The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting will be held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 16th December 2009, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode. Everyone is welcome to attend or add items to the agenda (below) for discussion by the ubuntu ireland community.


  1. ebel
  2. tdr112
  3. czajkowski
  4. lau1
  5. Mean-Machine
  6. airurando
  7. slashtom
  8. cancelerx
  9. Leftmost
  1. fagan


  • Agenda item


    Wiki - Events


    Road Maps


    Update as to the state of the Irish Translations and work being done


    New Year new PotD location


    Non Pub related events



Meeting started by ebel at 14:04

        LINK    czajkowski      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Events#Events
        Topic: Wiki - Events
        AGREED  ebel    airurando will update the wiki events page as events happen
        AGREED  ebel    airurando will update the wiki events page as events happen (and laura will help)

        Topic: road maps
        LINK    czajkowski      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Roadmaps
        LINK    czajkowski      https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-lucid-ngo
        LINK    ebel    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IrishTeamApprovalApplication
        AGREED  ebel    Mean-Machine will come up with a few bullet points for road maps and send it to the list
        Topic: Update as to the state of the Irish Translations and work being done
        LINK    ebel    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Roadmaps/Lucid
        AGREED  ebel    look at irish translations next month, see where we stand
        Topic: New Year new PotD location
        LINK    czajkowski      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour
        AGREED  ebel    slashtom will make a poll for the day to have the next ubuntu events

        AGREED  ebel    czajkowski will book capital bar for 1st wednesday in january :P
        Topic: Non Pub related events
        LINK    czajkowski      http://sciencegallery.com/
        AGREED  ebel    tdr112 will look into an ubuntuie science museum in febuary
        Topic: skynet event
        LINK    Mean-Machine    http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/ ?
        LINK    ebel    http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/
        Topic: new banner
        AGREED  ebel    mailing lists should be used as an 'offical record'
        AGREED  ebel    in order to find ideas for the new ubuntu ireland banner, ask on mailing list, web forum, twitter, etc

Meeting ended at 15:17. 

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

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Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:04:34] <ebel> w00tage!
[14:04:41] <tdr112> hello all
[14:04:47] * ebel declares the December 2009 Ubuntu Irish Team meeting started
[14:04:49] <ebel> hey tdr112
[14:05:51] <czajkowski> :)
[14:06:39] <czajkowski> so who's here for the meeting
[14:06:40] <lau1> good evening
[14:06:49] <Mean-Machine> PRESENT
[14:06:54] <czajkowski> PRESENT
[14:06:57] <airurando> PRESENT
[14:07:01] <slashtom> PRESENT
[14:07:02] <ebel> PRESENT
[14:07:03] <lau1> PRESENT
[14:07:20] <tdr112> PRESENT
[14:07:39] <cancelerx> PRESENT
[14:07:44] <Mean-Machine> fagan [n=fagan@ubuntu/member/shanefagan] has quit ["call of duty time"]
[14:08:03] <Mean-Machine> for the record :P
[14:08:05] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-12-16
[14:08:21] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: lovely...
[14:08:23] <ebel> that's the agenda for it
[14:08:41] <czajkowski> right I got a bit carried away with adding stuff
[14:08:47] <czajkowski> but it's the last one for the year
[14:09:00] <czajkowski> Wiki Events
[14:09:13] <tdr112> what is wiki events
[14:09:21] <czajkowski> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Events#Events
[14:09:34] <czajkowski> this page needs to be kept up to date better
[14:09:46] <ebel> [topic] Wiki - Events
[14:09:47] <czajkowski> It needs to list all of our meet ups and potds
[14:09:54] <czajkowski> eb thanks
[14:09:57] <czajkowski> ebel: thanks
[14:10:19] <czajkowski> so I'll take the task of going back through our events and adding them here
[14:10:35] <czajkowski> the reason for this is in 18 months time Ubuntu-ie will be reviewed for our LoCo membership
[14:10:46] <czajkowski> and rather then doing all of this then it makes it easier to do it as we go along
[14:10:58] <czajkowski> and with the added plugin to the LoCo directory all events will be listed there
[14:11:03] <czajkowski> any thoughts/ideas ?
[14:11:29] <ebel> good idea
[14:11:50] <Mean-Machine> is the page layout ok or does it need to be changed for loco directory integration?
[14:11:50] <czajkowski> is there someone present who could take on the role next year of updating this page
[14:11:51] <ebel> better to do it as you go along
[14:12:09] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: no idea we're working on the functionality at present
[14:12:22] <czajkowski> but it'll be a case of entering it date of event and stuff on the LD
[14:12:24] <tdr112> good idea , it's a lot of work to update , but should be easy to do as you go along
[14:12:29] <czajkowski> LD btw is the LoCo Directory
[14:12:42] <czajkowski> so I'd like to ask some of the newer people in here to help out
[14:12:51] <czajkowski> and we'll help but I'd like to share around the workd a bit
[14:13:14] <airurando> I'd like to help
[14:13:20] <czajkowski> airurando: lovely
[14:13:26] <Mean-Machine> +1 airurando
[14:13:29] <Mean-Machine> :-]
[14:13:39] <czajkowski> airurando: basically any time an event is been advertised it needs to go on that page
[14:13:46] <czajkowski> under upcoming
[14:13:54] <czajkowski> then moved to happeened
[14:13:56] <czajkowski> we'll help
[14:14:02] <czajkowski> but nice to have some fresh blood
[14:14:03] <czajkowski> :)
[14:14:12] <Mean-Machine> vampires ;-]
[14:14:13] <airurando> sounds fine
[14:14:30] <ebel> cool
[14:14:52] <tdr112> good stuff
[14:14:54] <airurando> will these events always come via mailing list?
[14:15:00] <ebel> we basically have a whole of next year (give or take) before we have to re-apply
[14:15:13] <ebel> airurando: yeah just about everything is on the mailing list
[14:15:20] <czajkowski> airurando: yup
[14:15:22] <czajkowski> ebel: we do aye
[14:15:27] <ebel> actually we should start using the web forum on ubuntu forums more.
[14:15:30] <czajkowski> so it'd be nice to not do 18 months events
[14:15:31] <czajkowski> :)
[14:15:33] <czajkowski> ok
[14:15:40] <czajkowski> so airurando to work on the evetns page
[14:15:41] <czajkowski> :D
[14:15:42] <czajkowski> lovely
[14:15:48] <Leftmost> Should I hop on the mailing list, even though I'm not strictly local to the LoCo?
[14:15:51] <tdr112> czajkowski: would you help airurando make a start on it
[14:15:56] <czajkowski> Leftmost: yes please
[14:16:01] <czajkowski> tdr112: I will of course
[14:16:08] <ebel> Leftmost: everyone's welcome to join the mailing list / irc channel
[14:16:09] <czajkowski> ebel: can you action that please
[14:16:14] <ebel> you don't have to be living in ireland
[14:16:27] <ebel> [agreed] airurando will update the wiki events page as events happen
[14:16:38] <czajkowski> and laura will help
[14:16:46] <Leftmost> I still have credit on my mobile. We'll say that's enough.;)
[14:16:53] <ebel> Leftmost: you can join the launchpad team and anything if you want :)
[14:17:05] <ebel> we don't really have strict membership requirements.
[14:17:10] <czajkowski> [topic] Road Maps
[14:17:12] <ebel> [agreed] airurando will update the wiki events page as events happen (and laura will help)
[14:17:18] <ebel> [topic] road maps
[14:17:35] <czajkowski> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Roadmaps
[14:17:40] <czajkowski> right
[14:17:43] <czajkowski> to explain these
[14:17:48] <ebel> (For the record since I did the startmeeting, I have to do the [topic]/[agreed]/etc.)
[14:18:03] <czajkowski> we use them in Ubuntu community for the lucid cycle for all teams
[14:18:12] <czajkowski> the idea is we can lay out some goals for the loco
[14:18:15] <czajkowski> and see how we're doing
[14:18:23] <czajkowski> I think it'd be nice to do this for us
[14:18:29] <ebel> (for the record lucid is the next version of ubuntu, Lucid Lync 10.04)
[14:18:44] <tdr112> what goes in a road map
[14:18:58] <czajkowski> let me get an exampe for you
[14:19:55] <czajkowski> [link] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-lucid-ngo
[14:20:04] <czajkowski> so you can see here a roadmap is lined to a blueprint
[14:20:09] <czajkowski> it's not as complicatead as it soounds
[14:20:09] <ebel> czajkowski: what about on our membership application?
[14:20:14] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IrishTeamApprovalApplication
[14:20:18] <ebel> that had a road map...
[14:20:23] <czajkowski> ebel: exactly
[14:20:33] <ebel> but in theory that was for the next year or so.
[14:21:05] <czajkowski> the blueprint is the way we can track them onlaucnhpad
[14:21:12] <czajkowski> this is the template https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Roadmaps/Template
[14:21:21] <czajkowski> the idea being to encourage more activity in the LoCo
[14:21:29] <czajkowski> you don't need to be in dublin
[14:21:39] <czajkowski> ti could be something you take on in your area
[14:21:42] <czajkowski> but we add it to this
[14:21:45] <czajkowski> any thoughts ?
[14:22:14] <Mean-Machine> so the roadmap has to be done on LP, right?
[14:22:17] <ebel> I like the idea of encouraging ourselfs, to prevent things from just slipping...
[14:22:42] <ebel> and then you can look back and see if you stuck to what you did. I like that idea.
[14:22:42] <czajkowski> ebel: aye so the roadmap is just a way of seeing at a glance what we're outlining to do in the cycle
[14:22:47] <Mean-Machine> planning ahead and setting goals is very important
[14:23:07] <czajkowski> so for example yu can https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~czajkowski are the ones I'm working on
[14:23:10] <czajkowski> or keeping an eye on
[14:23:54] <cancelerx> i do enjoy ur conversation .. but am kinda new to the whole community thing so please forgive my silence.. am just listening to u guys.. am still present
[14:24:05] <ebel> fagan: welcome
[14:24:11] <ebel> cancelerx: sure no problem :)
[14:24:20] <ebel> we're open to everyone
[14:24:21] <czajkowski> cancelerx: that's fine
[14:24:32] <czajkowski> so I'm wondering can we work on a roadmap
[14:24:36] <czajkowski> do up a basica tempalte
[14:24:39] <ebel> czajkowski: well how long are you thinking for the length of a blueprint / roadmap?
[14:24:42] <czajkowski> and send to the ailing list to get input
[14:24:49] <czajkowski> we'll do it for lucid
[14:24:53] <czajkowski> for 5-6 months so
[14:24:55] <fagan> ebel: sorry for the lateness
[14:24:57] <czajkowski> by the time we get it up and running
[14:25:01] <ebel> "By the summer we should have done X, Y, Z" ?
[14:25:33] <czajkowski> by May
[14:25:33] <czajkowski> aye
[14:25:34] <ebel> we're doing that a bit. like the ice skating thing, that was an attempt to do more.
[14:25:38] <czajkowski> ebel: aye
[14:25:45] <czajkowski> but if we add it to a roadmap
[14:25:46] <Mean-Machine> I think its a good idea to keep the roadmaps alligned with the release cycle
[14:25:47] <ebel> *do more non pub things
[14:25:49] <czajkowski> we can see all the stuff
[14:25:54] <czajkowski> rather than having to think a out it
[14:26:02] <ebel> Mean-Machine: plus you get a cool name for it :)
[14:26:19] <czajkowski> ok so can we have ppl to work on the basic template to jot down some ideas and mail the list ?
[14:26:56] <czajkowski> I will help you
[14:27:04] <czajkowski> and also write to the list to explain about the road maps
[14:27:14] * Mean-Machine will come up with a few bullet points and send it to the list
[14:27:30] <ebel> :) Thanks for volunteering :)
[14:27:35] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: can you do that in the template and just create it to get us started
[14:27:38] <czajkowski> please
[14:27:48] <ebel> [agreed] Mean-Machine will come up with a few bullet points for road maps and send it to the list
[14:27:55] <czajkowski> I know some folks myself included don' always like going near wikis to start off
[14:28:07] * Mean-Machine loves wiki
[14:28:17] <ebel> wikis are nice. wiki's don't like czajkowski though
[14:28:24] <czajkowski> ebel: I'm getting much better
[14:28:26] <czajkowski> anwyas
[14:28:34] <tdr112> tdr is all for wiki's
[14:28:41] <airurando> czajkowski: don't scare me
[14:28:41] <ebel> [topic] Update as to the state of the Irish Translations and work being done
[14:28:46] <czajkowski> anyone else have any other questions regarding roadmaps ?
[14:28:48] * fagan doesnt have a clue how to do wikis except links
[14:29:22] <czajkowski> right well #i for one am not really happy about the visabiluty of the irish translations
[14:29:42] <czajkowski> this week I mailed the list as we are in need of getting the loco directory translated
[14:29:49] <czajkowski> and thanks to Leftmost he helped us out
[14:30:05] <fagan> thanks Leftmost
[14:30:06] <czajkowski> fagan: tbh you're not really doing anything to help promte or drive this team.
[14:30:18] <fagan> Ive been busy with college
[14:30:21] <czajkowski> fagan: can you tell us how you are doing it so far, it may need to be tweeked
[14:30:54] <czajkowski> fagan: well yo're visable elsewhere on other teams and projects, if it's a case of you're not interested then just say so, that's fine also
[14:30:55] * ebel hasn't been paying attention to the irish translation
[14:31:00] <ebel> fagan: how's it going?
[14:31:01] <fagan> Well I set up the mailing list but havent had time to get cracking with it.
[14:31:11] <czajkowski> fagan: that was last summer though
[14:31:32] <fagan> czajkowski: I only got it set up a month ago
[14:31:48] <fagan> I had to chase people up about it
[14:31:49] <czajkowski> fagan: what was the dealy
[14:31:59] <czajkowski> I've seen no mails to the mailing list to keep us informed
[14:32:02] <Mean-Machine> guys, if anyone takes on a task and needs help please let others know, we're all here to help
[14:32:04] <fagan> rt taking a long time
[14:32:26] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: exactly
[14:32:27] <ebel> well, how about translations? How many programmes are translated now?
[14:32:48] <czajkowski> fagan: you should have let us the loco know is all I'm trying to get you to see
[14:33:05] <czajkowski> or poked me. and I could have asked an admin to have a look at RT
[14:33:06] <fagan> yep noted
[14:33:10] <czajkowski> we were at UDS with all of them
[14:33:28] <cancelerx> communication is of ought most importance for success
[14:33:41] <czajkowski> cancelerx: yes
[14:33:56] <czajkowski> fagan: can you perhaps give us an idea of your plan forward please
[14:34:08] <czajkowski> if you've to plan it, perhaps let us know on the mailing list
[14:34:18] <czajkowski> a roadmap here would also be excellent idea
[14:34:39] <fagan> Ill mail the list when I have a good plan
[14:34:59] <fagan> I need to have a talk with Leftmost about this too
[14:35:01] <czajkowski> fagan: can you create a road map please also
[14:35:11] <ebel> fagan: do you know about the #gailge IRC channel?
[14:35:16] <fagan> he is more of an athority on this then me
[14:35:18] <czajkowski> as that will lay out the goals for the team for the lucid cycle
[14:35:19] <ebel> * #gaeilge on QuakeNet
[14:35:28] <fagan> ebel: nope
[14:36:01] <fagan> czajkowski: As always its the lack of interest that kills the goals idea
[14:36:04] <ebel> fagan: http://www.google.ie/search?q=irc+gaeilge :P
[14:36:08] <Leftmost> Well, to be honest, I haven't done much actual coordination. Unfortunately, this term I haven't had much chance to be involved, but over the next month or so I hope to be able to contribute to the organization of translators.
[14:36:31] <czajkowski> fagan: you need to have some goals and ideas laid out before
[14:36:35] <czajkowski> you mail the list looing for ideas. otherwise they don't know where to start
[14:36:59] <fagan> czajkowski: the problem with goals is who is going to actually try to meet them
[14:37:17] <fagan> its a case of me or Leftmost doing everything
[14:37:19] <ebel> fagan: well can you come up with some ideas on what to do with the team? How to get more people? Any events? Spreading the word? Translation jam? I dunno, something
[14:37:22] <Mean-Machine> regarding the roadmap... page set up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Roadmaps/Lucid
[14:37:26] <cancelerx> goals can be a contributory task
[14:37:37] <cancelerx> not one man.. u not a one man army
[14:37:52] <ebel> Mean-Machine: good one :)
[14:37:58] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Roadmaps/Lucid
[14:38:08] <slashtom> good work Mean-Machine
[14:38:18] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: you rock!
[14:38:21] <Mean-Machine> slashtom \o/
[14:39:10] <Mean-Machine> feel free to add items to the roadmap, and everytime you add something please notify the mailing list
[14:39:12] <ebel> How about we come back to the Irish translations next month? See where we stand?
[14:39:19] <czajkowski> ebel: great idea
[14:39:27] <fagan> sure
[14:39:45] <ebel> [agreed] look at irish translations next month, see where we stand
[14:39:47] <ebel> [topic]
[14:39:50] <cancelerx> fagan: u seem to want to take the heat off u
[14:39:51] <ebel> [topic] New Year new PotD location
[14:40:08] <cancelerx> fagan: good plan..lol
[14:40:08] <czajkowski> right well we've been going to the longstone for some time now
[14:40:10] <czajkowski> and it's nice
[14:40:21] <czajkowski> but there are more choices out there
[14:40:35] <czajkowski> declan mentioned the capital bar
[14:40:40] <slashtom> wifi?
[14:40:44] <czajkowski> that has meeting rooms, and free wiki and cheaper beer
[14:41:02] <slashtom> where is capital bar?
[14:41:02] <czajkowski> I'm wondering could we consider moving and trying it out
[14:41:03] <tdr112> the capital is a nice choice
[14:41:09] <czajkowski> skaround the corner from trinty
[14:41:11] <ebel> slashtom: near trinity?
[14:41:14] <Mean-Machine> QUESTION: should it still be called PotD?
[14:41:16] <czajkowski> so still city center
[14:41:17] <slashtom> aye
[14:41:25] <czajkowski> I'd like to adopt the Ubuntu hour
[14:41:31] <czajkowski> the same as many other LoCos are doing
[14:41:55] <czajkowski> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour
[14:41:56] <ebel> I think the point of 'pint of the day' as opposed to 'monthly pint' was so people could do it more than once per month :)
[14:41:56] <slashtom> i thought potd was ilug
[14:42:23] <Mean-Machine> isnt ubuntu hour for promoting ubuntu and spreading word in random locations?
[14:42:26] <ebel> I would suggest having it on a different day/time from the ilug potd
[14:42:44] <czajkowski> Mean-Machine: it's an hourly meet up for LoCos spread out , yes
[14:42:51] <czajkowski> so ours could the ubuntu-ie Hour
[14:42:58] <cancelerx> czajkowski: please if i will be excused.. i need to get to bed its 21:42 and i need to get up early and do some coding.. it was nice joining u guys and i intend to follow up subsequently.. thanks alot for letting me listen in.
[14:43:01] <slashtom> a different name would be less confusing
[14:43:09] <Mean-Machine> I'd go for circle of friends :D
[14:43:20] <czajkowski> meet up, chat, the advantage of location change, would be a place we could have short talks
[14:43:29] <slashtom> take care cancelerx
[14:43:41] <cancelerx> bye
[14:43:48] <czajkowski> cancelerx: thanks for joining us
[14:43:50] <Mean-Machine> cancelerx: hope you'll come back again
[14:43:51] <ebel> cancelerx: sure no problem, good to have you here
[14:43:53] <tdr112> why not have it in the middle of the month
[14:44:15] <czajkowski> tdr112: so the reason it was the 1st thrusday of the month
[14:44:19] <cancelerx> ok.. bye all enjoy urselfs and merry christmas
[14:44:19] <czajkowski> was we'd try middle, end and 2nd last
[14:44:21] <tdr112> so there is a linux event every two weeks
[14:44:21] <ebel> tdr112: well we have the irc meeting in the middle of the month...
[14:44:31] <czajkowski> but that either got a very poor turn out or nonbody, due to pay days
[14:45:00] <czajkowski> ho0w about 1st wednesday of the months as the irc meeting is 2/3rd
[14:45:08] <czajkowski> that way we've 2 Ubuntu events a month
[14:45:10] <ebel> for the next 4 months, we could try different weeks? :)
[14:45:25] <slashtom> that's confusing
[14:45:32] <slashtom> if you mean a different week each month
[14:45:44] <ebel> slashtom: yeah...
[14:46:13] <czajkowski> oh that may be confusing
[14:46:14] <czajkowski> but
[14:46:30] <czajkowski> we could do a doodle poll for the 2,nd and 3rd months and settle on one fo rthe 4th
[14:46:39] <slashtom> that's democracy!
[14:46:43] <czajkowski> so for January
[14:46:48] <ebel> yeah a poll
[14:46:50] <czajkowski> 1st Wednesday of the month
[14:46:57] <czajkowski> then a poll for the next 2 months to decide
[14:47:10] <ebel> yeah
[14:47:12] <czajkowski> and the 4th to go with the favourite or to be re addressed at the 3rd
[14:47:15] <ebel> who wants to do it?
[14:47:23] <czajkowski> slashtom: I vote you to do the poll to make you a true ubuntuie
[14:47:31] <slashtom> :P
[14:47:32] <czajkowski> :)
[14:47:39] <czajkowski> slashtom: mwah you know I love you
[14:47:40] <slashtom> ok, i can do a poll
[14:47:44] <czajkowski> ok
[14:47:48] <slashtom> :P
[14:48:01] <Mean-Machine> slashtom \o/
[14:48:01] <tdr112> we can't have people vote on who does it , only if he wants to do it
[14:48:01] <czajkowski> and can we call it the Ubuntu hour like the others are doing ?
[14:48:18] <ebel> a poll for a name!
[14:48:18] <ebel> polls for all!
[14:48:22] <czajkowski> :(
[14:48:23] <czajkowski> :p
[14:48:24] <czajkowski> ok
[14:48:27] <slashtom> ubuntu hour is grand
[14:48:43] <slashtom> but i will do a poll for which wednesday of the month
[14:48:48] <Mean-Machine> slashtom: tis short tho :P
[14:48:57] <czajkowski> slashtom: whoo
[14:49:01] <czajkowski> so are we agreed
[14:49:07] <ebel> [agreed] slashtom will make a poll for the day to have the next ubuntu events
[14:49:13] <czajkowski> 1st wednesday for january, we'll all want a quiet one
[14:49:19] <czajkowski> and polls for after that
[14:49:30] * slashtom will have to miss that one :(
[14:49:31] <czajkowski> if so I'll book capitol bar for then this week
[14:50:08] <ebel> [agreed] czajkowski will book capital bar for 1st wednesday in december
[14:50:12] <tdr112> so it will be just a drinks meet up
[14:50:17] <czajkowski> ebel: January
[14:50:25] <ebel> [agreed] czajkowski will book capital bar for 1st wednesday in january :P
[14:50:41] <czajkowski> which brings us ont the fial topic
[14:50:48] <ebel> [topic
[14:50:54] <ebel> [topic] Non Pub related events
[14:51:03] <ebel> czajkowski and tdr112 know more about this
[14:51:05] <czajkowski> right so with the new venue we can have talks
[14:51:05] <Mean-Machine> ubuntu hour should have a lightening talk every month
[14:51:17] <czajkowski> and with the Ubuntu hr we can do talks
[14:51:29] <czajkowski> and Mean-Machine is right lightening talks would be AWESOME!
[14:51:30] * tdr112 is all for non pub as he is not a drinker
[14:51:34] <slashtom> how did the ice skating go?
[14:51:36] <czajkowski> tdr112: aye
[14:51:46] <czajkowski> slashtom: we ended up in pub havig dinner
[14:51:49] <czajkowski> :~(
[14:51:50] <tdr112> slashtom: not a good turn out
[14:51:57] <czajkowski> so for no pub events what can we do
[14:52:04] * slashtom apologises for missing the ice skating... flight to dublin was sunday evening
[14:52:04] <czajkowski> I'd love a trip to the science museum
[14:52:23] * slashtom seconds
[14:52:32] <ebel> sounds like a plan
[14:52:36] <slashtom> be tourists in your home city!
[14:52:36] <airurando> I'm sorry I missed ice skating also.
[14:52:37] <czajkowski> so how about some friday evening
[14:52:39] <czajkowski> we go
[14:52:58] <czajkowski> friday evening means there is some finger food and we can have a browse around an exhbibtion
[14:53:03] <slashtom> better for a weekend daytime, surely?
[14:53:12] <czajkowski> slashtom: or that
[14:53:14] <czajkowski> I don't mind
[14:53:19] <Mean-Machine> is there public libraries with free wi-fi in dublin?
[14:53:24] <tdr112> czajkowski: it can be very busy on Friday nights
[14:53:27] <czajkowski> tdr112: would you give it another lash, for a non pub event
[14:53:41] <czajkowski> tdr112: I only thought friday, but can be any day or as slashtom pointed out sunday
[14:53:45] <czajkowski> *weekends
[14:53:58] <slashtom> i would suggest thinking towards the end of jan, but not fossdem
[14:54:00] <czajkowski> and weekends means we can get more kids and families involved
[14:54:08] * czajkowski will be at FOSDEM
[14:54:16] <slashtom> fosdem*
[14:54:25] <tdr112> what dates is that czajkowski
[14:54:52] <slashtom> maybe another poll... but definitely after new year
[14:55:08] <czajkowski> tdr112: towards end of Janary
[14:55:21] <tdr112> fosdem
[14:55:22] <ebel> fosdem is start of feb, no?
[14:55:23] <czajkowski> but I suspect january may not be a good tije tbh
[14:55:32] <airurando> Perhaps try to organise in a bit further in advance
[14:55:35] <czajkowski> ppl will find it hard to go out after christmas
[14:55:48] <airurando> sorry Perhaps try to organise it a bit further in advance
[14:55:58] <ebel> tdr112: fosdem 2010 is 6-7 feb
[14:56:08] <tdr112> airurando: yep it was late due to the ice rink only opening the week before
[14:56:09] <ebel> [link] http://fosdem.org/2010/
[14:56:42] <tdr112> ok so I am thinking of 20 or 21
[14:56:47] <tdr112> of feb
[14:56:53] <slashtom> poll!
[14:57:09] <ebel> tdr112: this for the museum?
[14:57:17] <tdr112> yep
[14:57:20] <slashtom> which museum?
[14:57:22] <czajkowski> well
[14:57:26] <czajkowski> [link]
[14:57:28] <czajkowski> http://sciencegallery.com/
[14:57:37] <czajkowski> perhals have a see what's on
[14:57:44] <czajkowski> and tie it in with that
[14:57:57] <ebel> sounds good
[14:58:05] <czajkowski> I think weekends would be nice as it'd be nice to bring along a family and we can grab lunch nearby or there
[14:58:20] <slashtom> deadly
[14:58:21] <ebel> [agreed] tdr112 will look into an ubuntuie science museum in febuary
[14:58:22] <czajkowski> and I really want to focus this cycle on getting kids involved
[14:58:23] <ebel> :)
[14:58:32] <tdr112> good good
[14:58:32] <czajkowski> ok I am all out of agenda, topics, sorry :)
[14:58:38] <czajkowski> so are there any other thoughts
[14:58:54] <czajkowski> Kudos to ebel and declan we have 2 new Ubuntu members
[14:59:31] <ebel> :)
[14:59:45] <Mean-Machine> yea, congrats!
[15:00:01] <tdr112> well done
[15:00:01] <airurando> absolutely, well done!
[15:00:10] <slashtom> aye, well done!
[15:00:22] <ebel> thanks for all the help from everyone here, from moral support, to testimonials, and cheerleading on the night
[15:00:30] <tdr112> any word of the skynet event
[15:00:33] <tdr112> ?
[15:00:50] <ebel> [topic] skynet event
[15:00:59] <czajkowski> waiting on hearing from the canonical guest I asked
[15:01:01] <ebel> there was something on the mailing list...
[15:01:04] <czajkowski> as I need to get a date from him
[15:01:08] <czajkowski> but it'll be February
[15:01:13] <czajkowski> a weekend in Limerick
[15:01:14] <ebel> i think czajkowski gave out some CDs, right?
[15:01:15] <czajkowski> not FOSDEM weekend
[15:01:35] <airurando> not scieb=nce museum
[15:01:46] <czajkowski> aye
[15:01:48] <airurando> sorry not science museum weekend either
[15:01:59] <czajkowski> any other thoughts for ubuntu-ie events
[15:02:02] <czajkowski> way forward
[15:02:03] <ebel> yeah
[15:02:03] <czajkowski> ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
[15:02:04] <czajkowski> actually
[15:02:17] <czajkowski> if you take on a task and need help please ask for it
[15:02:21] <czajkowski> we'll all help!
[15:02:23] <czajkowski> also
[15:02:27] <tdr112> ok czajkowski could you tell me the date when you know so the museum event is not the same weekend
[15:02:28] <czajkowski> anone any good at design
[15:02:36] <czajkowski> we want a banner
[15:02:43] <czajkowski> tdr112: waiting to hear from speaker
[15:02:53] <tdr112> k
[15:03:22] <czajkowski> so I'll ask on a mailing list again re designs
[15:03:23] <Mean-Machine> czajkowski: a real banner not a web one, right?
[15:03:29] <czajkowski> real one aye
[15:03:37] <czajkowski> ebel: got that spread ubuntu link handy
[15:04:16] <Mean-Machine> http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/ ?
[15:04:22] <ebel> [link] http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/
[15:05:23] <airurando> Could the ubuntu hour meetups be used to flesh out these items further?
[15:05:27] <ebel> well we need a banner designed.
[15:05:35] <czajkowski> airurando: great idea
[15:06:05] <ebel> [topic] new banner
[15:06:14] <tdr112> airurando: these items as in the stuff we talk about at the irc meeting
[15:06:18] <tdr112> ?
[15:06:19] <ebel> (I'm just making [topic] things so it'll show up in the logs and minutes)
[15:06:41] <czajkowski> tdr112: might be an idea seeing as some foloks dont come to irc meetings but do to face to face events
[15:07:09] <tdr112> yep but to make this an ireland loco all things must be done on the irc
[15:07:12] <airurando> tdr112: yes. We need more events and more thought and discussion into roadmaps.
[15:07:17] <tdr112> big things that is
[15:07:37] <czajkowski> tdr112: well not just irc, mailing list also
[15:07:45] <czajkowski> as we need to remember there are over 100 signed up
[15:07:55] <airurando> could good ideas not be reported back on IRC?
[15:08:15] <czajkowski> airurando: aye
[15:08:29] <tdr112> yep I am all up for talking about stuff face to face but it still should go out on the mail list to let people get involved #
[15:08:38] <ebel> mailing list is good for letting everyone know
[15:08:46] <ebel> as an 'offical record' type thing
[15:08:50] <airurando> tdr112: agreed
[15:10:01] <ebel> [agreed] mailing lists should be used as an 'offical record'
[15:10:07] <Mean-Machine> regarding mailing list, we have 142 subscribers ;-]
[15:10:50] <ebel> so what shall we do about the new banner and/or other things? talk more in the new ubuntu hour thing?
[15:11:04] <czajkowski> can we take it the mailing list
[15:11:07] <czajkowski> to get some ideas
[15:11:42] <airurando> czajkowski: that's a good idea
[15:11:56] <ebel> and web forum and twitter, etc.
[15:12:09] <czajkowski> ~I know diddly about the forums
[15:12:21] <czajkowski> but I'll happily keep an eye on mailing list
[15:12:23] <ebel> a 'request for ideas' from the wider ubuntu community about a banner design?
[15:12:26] <czajkowski> yup
[15:12:45] <ebel> maybe boards.ie aswell... spread the word to new people...
[15:12:58] <ebel> etc.
[15:13:22] <airurando> ebel: you lost me at forums and boards.ie
[15:13:23] <ebel> [agreed] in order to find ideas for the new ubuntu ireland banner, ask on mailing list, web forum, twitter, etc
[15:13:43] * ebel personally doesn't like web forums all that much :)
[15:13:57] <ebel> but we should try to reach out to people who use it...
[15:14:14] <Mean-Machine> ebel: boards.ie was great help in getting some new faces for jaunty release party
[15:14:40] <tdr112> ebel loves twitter
[15:14:40] * Mean-Machine did a propaganda prior to the event
[15:16:25] <czajkowski> have to head great meeting
[15:16:30] <ebel> anything else?
[15:16:38] <tdr112> nope
[15:16:42] * ebel needs to flee soon aswell
[15:17:10] <airurando> I've nothing
[15:17:12] <ebel> nothing?
[15:17:20] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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