The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting will be held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 15th September 2010, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode. Everyone is welcome to attend and to add topics to the agenda (below)


  1. tdr112
  2. airurando
  3. lau1
  4. scivi
  5. nryan
  6. imgarysmith
  7. andru183
  8. dermot
  9. czajkowski


  • Agenda item


    Review of previous action items

    Standing agenda item

    Should we centralise the storage of our event photos?


    Tidy up details for the Maverick Meerkat Release Party



14:20:05        Topic: Review of previous action items
14:26:01        Topic: Should we centralise the storage of our event photos?
14:45:29        ACTION  airurando       airurando to seek input from mailing list on ideas relating to a centralised online presence for LoCo event photos.
14:48:40        Topic: Tidy up details for the Maverick Meerkat Release Party
15:11:33        ACTION  airurando       tdr112 to email the ubuntu-ie mailing list re pub quiz prizes for the 10.10 release party.
15:14:30        ACTION  airurando       tdr112 and airurando to come up with about 20 questions for the release party pub quiz
15:16:03        Topic: ossbarcamp
15:29:24        Topic: Date for next meeting

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

  • Agenda item




    Date for next meeting



Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:17:22] <tdr112> good stuff airurando
[14:17:31] <airurando> If you are here for the monthly meeting please say 

[14:17:40] <lau1> present
[14:17:42] <airurando> PRESENT
[14:17:45] <tdr112> PRESENT
[14:17:46] <scivi> present
[14:17:46] <nryan> PRESENT
[14:18:12] <imgarysmith> present
[14:18:20] <airurando> The wiki page for this meeting is located here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-09-15
[14:18:31] <airurando> Welcome all
[14:19:46] <airurando> I think we've waited long enough so we'll kick off with the first agenda item
[14:20:05] <airurando> [TOPIC] Review of previous action items
[14:20:25] <airurando> During the August meeting there were two tasks actioned.
[14:20:58] <airurando> firstly, ebel was to give shauno access to blacknight account
[14:21:24] <airurando> and secondly, shauno was to update the website
[14:22:28] <airurando> I know both ebel and shauno couldn't be here tonight so I think we should carry both actions over to next months meeting.
[14:22:37] <airurando> any objections?
[14:23:07] <tdr112> shano has been working onthe website so he must have access
[14:23:43] <airurando> great stuff, didn't know that.
[14:24:32] <tdr112> let wait for an update from him at the next meeting
[14:24:51] <airurando> I know shauno is planning on sending out an e-mail update so perhaps we could leave it at that for the moment?
[14:25:02] <tdr112> yep
[14:25:31] <airurando> moving on so to the next topic
[14:26:01] <airurando> [TOPIC] Should we centralise the storage of our event photos?
[14:26:02] <lau1> ok
[14:26:22] <airurando> I raised this item myself.
[14:26:39] <airurando> During Global Jam while working on the wiki I noticed that write ups of events and associated photos were being maintained, not entirely, but almost exclusively by czajkowski.
[14:26:46] <tdr112> It would be nice to have them in one place
[14:27:13] <airurando> Of course, tdr112 also does an excellent job on the monthly team reports and others do write ups as well.
[14:27:15] <imgarysmith> I agree, its handy for everybody to know where to upload to and where to find them
[14:27:40] <tdr112> could we get this on the new site
[14:27:54] <tdr112> a gallery
[14:28:19] <airurando> tdr112: that woud be great if possible.
[14:28:51] <airurando> are there other options is case?
[14:28:52] <lau1> I guess we'd need the maintener to agree or not
[14:29:47] <airurando> maybe defer further discussion on this item until the next meeting.
[14:29:50] <tdr112> we could use pix.ie or some other 3rd party site ,
[14:29:53] <lau1> free picasa (there is a way to allow people to add to an album (not sure it is free enough)
[14:30:10] <tdr112> but i would like to keep them in house if we can
[14:30:36] <airurando> if pix.ie allow for group accounts that would be an option.
[14:30:40] <lau1> would be best solution
[14:30:43] <scivi> how about a torrnt if this is just for storage
[14:30:43] <airurando> or flickr?
[14:31:29] <airurando> scivi: could you explain further please?
[14:32:22] <scivi> just upload in a torrent and we all maintain a coppy
[14:32:47] <airurando> ultimately I'd hope we could get somewhere online that would be easy to upload to for all in the ubuntu ireland LoCo.
[14:33:17] <airurando> thoughts on scivis suggestion?
[14:33:35] <airurando> I have no knowledge about torrents.
[14:33:51] <airurando> would it be simple?
[14:34:28] <scivi> erm im looking at that now it would sorta be easy to upload and download needs a tracker on a server tho
[14:34:29] <lau1> not really usefull when you need to add to it however
[14:34:58] <airurando> OK its an idea though.
[14:35:00] <andru183> sorry I'm late guys, forgot about it, i see ye need help with a torrent, Ive done some before
[14:35:07] <scivi> meh transmission makes the torrent u just need to load the actual torrent file
[14:35:48] <lau1> problem is with different people taking pictures you need a central point to merge this first
[14:36:24] <lau1> and then not practical to link a photo onto a blog
[14:36:31] <lau1> for exemple
[14:37:01] <scivi> true cant just link pics
[14:37:07] <scivi> sorry bad idea
[14:37:11] <tdr112> can some one look at way we can do this and report back for next month
[14:37:33] <airurando> any takers?
[14:38:15] <airurando> Is there a general consensus that this is a good idea?
[14:38:22] <imgarysmith> would a service like flickr/picasa not be better than a torrent
[14:38:39] <lau1> it would if we cannot host it
[14:39:08] <airurando> I agree if our own website can facilitate this that would be best.
[14:39:48] <imgarysmith> ye i get understand
[14:39:56] <imgarysmith> * ye i understand
[14:40:23] <scivi> can the forums be used
[14:40:34] <airurando> will I hit the mailing list for input and action this item for next months meeting?
[14:40:42] <scivi> for atleast the important pics rather than entire libs
[14:41:11] <lau1> airurando yes might be another option
[14:41:14] <airurando> shauno could provide input then and we may have a more defined path.
[14:41:32] <lau1> yes
[14:41:38] <airurando> in fact, all could think on it.
[14:43:18] <airurando> scivi, imgarysmith, tdr112, lau1. would that be ok?
[14:43:32] <lau1> yes
[14:43:34] <tdr112> yes
[14:43:37] <imgarysmith> yeah
[14:43:52] <scivi> yes
[14:45:29] <airurando> [ACTION] airurando to seek input from mailing list on ideas relating to a centralised online presence for LoCo event photos.
[14:46:04] <airurando> interesting discussion and I'm glad people think the idea is a good one.
[14:46:49] <airurando> unless anyone has more we will move on to the next agenda item.
[14:47:49] <airurando> OK so, next agenda item.
[14:48:40] <airurando> [TOPIC] Tidy up details for the Maverick Meerkat Release Party
[14:49:13] <airurando> again, I set this agenda item.
[14:49:25] <tdr112> what aqre the details
[14:49:42] <scivi> afk 4 mins
[14:49:56] <airurando> wait for it....
[14:50:08] <airurando> The release party has been organised for 10-10-10. Starting with food at Jimmy Chungs
[14:50:08] <airurando> at 13:30.
[14:50:18] <airurando> We will then move to the Market Bar at 15:30 ish.
[14:50:28] <airurando> I've provisionally booked both venues for 20 people approx.
[14:50:42] <airurando> Manager in the Market Bar only got back to me yesterday evening and I had to take the call in the car. Tried to push the official set menu party offer on me. I made it clear we were just looking for a small area to gather and avail of WiFi and bar. She did confirm Wifi availability and said that a couple of tables could be set aside for the group. It is worth noting that the market bar does not open untl 15:00
[14:50:43] <airurando> on a Sunday. I need to ring both Jimmy Chungs and The Market Bar again a few days before the 10th to confirm and firm up details as much as possible.
[14:51:15] <airurando> we are to have a pub quiz in the market bar.
[14:51:36] <airurando> How will we organise this
[14:52:09] <airurando> I volunteer to be the quiz master :-)
[14:52:39] <dermot> quit
[14:52:48] <airurando> Geeky questions I presume?
[14:53:05] <airurando> team based or individual participation?
[14:53:33] <scivi> bac
[14:53:54] <tdr112> ah let leave it open until we see the numbers
[14:54:22] <airurando> tdr112; what about the q's though?
[14:54:41] <tdr112> let that needs to be done before
[14:54:44] <tdr112> yep
[14:55:49] <airurando> tdr11: any ideas?
[14:56:08] <tdr112> of questions
[14:56:26] <tdr112> how about myself and airurando come up with about 20 questions
[14:56:44] <tdr112> and see if anyone will donate prives
[14:56:54] <tdr112> prizes
[14:57:28] <scivi> what sort of prizes soldering irons or something less geeky
[14:58:14] <scivi> or maybe a knitted mark shuttleworth
[14:58:17] <tdr112> scivi: whatever people are will to give away
[14:58:20] <lau1> I have a bunch of capacitors ;)
[14:58:35] <imgarysmith> i think a mix of both if possible, its an event for geeks and their familys and friends (non-geeks)
[14:58:48] <nryan> has some ram I could give away
[14:59:47] <lau1> I could bring a decent bottle of red I am in france next week
[15:00:00] <tdr112> lau1: sounds good
[15:00:08] <scivi> well im away in england on the release so is there a burser stuff could be sent 2
[15:00:23] <lau1> I knew alcohol would be popular ;)
[15:00:35] <airurando> tdr112: I agree with you and me setting the questions.
[15:01:02] <imgarysmith> will the discs be available on the release date?
[15:01:10] <airurando> lau1 to you red I'll bring a bottle of white (australian)
[15:01:12] <airurando> :)
[15:01:24] <airurando> imgarysmith unfortunately not
[15:01:31] <tdr112> ok we will do up the questions , and do a call out on the mailing list for prizes
[15:01:47] <airurando> usually arrive a forthnight or so after release.
[15:01:54] <tdr112> imgarysmith: it takes a few weeks for them to post them out
[15:01:56] <imgarysmith> oh okay. i was going to suggest that they can be given as part of the prizes
[15:02:14] <scivi> how about we just burn cds ourselfs
[15:02:19] <tdr112> so who can bring a laptop to burn cds on the day
[15:02:33] <airurando> scivi depends on release time
[15:02:45] <scivi> true
[15:02:56] <lau1> yep if release is late we won't get the iso
[15:03:55] <airurando> tdr112: I can bring mine but there may be an issue with burning
[15:04:12] <tdr112> i dont have a cd drive on mine :)
[15:04:28] <airurando> had trouble burning 10.04 cds so always reverted to desktop.
[15:04:50] <tdr112> can anyone else bring theres
[15:04:51] <airurando> be nice to have a backup plan to my laptop
[15:04:54] <airurando> :)
[15:05:06] <imgarysmith> a burned disc isnt the same novelty as the branded disc. discs and space can be saved by copying the ISO to peoples thumb drives
[15:05:12] <lau1> sorry don't own one
[15:05:43] <tdr112> imgarysmith: for new ubuntu users on the day it would be nice to give them a cd
[15:06:12] <imgarysmith> tdr112 didnt think of that, good idea
[15:06:18] <lau1> better go with 10.04 if there are any left
[15:06:46] <airurando> lau1: that is another issue.
[15:07:03] <lau1> none left ?
[15:07:05] <scivi> actually you could stil;l work in some novelty by putting a "dont panic the ultimate awnser" label on the cds
[15:07:23] <airurando> i think we could get more 10.04 from ship it if we would like
[15:07:38] <airurando> ebel might also have some left
[15:08:19] <tdr112> airurando: no point getting another ship it we have a hand full of cd around
[15:08:39] <airurando> tdr112: agreed
[15:08:50] <airurando> chat to ebel first
[15:09:02] <czajkowski> aloha
[15:09:09] <airurando> he'd have to get them anyway I reckon
[15:09:10] <tdr112> evening
[15:09:21] <imgarysmith> i agree, a lucid disc would be nice to give to new users
[15:09:33] <airurando> evening czajkowski
[15:10:02] <czajkowski> howdy
[15:10:25] <airurando> tdr112: can I action you for the email to the list re pub quiz prizes?
[15:10:32] <tdr112> yes
[15:10:38] <airurando> great
[15:11:33] <airurando> [ACTION] tdr112 to email the ubuntu-ie mailing list re pub quiz prizes for the 10.10 release party.
[15:11:49] <tdr112> good stuff
[15:12:01] <tdr112> all done for this topic ?
[15:12:49] <airurando> think so
[15:12:49] <imgarysmith> what about questions for the quiz?
[15:13:08] <airurando> I'll hit ebel on his return re discs
[15:13:32] <airurando> imgarysmith: tdr112 and I will deal with that :)
[15:13:47] <imgarysmith> okay great
[15:14:30] <airurando> [ACTION] tdr112 and airurando to come up with about 20 questions for the release party pub quiz
[15:14:51] <airurando> shall we move on?
[15:14:55] <tdr112> yep
[15:14:58] <lau1> yes
[15:15:08] <tdr112> next
[15:15:30] <airurando> OK so do we have any other items to discuss (AOB)?
[15:15:38] <tdr112> ossbarcamp
[15:15:48] <tdr112> cztab can you tell us about it
[15:16:03] <airurando> [TOPIC] ossbarcamp
[15:16:09] <czajkowski> aloha
[15:16:18] <czajkowski> so it's a 2 day event taking place on the 25/26th september
[15:16:22] <czajkowski> check out ossbarcamp.com
[15:16:37] <czajkowski> there are 2 slots atm free and I know someone has their eye on one of them
[15:16:43] <czajkowski> it's a free event open to everyone
[15:16:57] <czajkowski> there will be a live podcast recording from the Ubuntu uk podcast folks on the Saturday
[15:17:10] <czajkowski> at 7pm heading intotown for some free beers and food
[15:17:48] <tdr112> so do we ubuntu ie want to do some thing for it
[15:17:58] <czajkowski> well I'll need help on the day
[15:18:08] <airurando> czajkowski: I'm really looking forward to it
[15:18:15] <czajkowski> need help poking people in the rooms to stop talking on time for the next speaker to set up
[15:18:21] <czajkowski> I need volunteers in both rooms
[15:18:26] <czajkowski> I've ompaul running the demo room
[15:18:40] <czajkowski> the talks are being videod also
[15:19:09] <czajkowski> I'll need a few people early on the saturday about 9:15 to guide people
[15:19:20] <czajkowski> and greet people as I'll be actually a bit late collecting speakers from airport
[15:19:42] <czajkowski> anyone have any thoughts or comments on it ?
[15:19:48] <tdr112> czajkowski: i can help the first day not sure about the 2nd one
[15:19:53] <lau1> sorry not there then
[15:19:54] <czajkowski> *nods*
[15:20:02] <czajkowski> the 2nd one starts at 11 so wwe should be fine
[15:20:03] <airurando> I'll try and be there czajkowski
[15:20:07] <czajkowski> and people will know the drill by then
[15:20:59] <airurando> need to know what to do first though as I've never been to UCD
[15:22:24] <czajkowski> well I went this week
[15:22:29] <czajkowski> we have the information on the wiki
[15:22:34] <czajkowski> I will update it woth more directions
[15:22:43] <czajkowski> but basically I'll have the tiemtable done up
[15:22:55] <czajkowski> and we'll just need to point people to the right rooms
[15:23:29] <airurando> I'll help with that
[15:24:34] <czajkowski> great
[15:24:36] <czajkowski> thats's really it tbh
[15:24:44] <czajkowski> and getting people to start and stop on time
[15:24:47] <czajkowski> thats; the key to the day tbh
[15:24:51] <czajkowski> so things run smmoothly
[15:25:07] <czajkowski> also there is twitter/identi.ca ac for ossbarcamp
[15:25:14] <czajkowski> as I end up running around like a headless chicken
[15:25:27] <czajkowski> it would be great if someone would take on the task of tweeting from that ac for the day ?
[15:25:31] <czajkowski> doesnt have to be sorted now
[15:25:34] <czajkowski> but just to know
[15:25:49] <scivi> just set a comp to play the mad hatter screaming change places at the correct time and sceduling will be sorted
[15:26:08] <czajkowski> hehe
[15:26:09] <czajkowski> nice idea
[15:27:35] <czajkowski> anything else?
[15:27:45] <czajkowski> the main thing is just to have fun on the day
[15:27:55] <airurando> *action* scivi to source and wear mad hatter outfit on 25/26 Sep
[15:27:58] <airurando> hehe
[15:28:17] <scivi> omg that was my first idea
[15:28:28] <airurando> great stuff
[15:28:30] <scivi> ill think about it
[15:28:35] <tdr112> this can be talked about outside the meeting
[15:28:38] <czajkowski> aye
[15:28:42] <tdr112> anything else
[15:28:47] <airurando> scivi only messing action not recorded
[15:29:04] <scivi> i know still...
[15:29:04] <airurando> just to confirm next meeting
[15:29:24] <airurando> [TOPIC] Date for next meeting
[15:29:35] <airurando> The third Wednesday in October will fall on 20th of the month.
[15:29:46] <airurando> Any objections to that being the date for the next meeting?
[15:29:57] <czajkowski> nope
[15:30:21] <imgarysmith> no, that sounds grand
[15:30:23] <scivi> no
[15:30:50] <lau1> fine
[15:31:00] <airurando> OK I'll make it so.
[15:31:15] <airurando> no need to action this
[15:31:27] <airurando> Is that it so?
[15:31:33] <airurando> anything else?
[15:31:55] <tdr112> nope
[15:32:38] <tdr112> have to head bye
[15:32:46] <airurando> thanks all for attending and participating.
[15:32:59] <airurando> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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