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  3. airurando
  4. ignus
  5. tdr112
  6. kobrien
  7. cduffin
  8. czajkowski
  9. ubot3
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    Ubuntu Ireland Website


    Ubuntu Leadership Code of Conduct


    Geeknic and Lucid Lynx Release Party


    Where to get started helping out in Ubuntu




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    please add


Meeting started by ebel at 14:05
14:08:12        Topic: Ubuntu Ireland Website
14:24:49        AGREED  ebel    the wiki stays
14:28:04        Topic:
14:28:21        Topic: Ubuntu Leadership Code of Conduct
14:28:41        LINK    czajkowski      https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bug/392976
14:30:22        LINK    czajkowski      https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+spec/ubuntu-leadership-code-of-conduct-should-be-signed-by-loco-team-leaders
14:36:41        Topic: Geeknic and Lucid Lynx Release Party
14:37:59        LINK    tdr112  http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/node/95
14:49:38        Topic: Where to get started helping out in Ubuntu
15:05:38        Topic: opensourceireland.org
15:12:59        LINK    kobrien         http://twitter.com/osireland
15:19:33        Topic: any other business?
15:25:32        Topic: anything else?
Meeting ended at 15:25. 

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

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Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:05:31] <ebel> Welcome to the April 2010 Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting
[14:05:39] <ebel> Please say PRESENT if you're here
[14:05:44] <slashtom> PRESENT
[14:05:45] <ebel> e.g.
[14:05:47] <ebel> PRESENT
[14:05:49] <airurando> PRESENT
[14:05:52] <ignus> PRESENT :D
[14:06:16] <ebel> The wiki page for this meeting is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-04-21
[14:06:21] <ebel> That has the agenda.
[14:07:03] <tdr112> PRESENT
[14:08:12] <ebel> [topic] Ubuntu Ireland Website
[14:08:17] <ebel> I added it to the agenda
[14:08:39] <ebel> As you know, the website is here http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/
[14:08:55] <ebel> We have an offer of hosting from Blackknight.
[14:09:11] <ebel> and kobrien (who doesn't seem here) offered to be the webmaster
[14:09:39] <slashtom> may i make a suggestion, that we should have just one website?
[14:09:43] <kobrien> woops
[14:09:44] <kobrien> here
[14:09:49] <kobrien> present
[14:10:07] <tdr112> slashtom: you mean get rid of the wiki?
[14:10:07] <ebel> the reason for getting a new website is that the one on ubuntu-ie.org is an old drupal install, some things don't work on it, and people want a better website
[14:10:21] <tdr112> ical feeds dont work on it
[14:10:33] <slashtom> yes tdr112
[14:11:01] <cduffin> Emmmm... ubuntu-ie's feed works... are you talking about pulling other feeds?
[14:11:02] <tdr112> i did say it before its a bit all over the place
[14:11:29] <slashtom> aye, i have been posting events to at least 2 (if not more) places
[14:11:33] <ebel> cduffin: I tried adding the events to google calendar, and it didn't work
[14:11:40] <slashtom> one website should be enough for one group
[14:11:53] <tdr112> cduffin: there is a bug in it that it does not pull into google calendar
[14:11:55] <tdr112> ]
[14:11:56] <cduffin> ebel: google calendar seems funny about iCal feeds
[14:12:00] <ebel> slashtom: how should we plan irc meetings on the website?
[14:12:11] <cduffin> It won't pull the opensourceireland.org one either
[14:12:23] <cduffin> but osi pulls ubuntu-ies fine
[14:12:30] <tdr112> the new drupal works with the google one
[14:12:37] <kobrien> PRESENT
[14:12:41] <kobrien> if it needs to be caps
[14:13:01] <ebel> kobrien: Nah, it doesn't have to be capital PRESENT. Just so long as you talk, you're noticed on the minutes
[14:13:13] <kobrien> ebel: ah, ok
[14:13:24] <airurando> I think the current website is limited in other ways.
[14:13:25] <ebel> merging all sites into one is a decent idea, it's a bit messy now
[14:13:47] <czajkowski> aloha
[14:13:51] <tdr112> cduffin: it does work
[14:13:56] <ebel> I wonder if there's any benefit to using the same site as all the other ubuntu stiuff (i.e. using the wiki)
[14:13:59] <cduffin> ebel: excuse my ignorance, what sites are you referring to?
[14:14:09] <airurando> we cannot have our own instance of etherpad or stuff like that
[14:14:14] <tdr112> but we did need the wiki for the team reports to be pulled into the main report page
[14:14:24] <ebel> cduffin: 'website' http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ 'wiki': https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam
[14:14:32] <kobrien> I think opensourceireland is working off the idea that every group will still have their own website
[14:14:37] <cduffin> ebel: cheers
[14:15:01] <ebel> cduffin: it means if there is a new event, someone has go and add details of it to several different places.
[14:15:04] <cduffin> kobrien: indeed, although if others feel we should expand on that, I'm open to ideas
[14:15:12] <kobrien> right
[14:15:32] <ebel> We also use the wiki for IRC Meetings. I dunno what we'd do for that on the website.
[14:15:44] <cduffin> ebel: hence the iCal aggregator on opensourceireland.org
[14:15:48] <ebel> tdr112: good point about the team reports
[14:16:56] <slashtom> what if the main site redirects to the wiki?
[14:17:58] <tdr112> can we get by with just a wiki
[14:18:13] <ebel> one option would be to strip down the wiki, make a pile of pages just say "Check the website"
[14:18:36] <tdr112> better linking back and forward would slove a lot of it
[14:18:41] <cduffin> you could look at some way of pulling the wiki content into a drupal site
[14:19:08] <slashtom> tdr112: do you think the wiki is enough?
[14:19:25] <ebel> aaaaaaanyway, all I wanted to say was that we should be getting our own hosting, and kobrien has offered to be the webmaster.
[14:19:38] <kobrien> indeed
[14:19:39] <ebel> I would assume kobrien is OK with other people helping if they want, right?
[14:19:47] <airurando> can we not move the entire site from its current location to blacknight
[14:19:48] <czajkowski> this s the onlt team I know of that has an issue with wiki and website
[14:19:55] <kobrien> ebel: of course
[14:20:03] <ebel> airurando: that's pretty much what we're going to do.
[14:20:16] <czajkowski> sorry I'm late I fell asleep
[14:20:20] <cduffin> Is blacknight offering free hosting?
[14:20:28] <ebel> Remember it's everyone's site. Everyone can have input.
[14:20:28] <czajkowski> cduffin: yes
[14:21:07] <ebel> But one should still just get down and do it. "He who does, wins the argument" :P
[14:21:25] <ebel> czajkowski: haven't heard anything more from blackknight anyway...
[14:21:32] <ebel> s/anyway/in a bit/
[14:21:44] <czajkowski> well I'll poke him tomoroww
[14:22:26] <ebel> the other question that's come up is "should we get rid of the wiki?"......
[14:22:35] <czajkowski> N O
[14:22:36] <tdr112> we need the wiki
[14:22:40] <czajkowski> lordie
[14:22:59] <czajkowski> its the one of the things the cunfcil check s for
[14:23:05] <czajkowski> it has all of the details of the team
[14:23:10] <kobrien> keep the wiki so
[14:23:12] <slashtom> ok, then can we avoid duplication of things on the wiki and main website?
[14:23:12] <czajkowski> searched via the main wiki.u.c
[14:23:37] <ebel> czajkowski: that's what I figured.
[14:24:02] <czajkowski> dear gods I've teams fighting to get hosting on the .org and ye dont want it
[14:24:07] <czajkowski> tis rather odd
[14:24:46] <airurando> czajkowski: I agree. I want it.
[14:24:49] <ebel> [agreed] the wiki stays
[14:25:09] <ebel> czajkowski: oh yes, we are just thinking out load for options to problems
[14:25:36] <czajkowski> you coukld make the site much more fun like adding a gallery
[14:25:47] <czajkowski> showin off stuff from past events
[14:25:51] <czajkowski> making it more than the wiki
[14:26:06] * slashtom suggests czajkowski adds a gallery ;)
[14:26:06] <czajkowski> wiki should be used for brain storing and working on items for the team
[14:26:35] <czajkowski> slashtom: I think we both know I'm not dev but I'l happily find plugins
[14:27:49] <ebel> aaaaanyway
[14:27:52] <ebel> so we need the wiki
[14:27:55] <ebel> and we are getting a website
[14:28:00] <kobrien> yup
[14:28:02] <ebel> next
[14:28:04] <ebel> [topic]
[14:28:21] <ebel> [topic] Ubuntu Leadership Code of Conduct
[14:28:32] <slashtom> we have a leader?
[14:28:41] <czajkowski> [link] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bug/392976
[14:28:41] <ebel> yes, so as you there's the ubuntu code of conduct
[14:28:42] <ebel> !coc
[14:28:43] <ubot3> Malone bug 392976 in ubuntu-community "Leadership CoC not given to LoCo Leads" [Medium,Confirmed]
[14:28:44] <ubot3> The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ . For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .
[14:28:45] <tdr112> we have a poc
[14:29:11] * czajkowski puts on her loco council hat for this topics
[14:29:12] <ebel> I recently became away of the leadershop CoC http://www.ubuntu.com/community/leadership-conduct
[14:29:27] <czajkowski> I tbought this up last night at the loco council meeting it's been decieded 2 tings
[14:29:38] <ebel> I and the PoC, the Point of Contact for the ubuntu-ie team
[14:29:44] <czajkowski> 1- council define leader better as this translates differently
[14:29:55] <czajkowski> 2- work out how we can intergrate signing of the LCoc
[14:30:22] <czajkowski> [link]https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+spec/ubuntu-leadership-code-of-conduct-should-be-signed-by-loco-team-leaders
[14:30:24] <ebel> Both myself, and Mean-Machine, the previous PoC, always had the idea that we were not "leaders", that we had no authority more than any other member
[14:30:37] <czajkowski> everyone can sign up to add comments on the bug and follow the blueprint
[14:30:41] <czajkowski> we ar working on a solution
[14:30:51] <tdr112> why sign it ?
[14:31:27] <czajkowski> tdr112: we have a number of cases were folks in charge of areas such as the team, website, mailing list do stuff that isn't very friendly
[14:31:42] <czajkowski> and it's just an extra step to sign
[14:31:46] <ebel> So ubuntu-ie doesn't really have a leader (IMO)
[14:32:00] <ebel> The LCoC is basically like the CoC, but more so.
[14:32:05] <tdr112> and by signing it , this will stop?
[14:32:17] <czajkowski> ebel: as I've said yer the same as UK the word needs to be better defined as POC translaes to team leader
[14:32:38] <kobrien> clarification; which ones of us should sign it?
[14:32:44] <czajkowski> tdr112: there are parts of it we can point to such as graceful stepping down in certain cirumstances
[14:32:53] <czajkowski> kobrien: see this is also the thing
[14:32:57] <czajkowski> we're looking at saying
[14:33:04] <czajkowski> and this is still being discussied
[14:33:09] <czajkowski> we only brought it up last night
[14:33:10] <ebel> kobrien: basically, we don't knot. Who should sign the LCoC? Who knots...
[14:33:11] <tdr112> why is there two of them
[14:33:24] <czajkowski> but anyone with a responsibility should sign it
[14:33:45] <czajkowski> tdr112: one is the CoC which every ubuntu member signs
[14:33:49] <kobrien> czajkowski: webmaster included?
[14:33:55] <czajkowski> the LCoc is for leadership roles
[14:33:58] <czajkowski> kobrien: possibly
[14:34:11] <czajkowski> this was only discussed last night council hasb't met yet to go over things
[14:34:15] * tdr112 does not see the point
[14:34:16] <ebel> I believe *anyone* can sign it (i.e. agree to it) if you want.
[14:34:28] <czajkowski> so tbh it really makes no difference being on this agenda as it's going to be coming from higher up
[14:34:37] <czajkowski> and we've not even had a chance to work on it
[14:34:42] <kobrien> okies
[14:35:07] <ebel> czajkowski: I will accept the title "team unleader" :P
[14:35:22] <czajkowski> ebel: I'm not gonna repeat myself again :(
[14:35:28] <czajkowski> sorry but we;ve not even met to work this out
[14:35:44] <ebel> Yeah, perhaps there's no rush on this then.
[14:35:51] <airurando> suggest we drop this discussion until guidance from council is forthcoming.
[14:36:07] <kobrien> airurando: I second this
[14:36:30] <ebel> And I can imagine that all these different teams have different structure, that makes this sort of work very frustrating
[14:36:38] <czajkowski> I would siggest EVERYone follow the bug and suscribe to the blueprint
[14:36:41] <ebel> [topic] Geeknic and Lucid Lynx Release Party
[14:36:43] <czajkowski> so you are kept up to date
[14:36:58] <ebel> that topic is from tdr112
[14:37:08] <tdr112> 8 until 10.04
[14:37:16] <tdr112> 8 days that is
[14:37:34] <tdr112> so we want to come togehter for a geeknic
[14:37:48] <slashtom> aye
[14:37:59] <tdr112> http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/node/95
[14:38:09] <tdr112> page with details on it
[14:38:30] <slashtom> if you need transport, you can buy a horse in smithfield and ride to the park
[14:39:05] <airurando> slashtom: you selling them?
[14:39:19] <tdr112> i will add more transport details tonight
[14:39:24] <ebel> yes, so join us for the geek picnic (geeknic) and the ubuntu lucid lynx release party
[14:39:25] <tdr112> to help people get there
[14:39:28] <slashtom> we have 8 people confirmed and 3 maybes http://doodle.com/zk55ktcz74id5xzs
[14:39:33] <lau1> there is good eating in a horse ;)
[14:39:45] <lau1> sorry i am late
[14:39:50] <ebel> lau1: oui oui :)
[14:40:07] <ebel> Afterward we're going to the Bull and Castle pub
[14:40:17] <slashtom> yes
[14:40:25] <airurando> I can't make geeknic due to work but will hopefully hook up with you all later in the Bull and Castle
[14:40:37] <slashtom> wet weather plan is, we still go to the pub
[14:40:47] <kobrien> I'm trying to get to Geeknic but thesis may prevent me
[14:40:52] <cduffin> so pub it is then?
[14:41:05] <czajkowski> kobrien: how inconvient of it :)
[14:41:41] <czajkowski> can the event please be added to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie
[14:41:41] <slashtom> czajkowski will also come if the volcano gods are unhappy
[14:41:53] <slashtom> 3 places!
[14:41:56] <czajkowski> no the volanon gods are to behave themselves
[14:42:12] * slashtom has posted the event to ubuntu-ie.org, the wiki, geeknic.org
[14:42:17] <slashtom> where else?
[14:42:17] <ebel> czajkowski: that's the loco directory, right?
[14:42:19] <czajkowski> yes
[14:42:34] <czajkowski> the LD should be the 2nd place all events should be posted
[14:42:34] <slashtom> also done the ILUG mailing list, the Ubuntu-ie mailing list
[14:42:36] <slashtom> why?
[14:42:45] <czajkowski> as that's where statistics will be pulled from
[14:42:52] * slashtom should be posting this event to one place only
[14:43:06] <slashtom> this is very bad information management
[14:43:22] <czajkowski> slashtom: file a bug :) but I've not heard any other team say this so I don['t know :(
[14:43:24] <ebel> czajkowski: so we *don't* need the wiki for events for the loco council people?
[14:43:26] <ebel> :P
[14:43:31] <kobrien> suggests opensourceireland.org
[14:43:38] * slashtom screams
[14:43:52] * cduffin covers ears
[14:43:58] <slashtom> kobrien: please add it to opensourceireland.org
[14:44:00] <czajkowski> kobrien: not an option
[14:44:09] <slashtom> czajkowski: please add it to LD
[14:44:16] <kobrien> czajkowski: elaborate
[14:44:24] <cduffin> the geeknic is already on osi
[14:44:30] <slashtom> grand
[14:44:57] <czajkowski> kobrien: all our evnets need to be on ubuntu places first after that I really don't mind tbh
[14:45:03] <slashtom> cduffin: is the pub specified on osi? i added it later?
[14:45:15] <cduffin> it is
[14:45:21] <slashtom> thanks
[14:45:40] * slashtom is not going to add the event anywhere else
[14:45:47] <airurando> doesn't opensourceireland.org pull from ubuntu-ie.org cal?
[14:45:52] <slashtom> if others want to post it elsewhere, they are free to do so
[14:45:57] <slashtom> and welcome to it
[14:46:05] <cduffin> airuando: it does
[14:46:08] <kobrien> czajkowski: ah, makes sense
[14:46:26] <czajkowski> I do make sense from time to time ocassionally
[14:46:42] <airurando> cduffin: no extra work there so.
[14:47:05] <cduffin> airuando: that's the idea :p
[14:47:18] <ebel> cduffin: sounds clever. Something the LD should do, instead of asking all us loco to do extra work :P
[14:47:23] <czajkowski> slashtom: I can't add it to the LD as I' m not an admin for ireland but can add global events
[14:47:46] * czajkowski is going to bed not in the mood for potshots at the LD or ubuntu tbh
[14:47:49] <czajkowski> g'night
[14:47:58] <slashtom> goodnight
[14:48:02] <kobrien> nn
[14:48:06] <ebel> czajkowski: night
[14:48:56] <ebel> czajkowski: erm, you're the next topic....
[14:49:07] <czajkowski> ok
[14:49:18] <slashtom> have we finished with the geeknic?
[14:49:29] <kobrien> seems so
[14:49:38] <ebel> [topic] Where to get started helping out in Ubuntu
[14:49:45] <ebel> suggested by czajkowski
[14:49:58] <czajkowski> ok I got asked the othe day where folks can get involved
[14:50:13] <czajkowski> there are a number of areas if you want to help
[14:50:16] * cduffin is intrigued
[14:50:33] <czajkowski> Translations - not just Irish, but also English fro USA to GB english
[14:50:45] <czajkowski> cduffin: ok what area would you like to help out in
[14:51:33] <cduffin> packaging and maintenance is intriguing
[14:51:54] <cduffin> but tbh, I'd be happy just to get involved
[14:51:59] <cduffin> foot in the door etc etc
[14:52:09] <ebel> packaging is easy
[14:52:18] <ebel> I was playing with some ubuntu packages today in work
[14:52:51] <kobrien> I'll be doing more debugging/packaging after thesis....any day now
[14:52:51] <czajkowski> cduffin: ok so we have the MOTU board ther and folks run packaging sessions
[14:53:13] * kobrien must try become a motu
[14:53:38] <cduffin> czajkowski: sounds good
[14:53:45] <czajkowski> kobrien: ok tomorrow during the day let me introcudce you to some folks
[14:54:00] <kobrien> czajkowski: excellent. =)
[14:54:14] <czajkowski> they have mentors and teach and show folks
[14:54:21] <czajkowski> and its a nice way to get involved
[14:54:28] <czajkowski> ot's not my area but I know about it
[14:54:36] <kobrien> I could probably do with a mentor
[14:54:37] <czajkowski> anyone else want to get inovled and doesn't know where?
[14:54:48] <czajkowski> also have folks heard about open week ??
[14:54:53] <czajkowski> !uow
[14:54:55] <ubot3> Ubuntu is hosting a series of introductory sessions for people who want to join the Ubuntu community, which all takes place in a week. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek for schedules, logs, and instructions.
[14:54:55] <ebel> I know a little bit about pacakaging
[14:54:59] <ebel> only for my own purposes
[14:55:13] <ebel> so feel free to fire me any questions.
[14:55:22] <lau1> Ping me for packaging I am interested too
[14:55:25] <ebel> I'm not a MOTU or anything important like that :)
[14:56:16] <czajkowski> do folks know about #ubuntu-classroom
[14:56:22] <czajkowski> thre are often classes on in there
[14:56:29] <cduffin> I do now :p
[14:56:46] <czajkowski> you can always just ask for a session and perhaps someone would ruhn one if ther are 2-3 people there
[14:56:58] * kobrien notes this
[14:58:04] <czajkowski> Adopting a Package and being an upstream contact - Jorge Castro and Sense Hofstede
[14:58:08] <czajkowski> or
[14:58:28] <czajkowski>
[14:58:29] <czajkowski> Ubuntu Development II - Daniel Holbach
[14:58:35] <czajkowski> in uow
[14:58:38] <czajkowski> also
[14:58:42] <czajkowski> do folks know about UDS ??
[14:59:21] <cduffin> yes
[14:59:46] <kobrien> czajkowski: If I'm packaging a new package and need support?
[15:00:02] <czajkowski> did you know you can remotely partipcate
[15:00:06] <kobrien> for it to be distributed with Ubuntu
[15:00:24] <ebel> kobrien, cduffin: ye know about PPAs on launchpad?
[15:00:30] <kobrien> ebel: yes
[15:00:37] <cduffin> ebel: yes
[15:00:40] <ebel> It lets you put your own packages there, and people can install them.
[15:00:41] <czajkowski> and we want input from people not there
[15:01:44] <czajkowski> anyone else want to know about getting involved
[15:01:48] <kobrien> ebel: but I need my package in universe repo
[15:02:25] <ebel> czajkowski: that's some very helpful information :)
[15:03:28] <czajkowski> I'll do a blog post this week about remote particiption
[15:03:34] <czajkowski> but we really encourage people to log in
[15:03:36] <tdr112> 7866~70~o=8'~=]
[15:03:44] <czajkowski> there will be a lot of new channels set up for UDS
[15:03:48] <cduffin> czajkowksi: awesome
[15:03:49] <czajkowski> and the time table in advance
[15:03:53] <czajkowski> so you can join in
[15:04:00] <ebel> :)
[15:04:16] <czajkowski> if anyone wants to get involved in the community do poke me either on irc
[15:04:17] <czajkowski> or
[15:04:24] <czajkowski> <--------------@ubuntu.com
[15:04:39] <czajkowski> as when I come back from UDS I'll be poking folks to get their membership also
[15:04:40] <tdr112> i will
[15:04:44] <czajkowski> we got 5 new folks last year
[15:05:10] <czajkowski> anyting else?
[15:05:26] <ebel> don't think so...
[15:05:30] <czajkowski> ok
[15:05:31] <czajkowski> nn
[15:05:33] <airurando> czajkowski: Thanks for the info.
[15:05:38] <ebel> [topic] opensourceireland.org
[15:05:41] <czajkowski> 4 hrs sleeps is killing me
[15:05:42] <ebel> from kobrien...
[15:06:08] <kobrien> cduffin: ping
[15:06:16] <kobrien> I posted that on cduffins behalf
[15:06:18] <slashtom> czajkowski: go sleep
[15:06:20] <cduffin> sorry got distracted :-|
[15:06:44] <cduffin> what is everyones impression of the current progress of OSI?
[15:06:51] <cduffin> and how would you like to see it shape?
[15:07:25] <ebel> cduffin: can you give us a overview of it.....
[15:07:34] <slashtom> apologies i missed your talk at ossbarcamp, was nursing ebel
[15:07:38] <cduffin> ebel: sure
[15:07:50] <cduffin> the idea of the site is to resolve issues that were touched on earlier
[15:08:10] <cduffin> the Open Source community in Ireland is obviously strong and growing
[15:08:16] <slashtom> by adding another group and website?
[15:08:30] <cduffin> but it is fragmented and information is spread over too many different places
[15:08:34] <tdr112> what does your site add
[15:08:54] <cduffin> slashtom: the idea is to bring all the sites together, all central place for everything
[15:09:08] <cduffin> so groups can share info so that users don't have to go looking for it...
[15:09:30] <cduffin> why go searching multiple pages for events when one site has a calendar containing them all
[15:09:43] <slashtom> good idea
[15:09:51] <tdr112> there are other place that do event calendars
[15:09:58] <tdr112> places
[15:09:59] <cduffin> groups, and projects can also get better exposure
[15:10:08] <slashtom> there is openevents.ie iirc
[15:10:19] <cduffin> tdr112: no point in just a glorified calendar
[15:10:22] <cduffin> it needs more
[15:10:25] <slashtom> and there are our *two* web sources
[15:10:28] <ebel> cduffin: kudos on auto-pulling in events from a feed.
[15:10:32] <slashtom> and a third when the LD is ready
[15:10:43] <cduffin> slashtom: sorry LD?
[15:10:55] <slashtom> loco directory, see earlier talk
[15:11:00] <cduffin> ah, ok
[15:11:05] <ebel> cduffin: it's that sort of cleverness that could make it take off. make it so people don't have to think to be a part of it
[15:11:06] <kobrien> openevents.ie doesn't see to be particularly active and appears to lack the ability to adapt to the community.
[15:11:22] <slashtom> cduffin: it's a great idea, and having so many sources of information does annoy me
[15:11:30] <cduffin> OSI, is the communities website... users can add content as they see fit
[15:12:01] <cduffin> but obviously there is no point in me working on a site that "I" find useful...
[15:12:15] <cduffin> Hence the question, how would you like the site to shape up?
[15:12:35] <slashtom> if you can pull in feeds from elsewhere, and also maybe output your own twitter feed
[15:12:48] <kobrien> we do
[15:12:57] <slashtom> what's the twitter account
[15:12:59] <kobrien> http://twitter.com/osireland
[15:13:18] <cduffin> Well twitter yes, I'm looking at how best to display aggregated content though
[15:13:24] <cduffin> on the site
[15:13:31] * slashtom follows
[15:13:41] <airurando> blog aggregator?
[15:13:58] <ebel> yeah, a planet
[15:14:20] <slashtom> cduffin: are you coming to the next ubuntu hour?
[15:14:29] <kobrien> planet would be worth a looky
[15:14:35] <airurando> list of mailing lists?
[15:14:38] <cduffin> slashtom, I will
[15:14:43] * slashtom sees ideas forming over beer :)
[15:14:44] <cduffin> airuando: noted
[15:14:51] <ebel> beer is good for ideas
[15:14:52] * cduffin sees beer!!!
[15:15:09] <lau1> just one for me
[15:15:14] <lau1> ;)
[15:15:48] <airurando> The more content that can be pulled from the various sources the better.
[15:15:57] <cduffin> OK, well the site is there (albeit incomplete) if you have suggestions, feedback or criticism please feel free to add it to the site
[15:16:02] <cduffin> airuando: yes
[15:16:04] <tdr112> the less the groups have to do the better
[15:16:08] <slashtom> i see a quality vs quantity issue
[15:16:22] <kobrien> indeed. we've sent mail to several lists looking for support from various groups
[15:16:27] <airurando> people might be hesitant to have another web presence where content has to be added manually
[15:16:34] <kobrien> true
[15:16:35] <cduffin> slashtom: we can look at filters
[15:17:14] <cduffin> airuando: the *hope* is that you just have to set it up once for your group and the rest is automatic
[15:17:29] <cduffin> ie you register a post feed and an events feed
[15:17:33] <ebel> cduffin: a good goal :)
[15:17:33] <cduffin> and done
[15:17:41] <airurando> cduffin: now that sounds excellent.
[15:18:10] <kobrien> :)
[15:18:12] * cduffin 's head is overflowing
[15:18:30] <cduffin> cheers for the input guys
[15:18:32] <ebel> cduffin: cool
[15:18:45] <ebel> We'll have a chat at the ubuntu hour. :)
[15:18:57] <ebel> anything else on this topic?
[15:18:57] <cduffin> ebel: look forward to it
[15:19:09] <ebel> I think i need to schedule that ubuntu hour :)
[15:19:18] <cduffin> think topic is finished
[15:19:25] <airurando> ebel: its done
[15:19:29] <cduffin> only kobrien thinks different
[15:19:31] <kobrien> agreed
[15:19:33] <ebel> [topic] any other business?
[15:19:34] <kobrien> finished
[15:19:36] <tdr112> yep
[15:19:41] <cduffin> cools
[15:20:05] <tdr112> czajkowski is going for EMEA nominations if you would like to leave a testimonial on her wiki page feel free https://wiki.ubuntu.com/czajkowski
[15:20:24] <tdr112> anyone can leave one
[15:20:38] <kobrien> hmm, will do
[15:20:41] <airurando> definately on my to do list
[15:21:04] <ebel> tdr112: she kept that quiet
[15:21:09] <ebel> I'll add something in.
[15:21:44] <tdr112> she has help out this loco a lot it would be nice for people to write a little some thing
[15:21:49] <tdr112> helped
[15:22:00] <lau1> will do
[15:22:18] <ebel> Yeah, will do
[15:22:25] <tdr112> thats all i have
[15:22:30] <ebel> tdr112: thanks for the heads up
[15:22:33] <kobrien> so far as opensourceireland is concerned, people are adding their personal profiles to the site. these are generally a few words about yourself. It'd be nice to have a directory of all opensource people in ireland
[15:22:53] <kobrien> comments?
[15:23:42] <ebel> kobrien: How about people being able to pull it from LinkedIn, or facebook, or launchpad or something?
[15:24:09] <kobrien> ebel: good suggestion. this is a duplication of data they've inputted elsewhere
[15:24:22] <cduffin> ebel: :-O jesus I'll be a drupal genius by the time I'm done with this :p
[15:24:38] <kobrien> cduffin: tis your reward :)
[15:25:22] <ebel> aaaanyways
[15:25:27] * ebel wraps the meeting up
[15:25:31] <kobrien> cool
[15:25:32] <ebel> [topic] anything else?
[15:25:39] <cduffin> nopes
[15:25:44] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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