The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting will be held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 20th October 2010, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode. Everyone is welcome to attend and to add topics to the agenda (below)


  1. airurando
  2. imgarysmith
  3. ebel
  4. mokmeister
  5. tdr112
  6. lau1
  7. fagan
  8. czajkowski
  9. BaconZombie


  • Agenda item


    Review of previous action items

    Standing agenda item

    Update: Should we centralise the storage of our event photos?


    Ubuntu Hours


    Ubuntu Hour Dublin moving time


    10.10 Maverick Meercat CDs to give away


    Dublin November event



Meeting started by airurando at 14:05
14:08:48        LINK    airurando       https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-10-20
14:10:22        Topic: Review of previous action items
14:31:09        LINK    airurando       http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~tdr/blog/?p=39
14:32:32        Topic: Update: Should we centralise the storage of our event photos?
14:35:09        LINK    airurando       http://pix.ie/ubuntuie
14:52:37        AGREED  airurando       Ubuntu-ie LoCo to use pix.ie ubuntuie account for centralised storage on Team Event photos.
14:53:58        Topic: Ubuntu Hours
14:58:48        ACTION  airurando       airurando to generate Ubuntu Hour listings for Dublin and Limerick for October
15:01:01        Topic: Ubuntu Hour Dublin moving time
15:04:54        AGREED  airurando       start time for the Dublin Ubuntu Hour will be moved from 6pm to 7pm local time.
15:05:36        Topic: 10.10 Maverick Meercat CDs to give away
15:14:43        ACTION  airurando       tdr112 to contact the Dublin colleges in an effort to organising Ubuntu 10.10 CD distribution
15:20:43        Topic: Dublin November event
15:24:35        LINK    tdr112  http://www.sciencegallery.com/
15:28:43        ACTION  airurando       tdr112 to lead effort to organise a team event for November.
Meeting ended at 15:30. 

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

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Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:06:19] <airurando> If you are here for the monthly meeting please say 

[14:06:24] <imgarysmith> present
[14:06:32] <airurando> PRESENT
[14:06:41] <ebel> present |(ish)
[14:06:48] <mokmeister> PRESENT
[14:07:06] <tdr112> Present
[14:07:23] <airurando> The wiki page (including agenda) for this meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-10-20
[14:08:00] <airurando> LINK https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-10-20
[14:08:19] <airurando> #LINK https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-10-20
[14:08:48] <airurando> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-10-20
[14:08:53] <lau1> PRESENT
[14:08:54] <airurando> finally
[14:09:15] <airurando> OK so on we go.
[14:09:52] <airurando> lau1 my 'finally' was not directed at you :) directed at my inability to record a link.
[14:10:04] <lau1> no worries
[14:10:22] <airurando> [TOPIC] Review of previous action items
[14:10:30] <airurando> OK
[14:11:05] <airurando> from the August meeting we carried over a couple of Actions
[14:11:32] <airurando> firstly, ebel was to give shauno access to blacknight account
[14:11:58] <airurando> secondly, shauno was to update the website
[14:12:36] <fagan> present
[14:12:38] <airurando> at the sept meeting tdr112 indicated that shauno had done some work on the website
[14:12:58] <airurando> just wondering if there is any update on this
[14:13:31] <tdr112> yep he talked on irc about it
[14:13:53] <airurando> tdr112: can you give a brief update
[14:14:06] <airurando> I didn't see
[14:14:39] <tdr112> no i cant all i know is work was beening done
[14:14:50] <airurando> fair enough
[14:15:15] <airurando> we will leave that one so.
[14:15:20] <ebel> ah
[14:15:24] <ebel> haven't done that :P
[14:15:32] <ebel> sorry got busy
[14:15:51] <airurando> no bother ebel
[14:15:57] <mokmeister> just for clarification, the website being ubuntu-ie.org?
[14:16:22] <airurando> apologies mokmeister. That is correct.
[14:16:22] <ebel> haven't seen shauno for a while...
[14:16:43] <tdr112> can someone email him/her about it
[14:17:59] <airurando> any takers?
[14:18:35] <ebel> i'm not sure how much work shauno is doing on it
[14:18:57] <ebel> doing much work on it at the moment
[14:21:40] <airurando> does anyone know shauno?
[14:22:36] <lau1> not me
[14:22:54] <mokmeister> fraid not
[14:23:14] <ebel> nope, just from here
[14:23:22] <airurando> alright so we can leave that on the back burner
[14:24:10] <airurando> ebel could you set up access for shauno on blacknight?
[14:24:53] <airurando> We'll move on to a brief review of the action items from last month.
[14:25:16] <ebel> airurando: ok
[14:25:27] <airurando> ebel: great stuff.
[14:25:51] <airurando> Last month I was actioned to seek input from mailing list on ideas relating to a centralised online presence for LoCo event photos.
[14:26:31] <lau1> well I put mine on the pix.ie for the release party
[14:26:39] <imgarysmith> airurando I had an idea for that but I don't know if it can be made automated
[14:26:45] <airurando> I did this and will discuss outcome as part of a later agenda item
[14:27:08] <airurando> imgarysmith: we'll be discussing this in more detail shortly.
[14:27:22] <imgarysmith> airurando no prob
[14:28:00] <airurando> tdr112 was actioned to email the ubuntu-ie mailing list re pub quiz prizes for the 10.10 release party
[14:28:18] <airurando> tdr112: outcome?
[14:28:43] <lau1> I did not win my bottle of wine ;)
[14:28:44] <tdr112> done , and thank you to everyone who gave stuff for the quiz
[14:29:09] <tdr112> well done to ebel on winning
[14:29:44] <airurando> and that brings us on nicely to the last action item from last month
[14:29:51] <airurando> well done ebel.
[14:30:00] <tdr112> for the questions from the quiz http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~tdr/blog/?p=39
[14:30:20] <airurando> tdr112 and airurando were to come up with 20 Qs for the pub quiz.
[14:30:36] <airurando> done but only 10 made it on the day
[14:30:54] <airurando> see blog post from tdr112
[14:31:09] <airurando> [LINK] http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~tdr/blog/?p=39
[14:31:38] <airurando> all I can say is that I apologise again for the difficult questions....
[14:31:48] <airurando> On to agenda items proper
[14:32:06] <tdr112> and sorry for forgetting mine
[14:32:32] <airurando> [TOPIC] Update: Should we centralise the storage of our event photos?
[14:33:08] <airurando> so as I said I sent the e-mail requestion thoughts and views
[14:33:18] <airurando> got no response
[14:33:50] <airurando> I know czajkowski has kindly set up a pix.ie account which some folks have started using (release party photos and july geeknic photos!)
[14:34:15] <lau1> I pushed stuff on the pix.ie site for the release party (it's a point to start )
[14:34:27] <tdr112> if no one had other ideas or suggestions i am happy to go with pix.ie
[14:34:47] <lau1> I think it is fine
[14:35:09] <airurando> [LINK] http://pix.ie/ubuntuie
[14:35:31] <airurando> imgarysmith: what are your thoughts?
[14:36:55] <airurando> I am also happy to use pix.ie but I have a small concern about the copyright
[14:36:56] <imgarysmith> i think thats grand, i was just looking at the site and its a great way to do it
[14:37:24] <airurando> on viewing each picture there is a footnote:
[14:37:28] <airurando> This photo is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
[14:37:50] <airurando> I'm wondering who holds the copyright?
[14:38:15] <imgarysmith> im guessing the person who uploaded it
[14:38:23] <lau1> the photograph normally
[14:38:44] <airurando> lau1 photographer?
[14:38:54] <lau1> amateur
[14:39:33] <lau1> unless you licence it with cc all this as a copyright (cc is a form of copyright)
[14:40:01] <lau1> iyes meant photgrapher
[14:40:07] <airurando> I'd be happier with cc
[14:40:34] <ebel> airurando: cc is copyrighted
[14:40:39] <airurando> but listen if copyright remains with those who took the photos them thats fine by me.
[14:40:40] <ebel> all creative works are copyrighted
[14:40:53] * fagan dabbles a bit too
[14:40:54] <ebel> technically linux is copyrighted. it's gpled :P
[14:41:05] <lau1> voilĂ 
[14:41:06] <airurando> I thought cc was creative commons?
[14:41:18] <fagan> it is airurando
[14:41:23] <airurando> clearly I haven't got a clue.
[14:41:25] <ebel> airurando: cc is creative commons and it is copyrighted
[14:41:26] <lau1> yes but there are many type of cc
[14:41:29] <airurando> sorry guys
[14:41:50] <airurando> if everyone is happy with both the concept of centralisation and using pix.ie then I think thats great.
[14:41:58] <fagan> yeah thats cool
[14:41:59] <airurando> any objections?
[14:42:02] <lau1> no worries it's a jungle out there
[14:42:03] <ebel> however you can still be copyrighted and allowed to do stuff
[14:42:09] <lau1> agreed
[14:42:15] <ebel> like a public park, owned by someone, but available for everyone
[14:42:33] * ebel uses flickr cause it's set into my workflow
[14:42:53] <fagan> flickr costs for more photos
[14:42:58] <fagan> so its not really scalable
[14:43:03] <airurando> ebel do you agree with pix.ie for ubuntu-ie
[14:43:07] <ebel> fagan: yeah, but i pay for it
[14:43:18] <ebel> ye can put your stuff on it if you want
[14:43:28] <fagan> airurando: I agree with it
[14:43:35] <airurando> I know czajkowski wanted to support the Irish company
[14:43:48] <airurando> great stuff
[14:43:56] <airurando> no objections.
[14:44:01] <ebel> I'll still be putting my stuff on flickr, it's all cc anyway :P
[14:44:57] <ebel> do you have to assign copyright to pix.ie photos? or do you retain copyright?
[14:45:21] <ebel> for facebook you must assign copyright to facebook, for flickr you retain copyright
[14:45:33] <ebel> that's one reason i use flickr more than facebook for my photos
[14:45:50] <ebel> however that's a personal choice for each person
[14:45:51] <fagan> does pix.ie charge for more photos
[14:46:42] <airurando> fagan. not sure but how many photos would we be talking abou.
[14:47:03] <fagan> well if we are centralising it I suppose we would be uploading a good lot
[14:47:05] <airurando> ebel: that was my concern
[14:47:08] <ebel> i don't mind paying for photos. bandwidth and storage do cost money :P
[14:47:26] <lau1> I think they do charge but we would nedd to ake a lot of photos to get there
[14:47:27] <fagan> well I have loads of space on my blacknight hosting
[14:47:44] <fagan> if it comes down to a lot and they charge
[14:47:55] * fagan has like 300 gb free
[14:48:02] <ebel> e.g. my photo here http://www.flickr.com/photos/rorymccann/5011980123/ is copyrighted, but copyrighted to me
[14:48:37] <airurando> the pix.ie homepage makes no reference to cost.
[14:48:48] <fagan> so then thats all good
[14:48:51] <airurando> it also states upfront that:
[14:48:54] <airurando> You have full control over your privacy and can keep photos private, restrict who can see them or make them public to share with the world!
[14:49:07] <ebel> same with facebook (technically)
[14:49:42] <fagan> well if they are for release parties and stuff the copyright is less important than getting them all in the one place
[14:50:21] <airurando> I think as we all agreed above to go with pix.ie we shoud move on.
[14:50:25] <fagan> yeah
[14:50:49] <airurando> If someone comes up with negative details re pix.ie then we can revisit.
[14:51:33] <tdr112> ok people lets move on , no one wants a 2 hour meeting
[14:51:36] <ebel> pix.ie don't seem to require copyright assignment (We do not claim ownership of photos that you choose to Post to Pixie. Pixie neither has nor wants any ownership of your photos. However, by posting or making photos available through Pixie, you hereby grant:
[14:51:37] <ebel> )
[14:51:41] <ebel> cf. http://pix.ie/terms
[14:51:58] <lau1> i think it's fine
[14:52:27] <fagan> yeah that looks ok
[14:52:37] <airurando> [AGREED] Ubuntu-ie LoCo to use pix.ie ubuntuie account for centralised storage on Team Event photos.
[14:52:58] <airurando> Any final comments on that?
[14:53:21] <fagan> nope that sounds all good
[14:53:40] <airurando> moving on so.
[14:53:48] <airurando> next topic
[14:53:58] <airurando> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Hours
[14:54:26] <airurando> I put this item on the agenda also.
[14:54:37] <tdr112> ok lets start with Cork
[14:54:48] <tdr112> anyone have an update
[14:55:07] <airurando> I was concerned that the Cork and Limerick Ubuntu Hours might not be going ahead.
[14:55:40] <airurando> I've e-mailed the list requesting info nut received no replies for cork
[14:55:42] <tdr112> is anyone here from there
[14:56:12] <czajkowski> think limerick will
[14:56:16] <czajkowski> but not sure the day suits
[14:56:18] <airurando> I'm not happy to log the Cork UH in the LD
[14:56:33] <czajkowski> airurando: aye no point in logging a UH if we don't know it wont happen
[14:56:43] <czajkowski> evening btw
[14:56:43] <czajkowski> :)
[14:56:51] <airurando> citizenjonker has confirmed that he will keep the Limerick flame burning.
[14:57:00] <airurando> evening czajkowski
[14:57:23] <mokmeister> I'll be at the Limerick UH next Thursday
[14:57:33] <airurando> same details as previous for Limerick at the moment.
[14:57:41] <czajkowski> aye I think so
[14:58:08] <airurando> OK so. I'll make the listings for Dublin and Limerick for October after this meeting
[14:58:15] <czajkowski> thanks airurando
[14:58:16] <tdr112> yep
[14:58:48] <airurando> [ACTION] airurando to generate Ubuntu Hour listings for Dublin and Limerick for October
[14:59:32] <airurando> if we get feedback from cork we will of course include them in the events listings
[14:59:52] <airurando> but until we get confirmation Cork is dropped.
[15:00:15] <airurando> can someone remove them from the IRC topic?
[15:00:17] <czajkowski> *nods*
[15:00:22] <ebel> ok
[15:00:33] <airurando> moving on so.
[15:00:40] <airurando> next topic
[15:01:01] <airurando> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Hour Dublin moving time
[15:01:13] <airurando> tdr112: over to you
[15:01:32] <tdr112> i would like to move the start time of the ubnutu hour in Dublin to 7pm
[15:01:39] <tdr112> keeping the same day
[15:02:08] <airurando> I like that idea
[15:02:10] <tdr112> over the last few hours , no one comes untuil about 6.45 anyway
[15:02:48] <airurando> does anyone object to this proposed move?
[15:03:05] <ebel> sounds like a good idea
[15:03:10] <ebel> few people are therea t 6pm
[15:03:45] <airurando> agreed so?
[15:04:01] <lau1> agreed
[15:04:54] <airurando> [AGREED] start time for the Dublin Ubuntu Hour will be moved from 6pm to 7pm local time.
[15:05:12] <airurando> good stuff.
[15:05:19] <airurando> next item.
[15:05:36] <airurando> [TOPIC] 10.10 Maverick Meercat CDs to give away
[15:05:52] <airurando> ebel: the floor is yours.
[15:05:54] <ebel> yep
[15:06:07] <ebel> we have a big box of meerkat cds in my apartment
[15:06:09] <ebel> for the loco
[15:06:24] <ebel> i got some feedback onlist and have to post some people some cds
[15:06:28] * fagan \o/
[15:06:30] <czajkowski> I just gave a box to UL students
[15:06:38] <ebel> email me rory@technomancy.org if you'd like some
[15:06:43] <czajkowski> for the computer society
[15:06:45] <tdr112> i gave some to dcu
[15:06:50] <ebel> or ideas of what to do with them
[15:06:58] <tdr112> ebel: i am sure 019labs would take a load
[15:07:04] <fagan> ebel: any chance I can get a few
[15:07:09] <tdr112> 091labs
[15:07:19] <imgarysmith> can i get some aswell
[15:07:31] <airurando> I tried to contact 091labs and shanetuohy in Galway through twitter but no response yet
[15:07:40] <ebel> fagan: sure i'll post some think you emailed
[15:07:47] <tdr112> airurando: better off emailing
[15:07:48] <ebel> imgarysmith: pm me your address
[15:07:53] <fagan> oh good
[15:08:19] <tdr112> ok so do we want to contact all the big colleges in dublin
[15:08:23] <airurando> tdr112: don't have the details but will look into that
[15:08:24] <tdr112> and get some to them
[15:08:37] <ebel> can people email me addresses, otherwise i'll forget
[15:08:39] <tdr112> airurando: om some time for them
[15:08:42] <imgarysmith> im in itt so i can give them around me class
[15:08:51] <airurando> what about UCD NetSoc
[15:08:53] <czajkowski> imgarysmith: that would be great
[15:09:23] <tdr112> we can get ebel to post all them , it will end up cost to much
[15:09:35] <tdr112> for the dublin people why not come along to the next hour
[15:09:40] <tdr112> ubuntu hour
[15:09:53] <fagan> well ebel if you give them to airurando i can grab them off him
[15:09:57] <ebel> or send me SAE?
[15:10:07] <airurando> ebel: I'll get some of you at the Nov Ubuntu Hour. won't make it next week.
[15:10:24] * fagan will be heading down to kildare in a few weeks my mom has been at me to go home for a few days
[15:10:54] <airurando> ebel. that is a good idea
[15:11:00] <airurando> SAE
[15:12:17] <airurando> ebel: have you enough requests to keep you going at present.
[15:12:38] <ebel> airurando: yes
[15:12:43] <airurando> I'll keep trying to get through to Galway
[15:13:13] <airurando> will anyone take on the Dublin Colleges?
[15:13:24] <tdr112> ok i will email them
[15:13:46] <airurando> thanks tdr112
[15:14:43] <airurando> [ACTION] tdr112 to contact the Dublin colleges in an effort to organising Ubuntu 10.10 CD distribution
[15:15:21] <airurando> *organise
[15:15:48] <BaconZombie> Was not throw the CD's a random people as the walk out of the colleges
[15:16:25] <lau1> install parties ,
[15:16:27] <lau1> ?
[15:16:27] <airurando> BaconZombie: not effective.
[15:16:45] <ebel> BaconZombie: bit of a waste
[15:16:51] <ebel> go through all the cds quickly then
[15:17:10] <BaconZombie> airurando : What % of penetration did you get last time you tried ?
[15:17:28] <tdr112> anything else on cd's
[15:17:51] <imgarysmith> what amount of cds are there, are more available or have we a limited supply?
[15:18:14] <airurando> BaconZombie: Limited supply of CDs so we try for somewhat targeted distribution.
[15:18:19] <tdr112> i think 250 was sent to us
[15:18:27] <ebel> imgarysmith: there are about 230 left
[15:18:35] <BaconZombie> Most college "students" had netbooks so not CD drive......
[15:18:38] <ebel> 90% ubuntu, some kubuntu and some ubuntu server
[15:19:11] <BaconZombie> airurando : We can aim only for hot girls them......
[15:19:46] <airurando> BaconZombie: not appropriate. please be careful.
[15:19:55] <BaconZombie> <_<
[15:20:03] <airurando> we are getting somewhat off topic
[15:20:18] <tdr112> next topic
[15:20:20] <airurando> In the interest of time I'm going to move on.
[15:20:36] <imgarysmith> ebel so we are mainly aiming for colleges or is there anywhere else we can try distribute?
[15:20:43] <airurando> [TOPIC] Dublin November event
[15:20:56] <airurando> tdr112: back to you
[15:21:16] <tdr112> ok so , lets do another event in dublin next month
[15:21:25] <ebel> imgarysmith: we're aiming to promote ubuntu in ireland
[15:21:31] <tdr112> slashtom: and i talked about it at the last ubuntu hour
[15:22:58] <tdr112> so science gallery or
[15:23:01] <imgarysmith> ebel ill talk to you about it after this topic so we dont sidetrack
[15:23:31] <tdr112> bowling
[15:23:36] <airurando> what on in the science gallery?
[15:23:39] <tdr112> what do people think
[15:23:49] <tdr112> airurando: i new thing started last week
[15:24:35] <tdr112> http://www.sciencegallery.com/
[15:24:51] <tdr112> At GREEN MACHINES we are inviting you to decide which new technologies can kick-start the revolution. Which projects have the greatest potential for commercial success and environmental benefit?
[15:25:50] <tdr112> so would anyone like to come along to one of theses , some upcoming weekend
[15:26:06] <airurando> I like either bowling or Green Machines
[15:26:34] <tdr112> ok i will talk to slashtom and pick a date next month
[15:26:47] <ebel> sounds like a good idea
[15:27:00] <airurando> doodle poll for date?
[15:27:42] <tdr112> airurando: that can be done
[15:27:54] <airurando> OK so
[15:28:43] <airurando> [ACTION] tdr112 to lead effort to organise a team event for November.
[15:29:02] <airurando> anything else?
[15:29:16] * tdr112 has to head off
[15:29:27] <airurando> next meeting schedules for 17 Nov 10 (3rd Wed)
[15:30:09] <airurando> Alright, thanks everyone for attending and participating.
[15:30:16] <airurando> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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