The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 18th August 2010, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode.


People Present:

  1. czajkowski
  2. ebel
  3. airurando
  4. shauno
  5. AlanBell

  6. Pendulum
  7. nryan


  • Agenda item


    Global Jam Items


    Review of action items


    Website- Any update/mock ups?



Meeting started by ebel at 14:05
14:06:14        LINK    ebel    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-08-18
14:07:44        Topic: Global Jam Items
14:09:12        LINK    czajkowski      http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/231/detail/
14:17:10        Topic: Review of action items
14:22:47        LINK    ebel    http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/
15:11:19        AGREED  ebel    Each meeting we will review previous action items
15:12:24        Topic: Website- Any update/mock ups?
15:19:39        LINK    AlanBell        http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/
15:27:20        ACTION  ebel    shauno to update the website
15:27:43        ACTION  ebel    ebel to give shauno access to the blacknight account
15:28:56        Topic: still some ubuntu cds
15:30:23        Topic: Hackerspace week
Meeting ended at 15:39. 

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

  • Agenda item


    still some ubuntu cds


    Hackerspace week



Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:05:46] <czajkowski> o/
[14:05:53] <ebel> If you're here, please say "PRESENT"
[14:05:54] <ebel> PRESENT
[14:06:03] <airurando> PRESENT
[14:06:08] <shauno> PRESENT
[14:06:08] <czajkowski> PRESENT
[14:06:10] <ebel> The wiki page for this meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-08-18
[14:06:14] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-08-18
[14:07:25] <czajkowski> lovely
[14:07:37] <ebel> The first topic is@
[14:07:44] <ebel> [topic] Global Jam Items
[14:07:54] <ebel> by airurando, so I'll let him take over
[14:08:06] <airurando> thanks ebel
[14:08:13] <airurando> I am completely new to the Global Jam event and I know many of you are old hands at it.
[14:08:24] <airurando> There is a plan in place for the weekend with the TOG face to face meetup on Sat and an IRC meetup in #ubuntu-ie on Sun.
[14:08:34] <airurando> This may be a no-brainer but I just want to ask.
[14:08:44] <airurando> With the Global Jam fast approaching I was wondering if there is anything that can be done beforehand that might help the group hit the ground running on the day?
[14:08:59] <airurando> Also is there anything we could bring along that might be of benefit on the day (eg CDRs / memory sticks)?
[14:09:12] <czajkowski> [link] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/231/detail/
[14:09:13] <airurando> Should some of the time on Saturday be spent outlining Sundays strategy?
[14:09:30] <airurando> any thoughts guys?
[14:09:36] <czajkowski> airurando: so I've done up http://pad.ubuntu-ie.org/UbuntuGlobalJam
[14:09:44] <czajkowski> and we can work on a schedule rule/agenda to work on
[14:09:52] <czajkowski> like getting folks signed in can be easy
[14:09:58] <czajkowski> where to go to get bugs
[14:10:04] <czajkowski> low hanging fruit etc
[14:10:10] <czajkowski> so we can ALL populate that etherpad
[14:10:26] <czajkowski> airurando: that an idea?
[14:10:49] <airurando> great idea czajkowski.
[14:10:50] <ebel> good questions
[14:11:10] <airurando> airurand
[14:11:11] <ebel> well tog doesn't have any public terminals (there might be one), so you'd have to bring your own laptop
[14:11:41] <ebel> it's a social group chance to work on ubuntu.
[14:12:41] <ebel> i'm willing to do some demos / workshops on bug reporting/tracxking
[14:13:00] <airurando> czajkowski: can we use that etherpad to pose questions?
[14:13:07] <airurando> ebel> well tog doesn't have any public terminals (there might be one), so you'd have to bring your
[14:13:33] <airurando> ebel: that's great
[14:13:37] <czajkowski> airurando: aye can do
[14:13:42] <airurando> sorry fat fingers
[14:13:48] <czajkowski> see under what folks can offer
[14:13:51] <czajkowski> and what folks want to learn
[14:13:59] <czajkowski> is a great way to figure out who can help who
[14:14:27] <airurando> thats great. I've nothing else.
[14:14:37] <ebel> So it's all about making a real difference to ubuntu.
[14:15:04] <ebel> I (and I assume others) are hoping that the first day will show people what to do and empower them to do more the next day
[14:15:27] <airurando> ebel: that sounds good.
[14:15:56] <czajkowski> yup so we can work on stuff face to face on saturday
[14:16:05] <czajkowski> and on sunday we can maybe look at spring cleaning our wiki
[14:16:10] <czajkowski> and woking onn stuff
[14:16:14] <czajkowski> and mix it up a bit
[14:16:55] <ebel> yeah, free form, see what happens
[14:17:04] <ebel> OK, next topic item is also from airurando and is:
[14:17:10] <airurando> Thanks guys
[14:17:10] <ebel> [topic] Review of action items
[14:17:26] <airurando> Just wondering if this should be done as a standing agenda item.
[14:17:52] <czajkowski> nice idea
[14:18:02] <czajkowski> be a good way to follow up on stuff
[14:18:09] <airurando> I've noticed that MootBot hasn't kept meeting minutes for the last couple
[14:18:32] <airurando> we'd need a clear list of actions taken.
[14:18:57] <ebel> look back on what we said we'd do, so we can keep track?
[14:18:59] <airurando> then just review progress at the next monthly meeting.
[14:19:18] <airurando> ebel: exactly.
[14:19:49] <ebel> all MootBot logs are put here: http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/ but someoen *ahem* (i.e. me) probablyu hasn't copy & pasted to the wiki
[14:20:01] <czajkowski> maybe we can rotate that bit
[14:20:11] <czajkowski> rotate the updating of the wiki and mailing it out to folks ?
[14:20:15] <airurando> not out to pin someone down or anything just to keep visibility high on actions taken.
[14:20:29] <ebel> although i agree it sounds like a good idea, i'm reluctant, since I fear it might put pressure on people
[14:20:41] <airurando> ebel: are the minutes always kept by MootBot?
[14:20:55] <czajkowski> well just if say I take an action item this month to do Say soemthing
[14:21:03] <czajkowski> next month I give a report on it
[14:21:08] <ebel> airurando: yeah MootBot is much easier than copying and pasting my xchatr logs :)
[14:22:21] <airurando> ebel: again not trying to put pressure on anybody. I just think actions can easily be lost in the IRC mists of time with our current system.
[14:22:47] <ebel> [link] http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/
[14:23:29] <ebel> yeah i know. a good 50 ? 80% of what people (incl. me) have said they've done, hasn't been done. :)
[14:24:03] <airurando> ebel: I looked there today but could not find the minutes to the July meeting. IRC logs yes but minutes no.
[14:24:15] <czajkowski> well can we try it for 2 meetings and review
[14:24:18] <czajkowski> and see if it helps ?
[14:24:23] <ebel> I just fear we might get less volunteers for things if it becomes all offical and people are asked "Why haven't you done X?".....
[14:25:11] <czajkowski> well tis like the website which is the next item
[14:25:15] <ebel> airurando: is this the one http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/ubuntu-ie.20100721_1412.html
[14:25:29] <czajkowski> we had lots of interest but we dont know whats happening on it, so kinda frustrating also tbh
[14:25:36] <czajkowski> or maybe that's just me who finds it that way
[14:25:38] <czajkowski> shurgs
[14:25:40] <airurando> ebel: actions slip and get forgotten. This would keep them up in terms of visibility. If any action proves to be a problem for anyone it can be discussed at the next meeting and handled easily.
[14:25:40] <ebel> i dunno if a trial of 2 meetings is going to tell us much.
[14:26:15] <czajkowski> airurando: true and can be pointed our if people need help
[14:26:36] <airurando> ebel: yes that it. I searched for a while but didn't find it. My bad.
[14:27:13] <ebel> since it's easy to do a flurry of activity at the start. consistancy is important too.
[14:27:39] <czajkowski> ok how about this
[14:27:45] <ebel> i worry that rather than seeing things get done, we'll see less volunteers...
[14:27:47] <czajkowski> if folks take on a [action] it's noted
[14:27:55] <czajkowski> so we can read it that way in the mins
[14:28:04] <airurando> again I stress I'm not out to play a blame game here. just trying to make sure things get done.
[14:28:05] <czajkowski> and the next min say if anyone has any comments from preivious meeting ?
[14:28:39] <airurando> I disagree ebel. If someone is interested enough to volunteer then this shouldn't be a problem.
[14:29:04] <airurando> I'd pefer to have my actions tracked in this way tbh.
[14:29:13] <czajkowski> I do it at all other meetings bar this one tbh, and it's a great way to follow up on stuff tbh
[14:29:27] <czajkowski> also if people need help it's easier to spot and offer
[14:30:00] <ebel> I'm not keen on the idea of "So ebel, you said you'd do X at the last meeting, what's going on? what's blocking you on that?"
[14:30:20] <ebel> Since that just feels too much like work :) I like the free and easy style we have now.
[14:30:27] <airurando> ebel: looking at it differently. If I did forget to act on an action I'd much prefer to be reminded a month later than to have the action lost.
[14:30:45] <shauno> it sounds fair enough to me, as long as people do feel comfortable saying "I took on too much" later. I think how that part is handled is the sticker
[14:30:48] <ebel> czajkowski suggestion of a generic "Anyone have anything to report from last meeting?" isn't too bad.
[14:30:52] <czajkowski> shauno: aye
[14:31:04] <airurando> ebel: you are looking at this too negatively.
[14:31:08] <czajkowski> ebel: but can we please mark them as [action] in the MootBot logs please
[14:31:25] <ebel> czajkowski: yes, we do mostly use [action] for things.
[14:31:36] <czajkowski> ebel: ok
[14:31:44] <czajkowski> so as a standing order
[14:31:57] <czajkowski> 1st item on the agenda will be review of last meetings mins
[14:32:04] <czajkowski> so if anyone has any comments they can make it ?
[14:32:06] <czajkowski> how about that ?
[14:32:25] <ebel> czajkowski: i dislike the idea of itemising the action items and asking the people directly for updates
[14:32:55] <czajkowski> thats how meetings get productive?
[14:33:09] <czajkowski> otherwise we have no way of knowing whats going on tbh
[14:33:11] <airurando> ebel: how else can you keep track of whats getting done?
[14:33:30] <ebel> That's just my style. I worry about turning people off. I might be being overtly cynical.
[14:34:27] <airurando> ebel: thats a fair point. but i don't think it will have that effect.
[14:34:31] <czajkowski> ok we seem to be at a wee bit of an impass here
[14:34:38] <czajkowski> wtih some people wanting it and others who aren;t
[14:34:48] <czajkowski> so can we find some sort of comprimise
[14:35:12] <ebel> I know you guys have the best of interests, and a desire to make things happen, which is awesome.
[14:36:14] <ebel> Just look at our history. Half of the things don't get done that people agree to. I think it might set a negative tone to the meetings if we're listing failures in productivly....
[14:37:12] <airurando> but ebel. those things should be getting done and just letting them drift isn't the solution.
[14:37:16] <czajkowski> but that's just it...there is no follow up and things slide and get passed over. Its not a reflection on people
[14:37:20] <ebel> And of course, I think we're all of the opinion that people can always add things to the agenda and talk about them there. Anyone may go ahead and do this.
[14:37:56] <airurando> if actions are important they should be completed
[14:38:05] <ebel> are they important?
[14:38:22] <airurando> absolutely.
[14:38:25] <ebel> Not trying to sound flippant
[14:38:47] <shauno> I think treating them as failures is the problem there. That's what'd make it negative. there's a line between fishing for updates, and scolding people
[14:39:02] <ebel> but if letting something slide means a member doesn't feel bad and has a good vibe to the rest of the group, then that sounds like a good thing to do.
[14:39:07] <airurando> ebel: I know, but i think they are important.
[14:39:22] <airurando> I agree with shauno.
[14:39:39] <ebel> i mean, if this was the, say, ubuntu-translation-team, then you need goals, deadlines, and you can measure progress
[14:40:13] <airurando> there is a risk of negativity creaping in and that is absolutely not what I'm looking for in this.
[14:40:57] <ebel> But for something like a loco, do we have 'goal', 'progress'?
[14:41:18] <czajkowski> well we do have a goal
[14:41:28] <czajkowski> we have made progress by having events
[14:41:32] <czajkowski> and geting more people in here
[14:41:33] <airurando> ebel: from last month there was a push to get the loco dir more potulated with events and get the word out.
[14:41:39] <ebel> can we easily measure our 'score'? -translation-teams does it by how much is translated.
[14:41:45] <airurando> this is important.
[14:41:58] <czajkowski> airurando: and we have made progress there
[14:41:59] <ebel> czajkowski: yes, events and people involved is a goal, a good goal
[14:42:08] <airurando> and will be when our time comes for reapproval
[14:42:14] <shauno> It'd be nice to be able to look at past actions and say "this hasn't progressed for $time, so I feel comfortable stepping in without treading on anyone's toes". With no tracking at all, things either get done, or get lost.
[14:42:19] <czajkowski> and getting to hear about Ubuntu
[14:42:28] <czajkowski> shauno: aye
[14:42:41] <czajkowski> or at least offering saym, I see you've not updated that, would you like an hand
[14:42:42] <airurando> I again agree with shauno
[14:42:48] <czajkowski> or maybe they are working on stuff but we dont know as there is no update
[14:42:53] <airurando> focus on the action and not the asignee
[14:43:06] <ebel> See, i'm of the opinion that if someone hasn't done it, you should just go an do it yourself. :P
[14:43:36] <airurando> ebel: to do that you must keep track of the actions.
[14:43:48] <airurando> and the meeting is the best place for that.
[14:43:59] <ebel> I suppose what I'm trying to say, is that it would be better to sacrifice action items than give out to people. that's my opinion
[14:44:02] <shauno> ebel: indeed, but it'd be nice to know what "it" is. Not looking for a blame game, just an idea of what "it" are outstanding
[14:44:17] <ebel> we're not a company that can go bust if we don't meet our quaterly sales figures, for example.
[14:45:07] <czajkowski> ebel: no but we are a grou[ that could die if folks arent interested in helping out tbh
[14:45:21] <ebel> czajkowski: yes, we need *interest*! exactly.
[14:45:58] <airurando> ebel can you come up with some suggestion that you would be happy with?
[14:46:10] <airurando> or is this dead in the water?
[14:47:03] <ebel> how do we get more interest? how do we encourage people who are mildy more interested to be more interested, etc.
[14:47:08] <czajkowski> ebel: look I do se your point and I know how you feel about this kinda thing. But I think there is a need for some sort of review of stuff as we really don't know what's being done or not
[14:47:58] <ebel> 'dead in the water'? I thought most of the ubuntu-ie community had come to consensus that this was as good idea. :P
[14:48:22] <ebel> I can see I'm trying to support the losing side. :)
[14:48:27] <airurando> sorry ebel.
[14:49:01] <ebel> for things getting done, I don't think it's the end of the world if we don't know what's getting done.
[14:49:09] <shauno> would it reach most the goals if tasks were tracked without names? So there is a todo list, but there's zero pressure?
[14:49:11] <czajkowski> but tis.....
[14:49:24] <czajkowski> I didnt know till tonight shauno has done a mock up of our website
[14:49:29] <czajkowski> did anyone else know shauno was working on that
[14:49:35] <ebel> again, we are not a company that's paying people salaries to work on things. We don't have to ask ourselves "Where is our money going"
[14:50:22] <ebel> No, i didn't know shauno was working on website mockups.
[14:50:44] <ebel> shauno: you are always welcome to say something on the irc agenda. just as a shoutout to the community. or a mailing list post.
[14:50:57] <ebel> self-promotion is fine I think
[14:51:53] <airurando> ebel: is there any middle ground such as shaunos suggestions that you might be happy with?
[14:52:25] <airurando> all I want is to be reminded about what was agreed as an action at previous meetings.
[14:52:45] <airurando> at my age I need that!
[14:52:49] <czajkowski> heh
[14:53:09] <czajkowski> so in the UK team we use [progress report] itemsfrom the previous meeting
[14:53:10] <ebel> hehe
[14:53:11] <czajkowski> hows that
[14:53:29] <czajkowski> this was set up by AlanBell
[14:53:35] <czajkowski> he can give some background to it ?
[14:53:38] <ebel> I think i'll conceed defeat :)
[14:53:46] <AlanBell> hi all
[14:53:56] <AlanBell> okies, action items
[14:54:27] <AlanBell> yes, in the UK team we record action items in meetings, then they get put on the agenda of the next meeting up the top as a [progress report] item
[14:54:59] <AlanBell> which is exactly the same as [topic] but ends up as an
tag rather than
(or whatever the moin equivalent is)
[14:55:41] <AlanBell> so those slots at the top of the meeting are an opportunity for the person who said "yup, I will do that" to explain to everyone how awesome they are at having done it
[14:55:45] <airurando> AlanBell does this work well within the Ubuntu-UK community?
[14:56:02] <AlanBell> or alternatively they can say "didn't get time, can someone else help/ can someone else pick this up"
[14:56:11] <airurando> does it lead to negativity?
[14:56:15] <AlanBell> airurando: yes, seems to work well for us
[14:56:29] <AlanBell> no, it is totally cool for someone to say "Nope, didn't do it"
[14:56:42] <ebel> We have soooo much uncompleted agreed items....
[14:56:46] <AlanBell> then others can offer to help
[14:57:03] <airurando> starting now ebel.
[14:57:13] <AlanBell> sometimes the item is "nope, didn't do it, and can't be bothered, lets drop it"
[14:57:19] <czajkowski> yup
[14:57:25] <ebel> I know everyone isn't going to give out to the person for not doing it
[14:57:28] <AlanBell> and we decide not to do it
[14:57:46] <ebel> I'm just worried about how that person will feel, what they will think when they get asked 'have you done it?'
[14:57:48] <airurando> ebel: not I.
[14:57:55] <shauno> I think that's the important part. it's only negative if we make it so
[14:58:11] <airurando> I want things to go as AlanBell is suggesting.
[14:58:28] <AlanBell> ebel: the important thing is to be clear that it is fine to not do things if you don't have time
[14:58:34] <airurando> my interest is the action not the blame game.
[14:58:50] <AlanBell> it is also important (and in the CoC) to step down considerately from an item if you can't do it
[14:59:13] <ebel> i fear it will lead to a rise to negative emotions within that person when they they think "I can't do this simple thingie"
[14:59:16] <czajkowski> AlanBell: this is just loco stuff tis very basic
[14:59:27] <ebel> *especially* new users
[14:59:28] <czajkowski> but just so we know stuff is being done or there are any issues
[14:59:34] <AlanBell> much better to say "I can't do it any more" than silently drop it and have other people not want to do it for fear of treading on your toes
[14:59:46] <ebel> I know *I* wouldn't get offended or upset to say "I didn't do that(
[15:00:08] <ebel> I worry about the new person who wants to help with this ubuntu ie thing they heard about.
[15:00:10] <Pendulum> the flip side, too, is that with action items you know 5 people aren't doing the same thing
[15:00:22] <shauno> ebel: it doesn't have to be that negative. I'd rather someone stepped in after a month and said "can we offer any help with $task", rather than just boiling away "I couldn't do it"
[15:00:23] <Pendulum> ebel: I've not seen it as an issue in other teams (including other locos)
[15:00:31] <AlanBell> we have a -uk meeting tomorrow evening at 9pm in #unbuntu-uk-meeting, your are all welcome to come and watch
[15:00:41] <ebel> I worry they will think that we are a really professional high action place that they can't contribute to.
[15:01:09] <ebel> I believe *everyone* can contribute to ubuntu and ubuntu-ie and I worry about doing things that will impact that....
[15:01:14] <AlanBell> this is our last meeting https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/MeetingNotes/20100804
[15:01:50] <ebel> I think by asking people for updates, you're creating the impression that we are advanced, hardworking, professional, and you have to do things.
[15:02:03] <AlanBell> professional is good, and not the opposite of welcoming!
[15:02:43] <ebel> i.e. I suspect the very fact of asking, might make people think they can only contribute if they are working full time on it.
[15:03:28] <ebel> but I seem to be the only one who thinks this way.
[15:03:45] <ebel> So I'll bow to the consensus of the ubuntu-ie community.
[15:04:00] <Pendulum> tbh, every voluntary thing I've ever worked on (this includes human rights work as a teenager where we were all in school still) has had something similar to action items and a way to follow-up with people
[15:04:15] <Pendulum> and ultimately even the LoCo teams are a volunteer organization
[15:04:31] <Pendulum> I'm not sure why having lists of who is doing what and checking in makes it a fulltime thing
[15:05:02] <AlanBell> ebel: people should only take on action items that they have a resonable expectation of being able to do in the time they have available to themselves (could be a small task over a long timescale)
[15:05:32] <ebel> I know people in ubuntu-ie who say "I don't do commitment", and won't commit to anything. :P
[15:05:43] <czajkowski> yup thats fine
[15:05:45] <Pendulum> that doesn't make them less a member of the loco
[15:05:47] <AlanBell> if their availability changes or the task is harder than expected then we should have a culture of asking for help rather than not doing it
[15:08:11] <ebel> yeah i agree (and I suspect most here aswell) that we should have that cultural in the team
[15:08:22] <ebel> it's the newbies i fear scaring off.
[15:08:56] <ebel> anyways, ubuntu-ie has spoken. anyone wanna type something up for me to put in an [agreed] ? :P
[15:09:26] <czajkowski> [agreed] Each meeting we will review previous action items
[15:09:26] <airurando> newbies won't be exposed to actions until they show an interest to take one.
[15:10:11] <airurando> czajkowskis suggestion is fine I think.
[15:11:19] <ebel> [agreed] Each meeting we will review previous action items
[15:11:57] <airurando> thanks all
[15:12:07] <czajkowski> ay final item
[15:12:18] <ebel> (that one tooka while) :P
[15:12:24] <ebel> [topic] Website- Any update/mock ups?
[15:12:33] <czajkowski> so shauno has shown me a cool mock up
[15:12:35] <ebel> from czajkowski , so i give the chair thataway
[15:12:49] <czajkowski> and it looks really good, I suggested perhaps he add a photo of Ireland to make it Irish like
[15:12:53] <czajkowski> shauno: care to show them the link
[15:13:18] <shauno> Okay, this is about 3 hours of work on a whim, and hasn't been tested in any browser but my own, so judge with that in mind
[15:13:21] <shauno> I have so far http://shaunoneil.com/mockup/
[15:13:52] <ebel> pretty cool
[15:14:06] <czajkowski> and I did mention we need to add the BK logo as they are sponsoring the domain
[15:14:06] <ebel> a lot like the new ubuntu branding, e.g. loco directory
[15:14:13] <czajkowski> ay new brading looks nice
[15:14:15] <shauno> It has more rough edges than it doesn't, and some questions as to how kosher it is to take images directly from ubuntu.com
[15:14:16] <czajkowski> very clean
[15:14:28] <ebel> shauno: i should give you admin on our current website and login for our blacknight account
[15:14:51] <airurando> very nice
[15:15:06] <czajkowski> shauno: AlanBell knows all about that
[15:15:12] <czajkowski> and has some links to stuff to help
[15:15:51] <shauno> that'd be fantastic. I've read thru most their branding stuff (I really am a nerd), but there's very little direction on community-run sites so far
[15:16:25] <czajkowski> oh see I know he knows the answer to this
[15:16:34] <czajkowski> there is some thing with the shades and dots would you beleive
[15:16:36] <czajkowski> AlanBell: ping pong
[15:16:43] <AlanBell> oh hi
[15:17:29] <AlanBell> shauno: meh, go for it. Worst that can happen is you move it to someone's people.ubuntu.com space
[15:18:39] <AlanBell> shauno: looks really good actually
[15:18:45] <czajkowski> AlanBell: got links to the branding stuff
[15:18:55] <shauno> so the major things I have outstanding are a logo to fit (GIMP isn't my friend), and something to make it a little more .. irish. it looks pretty stock as it is
[15:19:01] <czajkowski> shauno: I think if you can just make it a little more "irish" it'll be perfect
[15:19:12] <czajkowski> shauno: loooks really slick
[15:19:39] <AlanBell> http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/
[15:20:51] <ebel> AFAIR kobrien was gonna try setting up a new CMS (etc.) on the blacknight account
[15:20:58] <ebel> but he's been busy and hasn't had time.
[15:21:03] <czajkowski> grand
[15:21:11] <ebel> so there's an opening in the 'web dev for ubuntu-ie' post.
[15:21:52] <nryan> Could we get the Events link http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie/events added to the website?
[15:22:17] <ebel> i.e. shauno: you wanna set up the website? it can be your baby and you can get your feet wet with web dev stuff?
[15:22:33] <czajkowski> nryan: evening yeah we add in the ical feed to the site
[15:22:38] <ebel> If you don't, and just wanna put a set of html file in a zip file for someone, that's cool too
[15:23:11] <shauno> I think I'd rather try to get something working on the existing CMS first; I have absolutely no idea what anyone's looking for in a replacement
[15:23:29] <ebel> an existing cms was what I was thinking of :P
[15:24:04] <nryan> whoops, didn't notice the feed
[15:24:43] <czajkowski> shauno: somethign pretty
[15:25:08] <shauno> Pretty I can do (or try); messing with the underlaying code I'd be hesitant for now
[15:25:54] <czajkowski> thats fine
[15:25:57] <czajkowski> lets start small
[15:26:03] <czajkowski> and get the site having a major facelift
[15:26:04] <ebel> theming drupal or summat is fine :)
[15:26:10] <czajkowski> we can work on her underbody antoher time
[15:26:18] <shauno> (and of course, completely open to feedback/suggestions. I'm on here most hours, on the mailing list, and ~soneil on launchpad)
[15:26:35] <czajkowski> shauno: thanks
[15:26:50] <czajkowski> so as an [action] shauno to update site and review at next meeting ?
[15:26:59] <shauno> sure
[15:27:16] <czajkowski> great
[15:27:20] <airurando> great stuff
[15:27:20] <ebel> [action] shauno to update the website
[15:27:43] <ebel> [action] ebel to give shauno access to the blacknight account
[15:28:50] <ebel> Just one more topic
[15:28:56] <ebel> [topic] still some ubuntu cds
[15:29:08] <ebel> Just for the record I have about 20 ? 30 ubuntu cds left
[15:29:19] <ebel> if anyone can think of anything to do with them, just give me a shout
[15:29:49] <czajkowski> remind me to get them off you at ugj if not used
[15:29:53] <czajkowski> and we can drop them to a uni
[15:30:00] <ebel> yeah
[15:30:05] <airurando> ebel: TOG for hackerspace week
[15:30:23] <ebel> [topic] Hackerspace week
[15:31:06] <airurando> no ebel i was just suggesting TOG as aplace to distribute CDs
[15:31:46] <ebel> there's a hackerspace week on from tog http://www.tog.ie/
[15:31:48] <ebel> oh yeah
[15:32:03] <airurando> jpichon could also use some for her intro to python course starting 23rd Aug again in TOG
[15:32:11] <ebel> Well i'll drop some CDs around at global jam
[15:32:25] <ebel> oh yeah.
[15:32:33] <airurando> perhaps you could hand them over at the next ubuntu hour
[15:33:07] <ebel> yes
[15:33:39] <ebel> any other ideas?
[15:34:13] <czajkowski> not off hand
[15:34:17] <czajkowski> I know some teams go to local fairs
[15:34:20] <czajkowski> and hand them out
[15:34:23] <czajkowski> that could be an option
[15:34:30] <airurando> not here
[15:34:34] <czajkowski> or poking pimary schools abot it
[15:35:45] <ebel> yeah... do we know any primary schools or any fairs going on we could give cds to?
[15:35:59] <czajkowski> airurando: school!
[15:36:38] <airurando> can certainly try but I'm not convinced it would be effective.
[15:36:59] <czajkowski> just food for thought
[15:37:27] <airurando> 5-12 year olds don't have decision rights to what happens to the home computers in my experience.
[15:37:58] <airurando> I do work on the Dads however but i still have a few CDs left
[15:37:59] <ebel> People don't want their kids "breaking" their computers?
[15:39:21] <airurando> are we finished?
[15:39:45] <czajkowski> think so
[15:39:53] <ebel> yeah
[15:39:55] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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