] <fagan> there is a bebo thing too
[14:29:46] <fagan> I have to go ill be on in 10
[14:30:36] <ebel> anything else about twitter/dent?
[14:31:06] <tdr112> noting sould be put on it that does not go out on the web site or mail list
[14:31:21] <tdr112> i.e for users who dont like twitter
[14:31:50] <ebel> well we'll never get full coverage. Not everything on this irc channel goes onto website and/or mailing list
[14:32:02] <ebel> but yes, important things
[14:32:16] <ebel> i think
[14:32:21] <tdr112> good
[14:33:35] <ebel> airurando: that sounds like a good bio. i'll put that up
[14:33:55] <ebel> i think there's a space limit, dunno what it is, if it fits, it'll go up
[14:34:22] <ebel> ok
[14:34:30] <ebel> nothing else?
[14:34:51] <ebel> [topic] Post release party debrief
[14:35:33] <ebel> we had a release party 31st october
[14:35:42] <ebel> for the new ubuntu release, karmic koala.
[14:35:59] <ebel> we went to jimmy chungs for lunch, then went to the karma bar
[14:36:04] <ebel> there was a very good turn out
[14:36:08] <slashtom> thank you to cztab for her work, it was great craic
[14:36:14] <ebel> http://pix.ie/czajkowski/album/359447 some photos from czajkowski
[14:36:25] <ebel> http://pix.ie/czajkowski/1319568/in/album/359447 a very nice group shot of people who were there
[14:36:37] <ebel> big thanks to everyone who turned out, it's great to have a good crowd.
[14:36:48] <tdr112> i have a question about the time of the event
[14:36:55] <ebel> oh?
[14:36:56] <tdr112> was it too early
[14:37:15] <tdr112> what do people think
[14:37:24] <slashtom> perfect timing for lunch
[14:37:29] <ebel> (for the record we met up at jimmy chungs at 1pm - 1:30pm and were at karma for about 4pm)
[14:37:56] <ebel> it was good for lunch time
[14:37:58] <slashtom> being halloween, we didn't want to schedule for evening
[14:38:05] <ebel> although people were dripping in until about 1:30 or 2ish
[14:38:12] <lau1> fine for me had friends at dinner
[14:38:24] <ebel> most were there by about 1:30
[14:38:48] <slashtom> normally i think evening would be better, however it did go well
[14:38:53] <lau1> PRESENT
[14:39:00] <ebel> 'ello lau1 :P
[14:39:06] <tdr112> i just think it was a long day in the pub
[14:39:08] <lau1> bit late
[14:39:29] <slashtom> tdr112 we did stay late
[14:39:29] <ebel> yeah it was good for lunch time
[14:39:33] <slashtom> yes, i agree
[14:39:43] <ebel> i suppose it did drag into a long evening in the pub...
[14:39:51] <ebel> twas a bit early to be hitting the pub IMO
[14:40:08] <slashtom> especially as the pub was closed
[14:40:19] <airurando> It was a long day but I was glad that a good group of you were still there when I got off work that evening
[14:40:20] <ebel> yes, they had to open the pub for us ;)
[14:40:38] <ebel> yeah airurando didn't show up till about 6 or 7ish
[14:40:44] <lau1> I like an opening :)
[14:41:01] <airurando> 7:15:-[
[14:41:46] <ebel> i suppose people have the habit of going for a drink afterwards
[14:41:55] <ebel> and it was nice to have variety
[14:42:01] <slashtom> tbh, i do prefer events to start in the evening (except for geeknics)
[14:42:17] <ebel> go for lunch instead of just another pub meet.
[14:42:19] <slashtom> true
[14:42:27] <slashtom> but we could do dinner then pub
[14:42:34] <tdr112> i would think it would be nice to go for dinner (5pm) then drinks
[14:42:58] <slashtom> given that it was halloween and people had plans, lunch was probably the best plan
[14:43:42] <tdr112> your right slashtom as it was halloween it was good to have it early
[14:44:48] <ebel> yeah 5pm dinner would prevent it from dragging into 8 hours in the pub type event
[14:45:20] <tdr112> and would not run out of stuff to talk about
[14:45:55] <tdr112> a few drinks in ebel and he is all talk :P
[14:46:02] <slashtom> lol
[14:46:04] <ebel> which sorta brings us to your point tdr112
[14:46:15] <ebel> [topic] Having other types of events
[14:46:51] <tdr112> I would like to see other stuff than just pub events
[14:47:12] <ebel> sounds good
[14:47:13] <slashtom> wrong time of year for geeknics, so any other suggests?
[14:47:22] <slashtom> suggestions*
[14:47:32] <tdr112> someone said a table quiz ,
[14:47:36] <ebel> aye winter is upon us, no more picnics for a while..
[14:47:41] <lau1> freeznik ;)
[14:47:57] <ebel> it would be fun to have another local bug jam
[14:48:24] <tdr112> another bug jam would need a lot of work
[14:49:00] <ebel> table quiz could be fun, but they're mostly in pubs :P
[14:49:00] <lau1> enough irish speakers for a translation jam ?
[14:49:30] <tdr112> after going to the last two , without any what out any structure in place a bug jam is kind of a waste of time
[14:49:40] <airurando> introduction/help for new users ?
[14:50:11] <ebel> tdr112: yeah you gotta be careful with bug jams...
[14:50:23] <tdr112> yep , people need help to know what to do , at the moment you just turn up and thats it
[14:51:01] <slashtom> how about something non-tech, visit somewhere... be tourists in your own city
[14:51:08] <slashtom> as a group
[14:51:30] <lau1> dressed as penguins ;)
[14:51:31] <slashtom> social visit to a museum or something of interest?
[14:51:36] <airurando> sessions where people can learn would be popular I think.
[14:51:44] <ebel> or something even a bit techy, science-y
[14:51:55] <ebel> or even going to the cinema, then some food after
[14:52:11] <tdr112> these are all great ideas
[14:52:24] <airurando> iceskating
[14:52:34] <slashtom> could work
[14:52:44] <ebel> oh nice
[14:52:47] * tdr112 likes iceskating
[14:53:07] <ebel> me too :)P
[14:53:17] <ebel> right so we need to go iceskating :)
[14:53:56] <slashtom> followed by food
[14:53:57] <ebel> hasn't started yet has it?
[14:54:03] <ebel> (the ice skating?)
[14:54:03] <lau1> I don't have knees left for that :'(
[14:54:22] <airurando> don't think so
[14:54:33] <lau1> december no ?
[14:54:34] <tdr112> http://www.charlestownonice.ie/
[14:54:42] <tdr112> its open all the time
[14:54:46] <ebel> oh
[14:55:40] <ebel> nice
[14:55:41] <ebel> :)
[14:56:00] <lau1> I might put my kneebraces and have a go anyway
[14:56:36] <ebel> :)
[14:56:40] <ebel> right we'll have to do that then
[14:58:16] <ebel> does anyone wanna organise any event? pub quiz? cinema? ice skating? etc?
[14:58:30] <tdr112> everyone hides
[14:58:40] <ebel> :P
[14:58:59] <ebel> always the way :0
[14:59:10] <ebel> tdr112: that ice rink is up near where you hail from, right?
[14:59:24] <ebel> wanna find out the prices / how to get there from town / when it's open?
[14:59:53] <tdr112> ok i will get all the intel and put it on the mail list
[14:59:54] <ebel> then send an email to the list about it, see if people wanna go, use something like doodle to select a saturday, etc
[15:00:02] <airurando> should you not look for opinion via one of those online poles you do first. Get the wider community discussing it first to maximise attendance.
[15:00:23] <airurando> sorry ebel
[15:00:33] <ebel> airurando: good idea.
[15:00:52] <ebel> there's nothing special about 'ubuntu events'
[15:01:15] <ebel> it's just a pile of people with common interest and respecting the code of coduct, and doing something together
[15:03:05] <ebel> [action] tdr112 will investigate ice skating
[15:04:17] <ebel> [topic] UDS - Ubuntu Developer Summit
[15:04:36] <ebel> this is just a reminder that the ubuntu developer summit is on soon in america
[15:05:02] <ebel> both czajkowski and fagan got sponsored by canonical to fly to dallas and go to it
[15:05:30] <ebel> hope they have a good time, learn a lot, and spread the word of our loco
[15:05:38] <ebel> etc :)
[15:05:48] <tdr112> good luck to both of them
[15:05:53] <slashtom> yep, hope it goes well!
[15:06:00] <airurando> ditto
[15:06:27] <ebel> :)
[15:06:34] <ebel> [topic] try and get the loco out of Dublin, an event somewhere else
[15:06:39] <ebel> suggested by tdr112
[15:07:05] <tdr112> ok it looks to me that this is a dublin loco and not an ireland loco
[15:08:18] <tdr112> i way to get more people into ubuntu out side dublin is by trying to have an event oudside dublin
[15:08:30] * ebel nods
[15:08:40] <lau1> Well who is outside Co.dublin ?
[15:08:54] <ebel> fagan is in carlow IIRC, but he's offline at the mo
[15:09:06] <ebel> i remember someone from galway popping up...
[15:09:14] <airurando> airurando is in Co Kildare
[15:09:15] <lau1> It might be better to start where we have someone on the grounf
[15:09:15] <slashtom> what about involving the computer societies at limerick and elsewhere?
[15:09:18] <ebel> czajkowski might know some limerick people
[15:09:49] <lau1> quan on parle du loup ;)
[15:10:17] <ebel> fagan: we were just suggesting having non-dublin events
[15:10:17] <terran> You'd get a good crowd in Limerick
[15:10:19] <terran> almost all of Skynet are Ubuntu users
[15:10:32] <fagan> ebel: +1
[15:10:38] <ebel> Well someone could start off small. Just call a PotD. meet up in a pub, just talk to new people who turn up
[15:10:49] <ebel> terran: your from limerick, right?
[15:11:00] <terran> ebel: yes, living in Galway now though
[15:11:03] <tdr112> the loco should try and help people start these
[15:11:31] <slashtom> how about one in Galway?
[15:11:45] <airurando> Important for the Dublin based group to participate initially in such events.
[15:11:58] <ebel> a road trip?
[15:12:00] <ebel> :)
[15:12:10] <ebel> yeah I agree the loco should help.
[15:12:22] <terran> NUIG has a computer society but I'm not involved in it yet
[15:12:55] <slashtom> it's a good place to start
[15:12:56] <tdr112> airurando: yep help make up the numbers at one or two events to try and get them going
[15:13:10] <ebel> how can the loco help?
[15:13:37] <airurando> terran: do you know if ubuntu is widely used by students in NUIG?
[15:13:46] <slashtom> creating groups in other cities, then coming together for events could be one way to make it a 'Irish' loco
[15:14:03] <lau1> yep
[15:14:04] <ebel> it can be a bit scary if it's just you running an event and you're sitting in a pub alone waiting for randomers to come up and say hi
[15:14:08] <terran> airurando: I don't. I would imagine it wouldn't have the same presence as it does in Limerick
[15:14:15] <terran> I think Limerick is the best bet for an event outside of Dublin
[15:14:19] <airurando> tdr112: exactly 'critical mass'
[15:14:38] <ebel> yeah, but even if there's 4 of you chatting, then you've made 3 new friends
[15:15:05] <tdr112> the more people that are at an event the more likey people will turn up
[15:15:24] <fagan> And if they are local you could have regular meetups
[15:15:38] <ebel> yeah
[15:15:49] <airurando> terran: no pressure but could you contact the computer soc and get their views on having an Ubuntu event?
[15:15:49] <ebel> all you need is regular meet ups, and hey presto you're a community
[15:16:09] <terran> airurando: in NUIG or UL?
[15:16:39] <airurando> terran: I agree with the suggestion that limerick would be a good place to start.
[15:16:42] <fagan> the computer soc in Carlow IT consists of people who dont use free software they are all games development nerds
[15:16:59] <terran> fagan: as far as I've been told, NUIG compsoc is the same
[15:17:02] <terran> more of a gaming soc
[15:17:05] <fagan> But if we wanted to have a talk or something my college would probably do it
[15:17:19] <tdr112> a compsoc is a great place to start but we want other people too
[15:17:22] <fagan> Im fairly bad at talks though
[15:17:36] <ebel> yeah
[15:17:49] <fagan> tdr112: maybe we could just start a LUG in the colleges
[15:17:57] <fagan> Even if its small it would be kinda cool
[15:18:05] <terran> airurando: I'll sort something with skynet, they'd be well up for it, it might get some of the new younger members more involved in the wider commnity
[15:18:09] <terran> *community
[15:18:15] <fagan> I know I could get like 5 members in my college
[15:18:53] <ebel> fagan: so you could have a meet up, even a pub meet, or lunch or caf´┐Ż meet in your college?
[15:19:02] <ebel> even if there's 5 people there, that's a win
[15:19:22] <airurando> terran: maybe even get so guys from Galway down to limerick for the first one?
[15:19:30] <terran> yeah
[15:19:31] <fagan> I dont know anybody myself but I do know some of the international students use ubuntu
[15:19:35] <terran> we've done that before
[15:19:49] <fagan> I saw a few ubuntu stickers about
[15:20:09] <tdr112> fagan: put up a poster
[15:20:13] <ebel> fagan: put up a few signs, post to boards.ie, local web forum, mailing list etc :0
[15:20:21] <ebel> colleges are normally fine with putting up posters.
[15:20:32] <terran> I just mentioned the idea in skynet's IRC channel and the vibes are good
[15:20:48] <ebel> terran: they can come in here! :)
[15:20:57] <lau1> drive to limerick then ;)
[15:21:10] <terran> ebel: a good few of them are!
[15:21:10] <ebel> let's get this ball rolling. skynet seem like a compsoc with their heads screwed on
[15:21:57] <slashtom> has skynet got a point of contact?
[15:22:06] <terran> slashtom: well there's loads of us in here
[15:22:08] <terran> in fact
[15:22:13] <terran> davem is in here I believe
[15:22:21] <terran> and he's the current Skynet president
[15:22:38] <slashtom> perfect
[15:22:38] <terran> and there's me, I'm intersocs officer
[15:22:49] <terran> and czajkowski is ex-president
[15:22:52] <airurando> czajkowski would want to be involved in this discussion.
[15:23:21] <ebel> nice :)
[15:24:13] <fagan> is the meeting over yet?
[15:24:20] <terran> what time should this event take place, and should it just be drinks or what?
[15:24:25] <terran> or a talk and drinks?
[15:24:35] <ebel> terran: *shrug* it's up to who ever wants to organise it, i suppose
[15:25:33] <terran> Okay right now I'm thinking talk with some Ubuntu merchandise to hand out followed by drinks and finger food in one of the campus Bars
[15:26:12] <airurando> I think a talk would be important to introduce the guys to ubuntu-ie.
[15:26:31] <airurando> terran: I totally agree with your suggestion.
[15:26:36] <ebel> terran: nice :)
[15:26:44] <ebel> we might be able to get some merchandice
[15:26:57] <tdr112> terran: what day would you be thinking of having it
[15:26:58] <ebel> i think czajkowski has applied for a pack for karmic
[15:27:16] <tdr112> midweek or the weekend ?
[15:27:19] <ebel> since dublin has an established community, we should donate this gear to the non-dublin peeps
[15:27:33] <davem> terran: who wants me? -_-
[15:27:59] <terran> tdr112: well, midweek would probably suit people that are actually in UL, weekend would suit me, and possibly Dublin people
[15:28:02] <tdr112> and we had the last pack
[15:28:21] <ebel> davem: we're talking about having an ubuntu-ie event outside dublin and limerick / skynet was suggested
[15:28:30] <terran> davem: we're discussing the possibility of a skynet-backed Ubuntu-ie event in Limerick
[15:28:37] <slashtom> the event should be posted to the usual ubuntu-ie places, hopefully get a few people brought in from elsewhere including from dublin
[15:30:28] <terran> I think Thursday night if we're to have it during the week, Saturday night if a weekend
[15:31:00] <terran> Next thing is, should it be before Christmas? Or in Jan?
[15:31:20] <fagan> Crimbo isnt a good time for most people
[15:31:28] <tdr112> terran: are you exams before or after xmas
[15:31:49] * fagan gets no crimbo exams :D
[15:31:56] <terran> tdr112: UL and NUIG are both before Christmas
[15:32:24] <ebel> sounds like postxmas makes more sense then
[15:32:35] <ebel> IIRC most of UCD is exams before xmas
[15:32:47] <tdr112> mine are after :(
[15:32:48] <slashtom> doodle!
[15:33:16] <ebel> http://doodle.com/ a great easy site for organing schedules / polls etc
[15:33:17] <terran> Yeah I think early-mid Jan
[15:33:38] <tdr112> sounds good
[15:33:38] <airurando> These topics of alternative meetups in Dublin and meetups across the country have generated a great response. Should there be an extra IRC session to discuss ideas further?
[15:34:00] <terran> Yes
[15:34:02] <ebel> yeah
[15:34:22] <ebel> I'd like to see country wide events become just another kind of event we run
[15:34:34] <ebel> and just as regular as our current dublin based events
[15:35:32] <terran> I would also like this
[15:35:42] <ebel> i'll look into getting some merchandice
[15:35:49] <terran> and I'd like to make it to some of the Dublin based ones at some point :p
[15:35:53] <ebel> [action] ebel will look into some merchandice for an event
[15:36:00] <terran> Try not having them on Halloween :)
[15:36:13] <airurando> thanks to tdr112 for tabling the topics:-D
[15:36:31] <tdr112> no prob
[15:36:33] <ebel> terran: do you wanna be the 'go to person' for this idea?
[15:36:50] <terran> ebel: the Limerick event idea? Absolutely
[15:36:59] <ebel> nice
[15:37:11] <ebel> how are you at organising it, considering you're in galway...
[15:38:09] <terran> Won't be a problem, I'm in constant contact with the skynet committee and used to organising events all over the place for intersocs
[15:38:17] <ebel> we'll include this in the next meeting.
[15:38:22] <airurando> good start:)
[15:38:35] <ebel> yeah
[15:39:08] <ebel> that's all on the agenda
[15:39:14] <ebel> any other business?
[15:39:49] <fagan> nope
[15:39:54] * fagan needs tea
[15:40:02] <ebel> nope
[15:40:31] <ebel> cool that's it
[15:40:31] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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