This Ubuntu Ireland Team IRC meeting will be held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 18th May 2011, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode. Everyone is welcome to attend and to add topics to the agenda (below)

  • Note: The LoCo Directory Meeting listing can be found here


People Present:

  1. ebel
  2. infoturtle
  3. imgarysmith
  4. moylan
  5. tdr112
  6. airurando
  7. lubotu3
  8. czajkowski


  • Agenda item


    Review of previous action items

    Standing agenda item

    June Geeknic


    Ubuntu Hours, Yes/No, if Yes then How?


    LoCo Reapproval


    Ubuntu cds



Meeting started by ebel at 14:06
14:07:04        LINK    ebel    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-05-18
14:09:40        Topic: Review of previous action items
14:13:53        Topic: June Geeknic
14:19:02        Topic: Ubuntu Hours, Yes/No, if Yes then How?
14:29:42        Topic: LoCo Reapproval
14:30:28        LINK    ebel    https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2011-May/005315.html
14:31:29        LINK    ebel    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval
14:45:51        AGREED  ebel    we will all try to help our reapproval for it
14:52:07        ACTION  ebel    tog, dublin meetup 2pm saturday for hackathon to work on reapproval page
14:53:15        Topic: ubuntu cds from tdr112
15:03:21        Topic: AOB?
15:12:06        AGREED  ebel    next irc meeting 15th june 2011
Meeting ended at 15:12. 

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

  • Agenda item


    more ubuntu members


    if anyone wants info of events out I'll Blog it


    next meeting



Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:06:42] <ebel> if you're here please say PRESENT so we know who's here please
[14:06:45] <ebel> PRESENT
[14:06:50] <infoturtle> PRESENT
[14:06:50] <imgarysmith> present
[14:06:53] <moylan> PRESENT
[14:07:04] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-05-18
[14:07:57] <ebel> airundo can't be here, he has a family emergency
[14:08:07] <infoturtle> oh no :c
[14:08:41] <infoturtle> hope it's nothing serious
[14:09:24] <ebel> but he gave me some notes for his topic items
[14:09:32] <ebel> he said it wasn't that serious
[14:09:40] <ebel> [topic] Review of previous action items
[14:11:03] <ebel> from aiorando:
[14:11:05] <ebel> there was only 1 action item last month.
[14:11:05] <ebel> April was a quiet meeting
[14:11:05] <ebel> The action was "infoturtle to set up events on the wiki and LoCo Dir for the Natty Narwhal Release Party"
[14:11:05] <ebel> These events were created and on the website also :)
[14:11:05] <ebel> The release party was a lot of fun. Great chat. Low turn out though.
[14:11:07] <ebel> As a general idea, unless there are compelling reasons I don't think we should hold release parties on weekdays in the future.
[14:11:10] <ebel> Thoughts anyone?
[14:11:56] <infoturtle> fri/sat night are more appealing
[14:12:02] <moylan> agree. however the notice for the event was a little confusing. it said the trinity hotel in big letter at 8 and jimmy chungs buried in the text of the notice.
[14:12:23] <moylan> it was wort a try for the weekday though.
[14:12:29] <moylan> *worth
[14:12:41] <ebel> yep
[14:12:59] <ebel> live and learn
[14:13:11] <infoturtle> my fault I beleive, sorry about that
[14:13:42] <ebel> ah well
[14:13:48] <ebel> next section
[14:13:53] <ebel> [TOPIC] June Geeknic
[14:13:53] <ebel> We agreed to have a geeknic both in June and August of thies year duriung our February meeting.
[14:13:53] <ebel> In part, this was an attempt to get away from the cold, wet May and September geeknics of recent years.
[14:13:53] <ebel> I sent an e-mail to the mailing list about this at the end of April to get the ball rolloing.
[14:13:53] <ebel> The idea of a 11 Jun 11 geeknic in Limerick in conjunction with the 3DCamp takling place at UL on that day has gained a lot of support.
[14:13:54] <ebel> Does anyone know if the 3DCamp guys are OK with this?
[14:13:56] <ebel> I proposed Limerick as the location for this geeknic on the mailing list and I received no negative feedback.
[14:13:59] <ebel> Can we agree on UL Limerick as the venue for a Geeknic on 11 jun 11?
[14:14:01] <ebel> Infoturtle, tdr112 can you guys liaise with UL to make sure all is OK for this?
[14:14:14] <infoturtle> we have a meeting about it next week at the UH
[14:14:51] <infoturtle> it's going to leave things short but people aggreed on the date to be the 26th to talk about it
[14:15:24] <ebel> cool
[14:15:40] <infoturtle> so for now nothing else can be said on the matter
[14:15:43] <ebel> cool
[14:15:49] <ebel> well keep us infomed :)
[14:15:53] <infoturtle> will do!
[14:15:54] <ebel> thanks
[14:15:55] <tdr112> hello
[14:16:48] <ebel> 'lo
[14:16:51] <tdr112> they fine with it
[14:17:08] <ebel> cool
[14:17:15] <tdr112> but i think who ever is taking point on this should talk to them and keep them uyp to date
[14:17:35] <tdr112> and hammer out the details with them
[14:17:50] <ebel> infoturtle: that would be you, right?
[14:18:01] <infoturtle> like I said there's next weeks meeting and then I can let everone know when I come home from it
[14:18:08] <ebel> ah yes
[14:18:12] <infoturtle> :D
[14:18:23] <infoturtle> sorry if that sounded narky, didn't intend that
[14:18:40] * ebel is on a phone call aswell so not paying 100% attention! :P
[14:18:54] <ebel> another one from airurando [TOPIC] Ubuntu Hours, Yes/No, if Yes then How?
[14:18:56] * infoturtle playing poker tournament
[14:19:02] <ebel> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Hours, Yes/No, if Yes then How?
[14:19:12] <ebel> I suppose there are 2 UHs is Ireland and they should be dealth with seperately.
[14:19:12] <ebel> There has been a lot of discussion concerning the usefulness and continuation of UH Dublin over recent months.
[14:19:12] <ebel> Some hold the view that it is a similar event that clashes with the broader Linux PoTD event.
[14:19:12] <ebel> I don't agree fully with this, My understanding of UH it that should provide an open environment where anyone can come and chat/learn about Ubuntu.
[14:19:12] <ebel> I see PoTD as an opportunity for Geeks to Geek out.
[14:19:16] <ebel> However, I do acknowledge that, on the surface, holding UH Dublin on an evening in a pub is similar enough to PoTD to cause concern.
[14:19:19] <ebel> To me, the more worrying concern about UH Dublin is that attendance has been poor and dropping off.
[14:19:21] <ebel> Rarely have we seen new faces at the event over the last 6 months.
[14:19:23] <ebel> I am not sure why this is.
[14:19:25] <ebel> bad promotion?
[14:19:27] <ebel> lack of public interest?
[14:19:29] <ebel> UH is not interesting enough?
[14:19:31] <ebel> wrong time and place?
[14:19:33] <ebel> loads of possibilities and probabilities.
[14:19:35] <ebel> During one of the many discussions about UH Dublin slashtom suggested we change from a pub to a coffee shop.
[14:19:38] <ebel> slashtom also suggested we change to a weekend morning/afternoon.
[14:19:40] <ebel> moylan suggested that perhaps monthly is too frequently for us.
[14:19:42] <ebel> If memory serves moylan thought sometime on a Sunday would be best.
[14:19:46] <ebel> maybe we should hold it every 2 months or quarterly?
[14:19:48] <ebel> What do folks think?
[14:19:50] <ebel> Drop it or change format?
[14:19:52] <ebel> I like what slashtom and moylan had to say on this.
[14:19:54] <ebel> I suggest Saturday morning/early afternoon (11ish) in a big city centre coffee shop every second or third month.
[14:19:57] <ebel> Is there anyone here to discuss UH Limerick?
[14:19:59] <ebel> Limerick one is a separate discussion I reckon.
[14:20:01] <ebel> (all this is from airurando, not me :P )
[14:20:12] <moylan> airuando and i were talking about holding it more in a location were you can bring a laptop and try/show the os.
[14:20:27] <ebel> i like the idea of a saturday thing
[14:20:36] <ebel> let's try something new! lunchtime ubuntu hour!
[14:20:48] <infoturtle> oooooooooo
[14:20:49] <moylan> just need to find a quiet central location to do it.
[14:20:52] <infoturtle> that sound fun!
[14:20:58] <imgarysmith> i agree with a satuday at lunch time, or even 3pm say
[14:21:03] <ebel> some café?
[14:21:58] <airurando> hi everyone, sorry I'm late
[14:22:08] <infoturtle> not to worry
[14:22:09] <moylan> all well?
[14:22:09] <ebel> hi airurando, no apology needed!
[14:22:14] <tdr112> i would like to drop it every month , i think we will leave it up to people to call one if they like to
[14:22:14] <infoturtle> just discussing the UH's
[14:22:35] <airurando> moylan thanks yeah
[14:22:39] <airurando> ah?Uk
[14:22:40] <tdr112> ie i call one thins sunday at x time in someplace
[14:22:44] <imgarysmith> quarterly sounds good to me
[14:22:56] <airurando> *UH
[14:23:14] <moylan> makes it more of an event
[14:25:04] <ebel> cool
[14:25:54] <ebel> so 2 proposals: monthly lunchtime weekend, or ad-hoc...
[14:26:20] <airurando> third quarterly weekend
[14:26:27] <infoturtle> ^^
[14:26:34] <ebel> yes
[14:26:38] <tdr112> lets not set it in stone
[14:26:51] <infoturtle> I think that idea floats well but I don't attend these so....
[14:27:01] <ebel> i'd suggest ad-hoc at first to see what happens.
[14:27:07] <moylan> agree
[14:27:11] <airurando> I agree with trd112 but I don't want it to drift into oblivion
[14:27:19] <ebel> requiring someone to 'call'/'organise' it might spur people
[14:27:37] <ebel> (which might increase participation)
[14:27:48] <airurando> sounds like a plan
[14:28:05] <airurando> vote or agree?
[14:28:16] * ebel is tempted to table this topic for the moment and move to the re-approval topic
[14:28:23] <ebel> before we get all distracted and tired...
[14:28:41] * infoturtle quite distracted as it stands
[14:28:58] <airurando> leave it as tdr112 suggested
[14:29:08] <ebel> (well to postpone this topic for the moment)
[14:29:27] <airurando> OK
[14:29:32] <ebel> (we'll come back to it later)
[14:29:41] <ebel> Limerick one is a separate discussion I reckon.
[14:29:42] <ebel> [TOPIC] LoCo Reapproval
[14:29:42] <ebel> This is closing in fast on us. Need to get the reapproval page son up soon.
[14:29:42] <ebel> Has ebel gotten the e-mail yet?
[14:29:51] <ebel> yes I have got an email about reapproval
[14:30:06] <ebel> I've been subscribed to a private bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-locoteams/+bug/784671 about it
[14:30:07] <lubotu3> Error: Launchpad(https://launchpad.net) bug 784671 not found
[14:30:24] <ebel> this is a message on the loco-contacts about re-approvals:
[14:30:28] <ebel> [link] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2011-May/005315.html
[14:30:39] <ebel> (there are a few relevant replies)
[14:30:59] <ebel> Looks like they really want team reports and we all owe thanks to tdr112 for looking after that!
[14:31:01] <ebel> good man!
[14:31:20] <infoturtle> koodoo's sir!
[14:31:25] <airurando> yes indeed
[14:31:29] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval
[14:31:35] <ebel> this is stuff we need to do
[14:31:44] <tdr112> well it my not big deal and a thanks should go out to airurando for doing it last month when i was busy
[14:32:08] <airurando> twas nothing
[14:32:18] <airurando> just filling a small gap
[14:32:28] <ebel> cheers!
[14:32:38] <ebel> I started working on a reaproval page
[14:32:53] <infoturtle> wait
[14:33:02] <infoturtle> what have we to do for reaprovial?
[14:33:21] <ebel> (however i have not yet fully read/digested that stuff from loco-council)
[14:33:41] <ebel> (as you know we get the CDs & Banner cause we're an approved loco, so we should keep this up)
[14:33:45] <imgarysmith> sorry guys, gtg for a few
[14:34:19] <infoturtle> I understand why, but whatmust we do to get it?
[14:34:26] <infoturtle> the aproval
[14:34:28] <czajkowski> just prove we';re active
[14:34:30] <czajkowski> do stuff
[14:34:33] <czajkowski> for Ubuntu
[14:34:39] <czajkowski> not a lug
[14:34:45] <ebel> 'ello czajkowski
[14:34:46] <infoturtle> ah!
[14:34:55] <czajkowski> but something that promotes Ubuntu like ubuntu hours, geeknicks, meetings
[14:34:59] <czajkowski> active community
[14:35:00] <czajkowski> ebel: aloha
[14:35:40] <tdr112> hey cztab
[14:35:40] <airurando> our current method of CD distribution is a good plus I reckon.
[14:35:50] <czajkowski> airurando: aye
[14:36:04] <infoturtle> dropped some down to miLKlabs last night
[14:36:13] <czajkowski> great
[14:36:31] <ebel> czajkowski started of this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IrishTeamReApprovalApplication
[14:36:43] <ebel> and i added some stuff w.r.t. why we should get reapproved
[14:36:55] <ebel> trying to point out things we said we'd do that we did do, and things we kept doing
[14:37:11] <ebel> we shall have to look at this again in light of the guidelines from the loco-council
[14:37:25] <ebel> AFAIK there is no date for our reapproval meeting
[14:37:45] <czajkowski> there is no date as such
[14:37:47] <airurando> I think links to the events and meetings wiki pages are required
[14:37:49] <ebel> It should be on european time, and would be helpful if we could get as many people there as possible
[14:37:52] <czajkowski> but we'd love to get them in sooner
[14:37:56] <czajkowski> rather than in october
[14:38:05] <ebel> partially to 'cheerlead' and also to prove that it's not just one person
[14:38:17] * airurando will be there
[14:38:28] <czajkowski> I'll also be there to cheer lead on
[14:38:33] <airurando> whenever it is
[14:38:41] <czajkowski> and not voting as a member of the council
[14:39:01] <infoturtle> I can be there too
[14:39:05] <ebel> czajkowski: i shall order a fresh kitten to your house if we don't get it :P
[14:39:14] <czajkowski> lol
[14:39:18] <airurando> facts and figures would be good
[14:39:19] <czajkowski> be nice
[14:39:20] <infoturtle> on the topic anyone want some kittens?#
[14:39:25] <czajkowski> I'll also go over the application
[14:39:40] <airurando> team members then and now
[14:39:47] <ebel> we should flesh out the reapproval application and add links for our events & things
[14:39:53] <airurando> mailing list subscribers then and not
[14:40:08] <ebel> correct me if i'm wrong czajkowski, but proof esp. photos helps our case a lot, right?
[14:40:41] <ebel> i.e. "Here's ubuntu-ie at this release party", "Here we are doing this". "This is the mailing list announcment for that bug jam", "here's a list of all our team reports" etc.
[14:40:50] <czajkowski> ebel: yes
[14:40:54] <airurando> our participation in Global Jams
[14:41:02] <airurando> 2 venues last time
[14:41:04] <czajkowski> PHOTOS make us happy
[14:41:17] <czajkowski> team reports which we;re damn good at
[14:41:35] <airurando> links to photos appear on the wiki events pages
[14:41:39] <moylan> central location for those photos? i have some from various events that could thrown up.
[14:41:54] <airurando> moylan: pic.ie
[14:42:00] <airurando> ahhh pix.ie
[14:42:11] <moylan> tickety boo. i'll hunt them out and stick em up.
[14:42:12] <infoturtle> there'll be a few at the Limerick UH next week, I'll exploit that for a few pics
[14:42:37] <airurando> moylan I shall send you on the login details
[14:42:41] <moylan> ta
[14:43:01] <moylan> angryearthling@gmail.com if you want email
[14:43:40] <ebel> cool
[14:43:48] <ebel> so we all need to work at all the parts of it
[14:43:53] <ebel> find/upload photos
[14:44:03] <ebel> edit that wiki page with links to stuff
[14:44:17] <airurando> particularly for events that have none yet.
[14:44:18] <moylan> may take a while. between computers at the mo so data is slightly scattered.
[14:44:36] <czajkowski> well when folks are happy mail me and I can go over it
[14:44:40] <czajkowski> or nab me here
[14:44:43] <czajkowski> it wont take long
[14:44:51] <czajkowski> few hours really
[14:44:55] <ebel> yeo
[14:45:03] <czajkowski> and we can submit ours sooner rather than later
[14:45:07] <ebel> *yep
[14:45:42] <airurando> moylan: see pm
[14:45:47] <tdr112> how about we have a meet up for it
[14:45:51] <ebel> [agreed] we will all try to help our reapproval for it
[14:45:52] <tdr112> this weekend ?
[14:46:08] <tdr112> anyone irc or in person
[14:46:11] <ebel> tdr112: like a hack-day?
[14:46:19] <czajkowski> I am
[14:46:23] <airurando> tdr112 all going well at home I'm game
[14:46:27] <tdr112> yepto get all the info together we need
[14:46:28] <czajkowski> all day saturday
[14:46:32] <infoturtle> I can do IRC but can't afford a trip to Dublin
[14:46:57] <tdr112> ok this weekend sat or sun
[14:47:02] * ebel agrees in principal, but doubts he'll be up for much at the weekend
[14:47:11] * ebel is knackered from trip away etc.
[14:47:30] <moylan> voip for those who can't make a physical meeting?
[14:47:47] <tdr112> well if anyone wants to do it in person they can meet me in tog and the rest of you we can chat on irc
[14:48:04] <tdr112> moylan: dont know about voip ,
[14:48:35] <moylan> not really sure it works well. i've tried rpg when my health is iffy but others may have had more success.
[14:49:00] <tdr112> how does Sat sound from say 2pm ?
[14:49:22] <airurando> sounds fine
[14:49:48] <czajkowski> ok
[14:50:13] <moylan> i'll try and make it to tog.
[14:50:33] <tdr112> ok i will be in tog for it and email the list with the details
[14:50:54] <tdr112> moylan: its been a while , come on down
[14:51:08] <ebel> ok
[14:51:08] <tdr112> and open invite to anyone else
[14:51:33] <tdr112> can someone tell the bot that action
[14:52:00] <airurando> ebel?
[14:52:07] <ebel> [action] tog, dublin meetup 2pm saturday for hackathon to work on reapproval page
[14:53:03] <ebel> cool
[14:53:15] <ebel> [topic] ubuntu cds from tdr112
[14:53:44] <tdr112> airurando: can you give us a run down of the great work you did
[14:53:50] <tdr112> with thecds
[14:53:53] <tdr112> cds
[14:54:32] <airurando> With the end of the academic year looming speed of dispatch was critical.
[14:54:32] <airurando> Only NUIG kindly asked not to receive CDs because they did not feel it would be the best use of those CDs.
[14:54:32] <airurando> UCD still haven't gotten back to me.
[14:54:32] <airurando> All else dispatched via post with a special hand delivery to infoturtle for distribution at Milklabs and the June Geeknic.
[14:54:33] <airurando> 40 or so Desktop CDs remain with x Server and y Kubuntu. I would reckon up to 20 for UCD
[14:55:16] <tdr112> airurando: i got the tog ones , opening them now
[14:55:46] <tdr112> so of these 40 left , what do we want to do with them
[14:55:58] <tdr112> or 20 left
[14:56:06] <tdr112> any ideas
[14:56:33] <czajkowski> the limerick learning hub ?
[14:56:40] <infoturtle> a gaint disco ball is about the only thing I can think of other that UH and stuff
[14:56:47] <infoturtle> oh good idea!
[14:56:58] <infoturtle> could walk over there soon
[14:57:16] <czajkowski> I could also blog it
[14:57:21] <czajkowski> if someone wants to send me details
[14:57:27] <czajkowski> will go on planet Ubuntu
[14:57:35] <czajkowski> and will get word out to irish readers more...
[14:58:04] <infoturtle> well what details are needed, just the number of cd's is it?
[14:58:13] <czajkowski> who to contact
[14:58:18] <czajkowski> and how to get one off the team
[14:58:25] <airurando> I'll e-mail czajkowski
[14:58:32] <czajkowski> ok
[14:58:43] <airurando> I've sent a few out to individuals as well
[14:58:49] <ebel> ok
[14:58:58] <airurando> and I'm sending a couple to a school tomorrow
[14:59:14] <airurando> so I think a trickle for the remaining ones might be good.
[14:59:17] <infoturtle> turtle@infoturtle.ie if you want people to get in contact with me about some
[14:59:22] <airurando> Individual requests
[14:59:22] <czajkowski> kep some for the geeknic ?
[14:59:25] <czajkowski> for 3dcamp
[14:59:30] <infoturtle> have some here for it
[14:59:31] <airurando> done
[14:59:35] <czajkowski> coolio
[14:59:48] <airurando> hand delivered czajkowski
[15:00:07] <infoturtle> well you used a car aswell...
[15:00:07] <czajkowski> :)
[15:00:19] <airurando> some for milklabs gone down also and nexus cork
[15:00:40] <czajkowski> maybe mail ILUG and CLUG ?
[15:00:43] <czajkowski> not sure
[15:00:45] <czajkowski> up to ye
[15:01:08] <airurando> I've used microblogging with some success
[15:01:17] <czajkowski> airurando: good stuff
[15:01:29] <czajkowski> wh=ich reminds me I've 2 AOBs :D
[15:01:40] <airurando> Would ILUG be a good audience?
[15:01:41] <infoturtle> I've info send out too but with little intrest
[15:02:06] <infoturtle> what's an AOB?
[15:02:24] <czajkowski> might be someone on there who might actually want a live cd
[15:02:25] <airurando> any other business
[15:02:28] <czajkowski> to have to show to others?
[15:02:30] <czajkowski> dunnno
[15:02:34] <czajkowski> infoturtle: any other business
[15:02:44] <ebel> ok, we done with cds?
[15:02:49] <airurando> I'll e-mail ILUG so
[15:03:18] <ebel> ok
[15:03:21] <ebel> [topic] AOB?
[15:03:24] <tdr112> i will do a post on the tog blog about getting them and link to the ubuntu-ie site
[15:03:49] <tdr112> so did i miss it or is someone taking point on the 3dcamp thing
[15:04:19] <infoturtle> I'll relay info from the meeting next week
[15:04:26] <infoturtle> on the matter
[15:04:32] <tdr112> ah ok good stuff
[15:04:48] <czajkowski> 2 things
[15:05:48] <czajkowski> 1) more ubuntu member - would love to see tdr112 and airurando go for it
[15:05:51] <czajkowski> means more blog posting
[15:06:06] <infoturtle> I was going to ask for links on how to go for it
[15:06:11] <czajkowski> 2) if anyone wants info of events or about events blogged tell me I;ll do it on mine
[15:06:29] <ebel> cool
[15:07:04] <tdr112> well i am going to get my wiki page in order next week and then apply
[15:07:19] <ebel> cool! good luck.
[15:07:28] * ebel shall have to write a testimonial
[15:07:59] * airurando is still shy but some day definitely
[15:08:05] <infoturtle> how do you get set up for it?
[15:09:03] <ebel> infoturtle: create a wikipage explaining why you should get it
[15:09:14] <ebel> there's a list of meetings, then put your name down.
[15:09:34] <ebel> twould be great to have more ubuntu members,.
[15:09:34] <airurando> infoturtle see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership
[15:09:54] <infoturtle> fantastic! thanks!
[15:10:18] <ebel> any other topics?
[15:10:45] <airurando> next meeting
[15:11:19] <airurando> 15 Jun 11.
[15:11:31] <ebel> sounds good
[15:11:59] <tdr112> sounds grand
[15:12:06] <ebel> [agreed] next irc meeting 15th june 2011
[15:12:28] <airurando> thats all from me
[15:12:39] <moylan> works for me, great meeting!
[15:12:45] <ebel> cool
[15:12:49] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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