The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 10th March 2010, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode.

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    So, what are we going to do at OpenJam


    Skynet & Ubuntu Talks , how it went, how to make it better


    please add

    please add


Meeting started by ebel at 14:04
14:04:38        LINK    ebel    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-03-10
14:06:03        Topic: So, what are we going to do at OpenJam
14:06:45        LINK    ebel    http://openevents.ie/doku.php?id=openjam
14:06:58        LINK    ebel    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
14:40:15        Topic: Skynet & Ubuntu Talks , how it went
14:47:01        LINK    johnnyCbadde    http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2055836344 I have yet to attend but my friend has been a few times
14:48:48        LINK    tdr112  http://sciencegallery.com/events/2010/03/electronics-workshop-mitch-altman-and-jimmie-p-rodgers
14:52:46        Topic: Any other business ?
14:53:05        Topic: geeknic
14:54:55        LINK    slashtom        http://www.farmleigh.ie/Events/Title,12875,en.html - this is where we went before
14:56:10        LINK    tdr112  http://oggcamp.org/start
15:04:36        LINK    slashtom        http://www.farmleigh.ie/VisitorInformation/GettingtoFarmleigh/
Meeting ended at 15:08. 

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

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Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:04:23] <tdr112> yep
[14:04:32] <ebel> the agenda page is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-03-10
[14:04:36] <tdr112> airurando: thanks
[14:04:38] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-03-10
[14:04:45] <ebel> Welcome all.
[14:05:06] <ebel> please say PRESENT if you're here
[14:05:08] <ebel> PRESENT
[14:05:17] <tdr112> PRESENT
[14:05:26] <airurando> PRESENT
[14:05:31] <johnnyCbadde> PRESENT
[14:05:42] <ebel> OK.
[14:05:45] <slashtom> PRESENR
[14:05:50] <slashtom> PRESENT
[14:05:51] <ebel> As I said the Agenda is here.
[14:05:58] <ebel> first topic
[14:06:03] <ebel> [topic] So, what are we going to do at OpenJam
[14:06:26] <tdr112> do we have a place for it
[14:06:32] <ebel> OpenJam is an upcoming event taking place in Dublin
[14:06:41] <ebel> On Ubuntu Gobal Jam weekend.
[14:06:45] <ebel> [link] http://openevents.ie/doku.php?id=openjam
[14:06:58] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
[14:08:06] <slashtom> firstly, have we a venue?
[14:08:27] <slashtom> how large is the place
[14:08:32] <ebel> The venue is unsure.
[14:08:49] <ebel> I'm trying to remember. czajkowski (who's not here) knows more
[14:09:00] <slashtom> as in, how many rooms do we have... can we have concurrent activities?
[14:09:12] <tdr112> lets say for the moment we have a place , what do we do on the day
[14:09:30] <ebel> There are a few things that worked well at last bugjam days
[14:09:48] <ebel> We could have introductory to the various things (eg bugs, translations)
[14:10:06] <ebel> And then walk people through fixing bugs, etc.
[14:10:07] <tdr112> get people to sign the coc
[14:10:24] <ebel> and do likewise for translations, "Step by step guide to translating", etc.
[14:11:14] <slashtom> are we going to publicise anything like (unofficial) ubuntu support?
[14:11:40] <tdr112> eg bring your laptop and we will put ubuntu on it
[14:12:01] <ebel> I'm willing to help with the bug jamming.
[14:12:16] <ebel> I'll do like what I did before.
[14:12:32] <tdr112> that sounds good
[14:12:35] <ebel> well, with ubuntu support, i think that's almost a given....
[14:12:43] <slashtom> aye
[14:13:02] <ebel> there'll be people there who know ubuntu, and if people have problems, then i'd have thought that people could help.
[14:13:47] <slashtom> "Ubuntu Drop-in"
[14:14:12] <ebel> hey MootBot
[14:14:14] <ebel> hey Mzungu
[14:14:23] <tdr112> but we should list that we are going to help
[14:14:30] <slashtom> yes
[14:15:03] <ebel> yeah we should
[14:15:10] <ebel> well we'll have to tell people about it.
[14:15:20] <ebel> And that'll involve listing what will happen
[14:15:28] <tdr> and who said they would help out with translating
[14:15:32] <ebel> incl. things like "we'll fix your pc"
[14:15:35] <tdr> it was a while ago
[14:16:15] <slashtom> so a fairly informal schedule really
[14:16:25] <ebel> In theory translating is easy to do on the website
[14:16:59] <ebel> I just don't know many other languages.
[14:17:18] <ebel> there are people who know other languages, lau IIRC...
[14:17:21] <airurando> from the wiki page there are 7 global Jam themes listed. do you think OpenJam will have sessions for them all?
[14:17:47] <tdr112> airurando: link ?
[14:18:12] <airurando> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
[14:18:36] <airurando> the link was given by ebel earlier
[14:18:39] <johnnyCbadde> incl. things like "we'll fix your pc" >>> Heh, sounds great to me, maybe someone can figure out my my Aspire X1300 can't suspend
[14:19:01] <tdr112> ok so its , bugs , testing ,upgrade, doc,s translations, packaging
[14:19:04] <ebel> johnnyCbadde: sure bring it all.
[14:19:14] * ebel was doing some stuff on packaging today in work
[14:19:14] <tdr112> we could do testing very easy
[14:19:36] <ebel> a lot of it fits into launchpad, esp. things like bugs, translations, packageing
[14:20:02] <airurando> I sat in on one of Jorge Castros Global Jam introductory sessions on IRC
[14:20:30] <airurando> he had good suggestions (for a newbie anyway)
[14:20:55] <ebel> yeah?
[14:21:06] <airurando> one thing that is very useful for people is to get a projector, for the introductory talks/tutorials
[14:21:49] <slashtom> cztab is on the phone
[14:21:55] <airurando> one new kind of Jam this cycle is the Upgrade Jam you need to plan it more in advance, since it needs lots of bandwidth, so having a close by mirror of the archive is handy at a minimum, even if you totally fail at the entire jam,
[14:21:58] <slashtom> ......
[14:22:12] <slashtom> we have a venue...
[14:22:40] <airurando> drumroll...
[14:22:47] <ebel> ahoy
[14:22:53] * ebel was speaking to czajkowski on phone
[14:23:02] <ebel> We definitly have a venue for the saturday
[14:23:05] <ebel> maaaaybe sunday
[14:23:27] <ebel> from enterprise ireland
[14:23:45] <tdr112> make push for one day
[14:23:46] <ebel> in Dublin 8 I think
[14:23:49] * slashtom votes for saturday only
[14:23:55] <ebel> in the "digital exchange"
[14:24:04] <tdr112> we will get more people
[14:25:30] <ebel> It's where we software freedom day 2007
[14:25:55] <ebel> So that's a decent venue
[14:26:01] <ebel> close, decent size
[14:26:06] <ebel> i think it has a projector
[14:26:11] <slashtom> here: http://osm.org/go/es@R0Vpd
[14:26:38] <johnnyCbadde> one day would suit me better if I travel from Galway
[14:26:52] <ebel> Yeah, one day could work well
[14:26:55] <slashtom> yep, better to concentrate activities on the one day
[14:26:59] <ebel> we've done it before.
[14:27:04] <ebel> So what shall we do?
[14:27:10] <ebel> Have a structure and timetable?
[14:27:20] <ebel> or just have a freeform thing?
[14:27:29] <slashtom> i'm in favour of a more informal approach
[14:27:30] <ebel> Where we will cover topics X, Y, Z.
[14:27:34] <ebel> and see who turns up
[14:27:39] <ebel> and see what people want and need to do.
[14:27:54] <slashtom> see who turns up, what people want to do/what information they need
[14:28:11] <ebel> yeah
[14:28:25] <ebel> well I'm willing to 'mentor' bug tracking and maybe packaging.
[14:28:37] <airurando> did czajkowski not invite other groups on the basis of the Jam occurring on both days?
[14:29:23] <ebel> yeah, an idea was to make it more open to non-ubuntu groups.
[14:29:56] <airurando> not a good idea to change the goal posts now IMO.
[14:30:24] <airurando> if other groups are making plans for sat and sun that is.
[14:30:25] <ebel> So we need to poke other groups.
[14:30:44] <ebel> declanmg is familar with ruby ireland and python
[14:32:01] <ebel> so we'll have to work with him to tell them about it.
[14:32:10] <ebel> any other ideas?
[14:32:33] <tdr112> so do we want to make up a timeline of stuff that needs to be done
[14:33:17] <ebel> A timeline of what to do on the day? or a todo list?
[14:33:23] <tdr112> todo list
[14:33:33] <tdr112> its two weeks away ?
[14:33:41] <ebel> (a) confirm venue and wifi access details
[14:33:49] <ebel> (b) talk to declanmg to talk to ruby and python
[14:33:58] <ebel> (c) email list to tell about venue and ask for other groupos
[14:34:41] <ebel> (d) solicit other people to help on the day. I'm willing to help with bugs and packaging
[14:34:55] <airurando> consult with czajkowski to find out what communication with other groups has already taken place.
[14:35:03] <ebel> yeah.
[14:35:06] * slashtom will be around on the day to help wherever is required
[14:35:45] <ebel> (e) consult with czajkowski to find out what communication with other groups has already taken place.
[14:35:49] <ebel> anything else?
[14:36:03] <tdr112> blog spam and all the reat to get people to go
[14:36:15] <johnnyCbadde> If I make it I won't be much help but with look I'll be able learn enough basics to be an expert by next year :P
[14:36:22] <ebel> yep, post to forums, post to lists, to twitters, to irc,
[14:36:36] <tdr112> johnnyCbadde: thats the idea
[14:38:40] <johnnyCbadde> There's about 5 fulltime ubuntu users in my software class, I'll mention it to them anyways
[14:38:44] <ebel> right, i'll email that stuff to the list to get the ball running
[14:38:53] <ebel> johnnyCbadde: yeah, that'd be great.
[14:38:54] <tdr112> sounds about done
[14:38:54] <slashtom> deadly, thanks ebel
[14:38:59] <ebel> maybe we should do up some posters....
[14:39:04] <ebel> anyone wanna do that? :P
[14:39:22] <ebel> If not, we'll move on to the next agenda item....
[14:40:15] <ebel> [topic] Skynet & Ubuntu Talks , how it went
[14:40:21] <ebel> over to tdr112
[14:40:21] <johnnyCbadde> If there is a poster available to download i can put some up in gmit and nuig
[14:40:39] <johnnyCbadde> *opps sorry*
[14:40:45] <ebel> johnnyCbadde: if we get some, we'll let you know.
[14:40:46] <slashtom> johnnyCbadde: check the links ebel posted earlier
[14:40:48] <tdr112> and how to make it better
[14:40:57] <tdr112> so what to people think of the talks
[14:41:00] <ebel> johnnyCbadde: or are you any good at graphics? you can help out!
[14:41:03] <tdr112> and are first non dublin event
[14:41:20] <tdr112> do you think we could do it in another city ?
[14:41:37] <slashtom> ossbarcamp in galway
[14:41:40] <ebel> i thought it was good
[14:41:51] <slashtom> there was talk about it
[14:42:03] <airurando> I really enjoyed the talks
[14:43:21] <airurando> I see no reason not to have another one in a different city but local organisers would appear to be a pre-requisite.
[14:43:24] <tdr112> they where great , can we do it somewhere else , if we want to make ubuntu-ie more ireland and less dublin , we have to try and get more ireland stuff
[14:43:53] <slashtom> johnnyCbadde: what's the oss community like in galway?
[14:43:55] <tdr112> yep we should try and find more local groups to link up with
[14:43:58] <johnnyCbadde> EI have a building in Galway that had an event with someone from mozilla a while back, and it's right beside the bus station
[14:44:05] <tdr112> it worked great with skynet
[14:45:01] <ebel> Mean-Machine was talking of possible a ossbarcamp in galway
[14:45:16] <johnnyCbadde> slashtom, I think NUIG computer society are fairly into their oss
[14:46:00] <johnnyCbadde> slashtom, Alas, GMIT has nothing at the moment
[14:46:22] <ebel> johnnyCbadde: UL's computer society (skynet) was the main people in linerick
[14:46:29] <johnnyCbadde> there was a galway hackerspace setup recently
[14:46:49] <slashtom> that's great... can we get them on irc and in these meetings?
[14:46:55] <tdr112> its set up
[14:47:01] <johnnyCbadde> http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2055836344 I have yet to attend but my friend has been a few times
[14:47:03] <tdr112> its not set up
[14:47:12] <ebel> sounds like a good pile of local knowledge.
[14:47:18] <ebel> they should get on IRC more.
[14:47:34] <airurando> terran is in NUIG. Not suggestion he be forced into organising another event but he might be able to suggest contacts.
[14:47:35] <ebel> If they wanna organise anything and call themselves 'Ubuntu Ireland', then go for it.
[14:47:36] <tdr112> i have been talking to them , they are coming up to dublin in two weeks i can ask them if you like
[14:47:53] <ebel> (just gotta go by the CoC, etc.)
[14:48:14] <airurando> tdr112: are they coming for OpenJam?
[14:48:31] <tdr112> nope for a workshop we are doing TOG that is
[14:48:48] <tdr112> http://sciencegallery.com/events/2010/03/electronics-workshop-mitch-altman-and-jimmie-p-rodgers
[14:49:49] <tdr112> ok lets get people to try and start talking to people in galway about running some talks down there under the ubuntu-ie banner
[14:50:14] <tdr112> and report back next irc meeting ?
[14:50:30] <ebel> johnnyCbadde: we'll have to chat to you at openjam about galways based stuff.
[14:50:44] <ebel> clearly there is demand for a more national scope.
[14:51:16] <johnnyCbadde> ebel, the demand is great for me because travelling to dublin is pricey :P
[14:51:17] <ebel> tdr112: sounds good.
[14:51:21] <tdr112> ireland is bigger , than dublin
[14:51:37] <tdr112> the best bits are here
[14:51:52] <ebel> so for next meeting we gotta get the ball rolling on an event outside dublin
[14:51:56] <tdr112> but lets not let that stop us from having talks in other places
[14:51:58] <johnnyCbadde> Ubuntu is bigger than the kernal
[14:52:02] <johnnyCbadde> ;)
[14:52:46] <ebel> [topic] Any other business ?
[14:52:53] <slashtom> yes
[14:52:58] <slashtom> Geeknic!
[14:53:05] <ebel> [topic] geeknic
[14:53:10] <slashtom> we need another Geeknic
[14:53:16] <tdr112> there great
[14:53:17] <slashtom> May Bank Holiday weekend
[14:53:26] <ebel> slashtom: what's a geeknic?
[14:54:03] <ebel> a geeknic is a picnic for geeks
[14:54:55] <slashtom> http://www.farmleigh.ie/Events/Title,12875,en.html - this is where we went before
[14:55:16] <airurando> slashtom: OggCamp happens on May bank holiday weekend
[14:55:27] <slashtom> it was rather nice, the food market is on Sunday 2 May
[14:55:41] <slashtom> whereis Oggcamp?
[14:56:02] <airurando> Liverpool
[14:56:10] <tdr112> http://oggcamp.org/start
[14:56:16] <johnnyCbadde> I'm not to fond of picnics to be honest, I hate wasps and bees!
[14:56:27] <slashtom> um, would an event in Ireland at the same time be bad?
[14:56:35] <airurando> point being dublin geeks may be attending
[14:56:44] <slashtom> johnnyCbadde: rain is more likely to be the problem, at start of may ;)
[14:56:45] <tdr112> no , there cant be that many people going to it from here
[14:57:07] <ebel> yeah
[14:57:57] <ebel> the only problem with farmleigh is getting there
[14:58:04] <ebel> the other option is stephen's green
[14:58:16] <ebel> or some other park in dublin, merrion square?
[14:59:06] <johnnyCbadde> slashtom, haha true
[14:59:13] <slashtom> the food market is good at farmleight
[14:59:17] <slashtom> the food market is good at farmleigh*
[14:59:49] <slashtom> we could always have a fallback... email on the day to divert everyone to a pub in case of bad weather
[15:00:03] <ebel> sounds good
[15:00:04] <slashtom> given the irish summer, it could be a wise move
[15:00:09] <johnnyCbadde> pub sounds like a safe bet
[15:00:12] <tdr112> thats sounds better
[15:01:46] <slashtom> 29/4 is lucid lync release date
[15:01:58] <ebel> *lynx
[15:01:59] <slashtom> so the geeknic would double up as a release party
[15:01:59] <tdr112> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule
[15:02:07] <slashtom> if everyone thinks that's a good idea
[15:02:25] * slashtom is happy to organise, if i have the general support of others
[15:02:28] <tdr112> so geeknic in the afternoon , pub that night
[15:02:31] <tdr112> ?
[15:02:35] <ebel> +1 from me
[15:02:37] <slashtom> yep, we can do that
[15:03:14] <slashtom> are we good for Farmleigh on the Sunday 2nd May, followed by a pub meet
[15:03:20] <ebel> sounds good
[15:03:31] * johnnyCbadde is not sure where Farmleigh is
[15:03:47] <ebel> johnnyCbadde: phonix parkl
[15:03:58] <ebel> pheonix park
[15:04:02] <johnnyCbadde> ebel, Aha, now I know
[15:04:02] <ebel> in Dublin
[15:04:16] <tdr112> bus to farmleigh http://www.dublinbus.ie/en/Your-Journey1/Timetables/All-Timetables/37/
[15:04:36] <slashtom> http://www.farmleigh.ie/VisitorInformation/GettingtoFarmleigh/
[15:05:32] <ebel> well
[15:05:49] <ebel> does anyone have any other ideas?
[15:06:04] * slashtom will post to the mailing list
[15:06:08] <ebel> sounds good
[15:06:35] <slashtom> and we can decide on venue, date at the next meeting
[15:06:38] <ebel> yeah
[15:06:44] <tdr112> good good
[15:06:45] <ebel> anything else?
[15:06:45] <slashtom> s/date //
[15:06:50] <tdr112> nope
[15:06:56] <slashtom> that's the release party sorted
[15:07:01] <slashtom> all from me
[15:07:19] <airurando> nothing here
[15:07:37] <ebel> ok so
[15:07:47] <ebel> thanks for everyone who came
[15:07:53] <ebel> we'll have the next meeting in about a month
[15:07:55] <tdr112> thanks ebel
[15:07:59] <ebel> (when i get round to scheduling it)
[15:07:59] <slashtom> thanks for chairing ebel
[15:07:59] <ebel> :P
[15:08:02] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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