This Ubuntu Ireland Team IRC meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 17th of August 2011, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode. Everyone was welcome to attend and to add topics to the agenda (below)

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  • airurando
  • carles-091labs
  • ebel
  • meetingology
  • moylan
  • mokmeister
  • thelodger


  • Agenda item


    Review of previous action items

    Standing agenda item

    Ubuntu Global Jam


    Event Planning



Meeting started by airurando at 19:06:36 UTC.  The full logs are
available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2011/ubuntu-ie.2011-08-17-19.06.log.html

== Meeting summary ==

''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-08-17   (airurando, 19:08:14)
 *Review of previous action items
''LINK:'' http://groups.google.com/group/limerick-hackerspace/browse_thread/thread/5a63ceb814efbc13   (airurando, 19:14:21)
''ACTION:'' ebel will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin  (airurando, 19:23:16)
 *Ubuntu Global Jam
 *Event Planning
 *any other business
 *next meeting date proposed for Wednesday 21st of September.

Meeting ended at 19:56:14 UTC.

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

  • Agenda item


    next meeting date proposed for Wednesday 21st of September



19:06:36 <airurando> #startmeeting
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 19:07:14 <airurando> evening all and welcome to the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo monthly IRC meeting for August
 19:08:01 <airurando> our agenda for this evenings meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-08-17
 19:08:14 <airurando> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-08-17
 19:08:48 <airurando> as you can see we have a new bot as MootBot was bust
 19:08:58 <airurando> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-08-17
 19:09:03 <airurando> hmm
 19:09:28 <airurando> we'll move on
 19:09:50 <airurando> if you are present for the meeting please indicate so by typing PRESENT
 19:09:54 <airurando> PRESENT
 19:09:59 <carles-091labs> presnet
 19:10:01 <moylan> PRESENT
 19:10:15 <thelodger> PRESENT
 19:10:22 <ebel> PRESENT (sorta)
 19:10:33 <airurando> #topic Review of previous action items
 19:10:33 <meetingology> TOPIC: Review of previous action item
 19:11:05 <airurando> from last month we had a few actions items
 19:11:32 <airurando> #topic ACTION: infoturtle will organise UGJ Limerick
 19:11:32 <meetingology> TOPIC: ACTION: infoturtle will organise UGJ Limerick
 19:11:53 <airurando> infoturtle can't be here tonight and sends his apologies
 19:12:17 <airurando> he has done some work on this and asked me to give the update
 19:13:10 <airurando> MilkLabs hackerspace have been approached and asked to host the Jam on Sept 3rd
 19:13:34 <airurando> The initial response has been positive but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.
 19:14:21 <airurando> #link http://groups.google.com/group/limerick-hackerspace/browse_thread/thread/5a63ceb814efbc13
 19:14:59 <airurando> the above listed e-mail thread gives a good indication of the progress that has been made so far.
 19:15:47 <airurando> infoturtle has done great work on this and hopefully it will all fall into place for hi
 19:15:57 <carles-091labs> About the Jam on September
 19:16:33 <carles-091labs> I was going to host one in 091labs but just yesterday i got the news from jefrey about going to electric picnic
 19:16:55 <carles-091labs> so, I won't be able to host it. Not sure if any of our members will take my place
 19:17:38 <airurando> Thats a pity but not to worry.
 19:18:19 <airurando> we'll wait for confirmation from infoturtle before promoting UGJ Limerick
 19:18:44 <airurando> carles-091labs definately next time eh? ;)
 19:19:07 <carles-091labs> I'm at the space at the moment and talking with some of the members. One of them said that he will do it
 19:19:30 <airurando> cool :)
 19:19:40 <airurando> we can chat on that in a minute
 19:19:46 <carles-091labs> ok
 19:19:50 <airurando> but that is brilliant.
 19:20:03 <airurando> #topic ACTION: tdr112 will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin
 19:20:03 <meetingology> TOPIC: ACTION: tdr112 will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin
 19:20:26 <airurando> I know tdr112 asked TOG.
 19:20:37 <airurando> no confirmation as of yet though.
 19:20:49 <airurando> ebel do you know anything on this?
 19:21:11 <ebel> Yes
 19:21:23 <ebel> I will be organising the Dubin global jam in TOG
 19:21:30 <ebel> (at least I'll be approaching TOG about this)
 19:21:58 <ebel> I haven't done it yet, since tdr112 only told me yesterday
 19:22:03 <airurando> OK
 19:22:26 <ebel> But I'll do it within the next few days. It'll take ~ 5 days to get word back from the tog members to confirm/reject it
 19:22:47 <ebel> so we'll know within 5 or 6 days if we can have UGJ at TOG. I am optimistic
 19:22:57 <airurando> OK we'll leave it at that
 19:23:16 <airurando> #action ebel will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin
 19:23:16 * meetingology ebel will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin
 19:23:23 <airurando> moving on
 19:23:33 <airurando> the last action from July was
 19:23:56 <airurando> #topic ACTION: moylan to generate a doodle poll to decide on the location for the August geeknic
 19:23:56 <meetingology> TOPIC: ACTION: moylan to generate a doodle poll to decide on the location for the August geeknic
 19:24:19 <airurando> moylan do you want to provide a synopsis?
 19:25:04 <moylan> first time using doodle.  we got a fair number of votes and people selected st. stephens green.  but about 1/3 who voted for their turned up.
 19:25:32 <airurando> at least the sun shone mostly
 19:25:43 <airurando> small turnout
 19:25:44 <moylan> can't really think of a better way to get the word out to more people.
 19:25:53 <airurando> but good company
 19:26:17 <moylan> good fun.  i enjoyed it.  pics will be good come next reapproval :-)
 19:26:28 <airurando> indeed
 19:26:41 <ebel> yep
 19:26:57 <airurando> slashtom has many :)
 19:27:06 <airurando> we'll move on to agenda items proper
 19:27:19 <moylan> found one on my samsung tab that's quite good.
 19:27:27 <airurando> #topic Ubuntu Global Jam
 19:27:27 <meetingology> TOPIC: Ubuntu Global Jam
 19:27:57 <airurando> we have discussed venues already
 19:28:09 <airurando> Dublin and Limerick are in progress
 19:28:41 <airurando> Galway is also stepping up to the plate hopefully :)
 19:29:12 <airurando> carles-091labs you say you have news!
 19:30:06 <carles-091labs> one of our members is going to host the event for me
 19:30:18 <airurando> :)
 19:30:30 <mokmeister> present
 19:30:39 <mokmeister> sorry guys for the late arrival
 19:30:52 <carles-091labs> Not sure how succesfull this is going to be. I was looking forward to this... Next time i'll be there
 19:30:53 <airurando> hi mokmeister
 19:30:57 <carles-091labs> hi
 19:31:08 <mokmeister> hi airurando
 19:31:08 <mokmeister> hi carles-091labs
 19:31:22 <airurando> carles-091labs success isn't the driver
 19:31:37 <airurando> getting together and having fun is
 19:31:48 <mokmeister> everything has to start somewhere!
 19:31:58 <airurando> as few people as you like
 19:32:03 <carles-091labs> I know....
 19:32:22 <airurando> carles-091labs onto some praticalities
 19:33:10 <airurando> we usually promote these jams on the Ubuntu Wiki, LoCo Directory, our website and twitter/identi.ca
 19:33:27 <airurando> any objection to this?
 19:33:45 <carles-091labs> cool... Hopefully will get some people outside our members
 19:33:52 <carles-091labs> no, no
 19:34:00 <airurando> 091 labs kindly host a Global Jam event etc etc
 19:34:07 <airurando> excellent
 19:34:36 <carles-091labs> We will promote through our channels also
 19:34:48 <airurando> are 091 Labs OK with a 10am to 6pm ish timeframe on 3rd Sept
 19:34:58 <airurando> great promote away
 19:35:23 <airurando> the hope is always to promote the hackerspaces and ubuntu
 19:36:11 <airurando> carles-091labs so you have no objection to me promoting this as outlined above
 19:36:31 <thelodger> Shouldn't be a problem
 19:36:45 <thelodger> One member will be there from 10am and I should be back in town by 3pm
 19:36:48 <carles-091labs> yeah... just confirming with the member that will host it.... and he's fine with it
 19:37:04 <airurando> absolutely brilliant
 19:37:51 <airurando> any support or info you may want holler here or drop a line to the mailing list
 19:38:21 <carles-091labs> ok
 19:38:37 <airurando> #agreed 091labs will kindly host a UGJ Event
 19:39:32 <airurando> bah new bot not working properly
 19:39:39 <airurando> moving on
 19:39:45 <airurando> last agenda item
 19:40:04 <airurando> #topic Event Planning
 19:40:04 <meetingology> TOPIC: Event Planning
 19:40:21 <airurando> this is mine also
 19:41:10 <airurando> I'm just wondering whether or not we should try to plan and lock down events alot sooner than we currently do.
 19:41:51 <airurando> I agree with moylan, I don't know how we can get the word out better about events
 19:41:51 <ebel> how do you mean?
 19:41:52 <carles-091labs> what event is this?
 19:42:11 <airurando> carles-091labs all events
 19:42:16 <airurando> geeknics
 19:42:21 <airurando> Ubuntu Hours
 19:42:22 <moylan> just wondering.  would a google calendar for ubuntu ireland help?
 19:42:28 <airurando> Jams
 19:43:06 <airurando> moylan the loco dir is supposed to do something along those lines
 19:43:43 <airurando> ebel I mean we don't finalise details of things until a week or two before they are due to happen
 19:44:09 <airurando> Where possible I think we could do alot better on this
 19:44:31 <airurando> geeknics could be organised and agreed upon months in advance
 19:45:02 <airurando> news of the  event could filter out better in these situations
 19:45:24 <airurando> Jams should be organised as soon as the dates are announces
 19:45:30 <airurando> *announced
 19:45:52 <airurando> we'll as soon as practical after the announcement
 19:46:06 <airurando> just a thought
 19:46:12 <ebel> hmmm maybe....
 19:46:21 <ebel> you're right about some events that we know in advance...
 19:46:38 <airurando> I don't think it be much harder to lock the details down sooner
 19:46:53 <airurando> promote them sooner and for a longer period
 19:46:55 <ebel> twould mean being more organised
 19:47:11 <airurando> keep your calanders free kind of stuff
 19:47:33 <airurando> not a whole lot more organised
 19:47:38 <airurando> but a bit
 19:47:56 <airurando> would need to make decisions quicker also
 19:48:04 <airurando> date one month
 19:48:09 <airurando> venue the next
 19:48:18 <airurando> this eats away at time
 19:48:33 <airurando> moylan thoughts
 19:48:48 <airurando> carles-091labs thoughts?
 19:49:21 <airurando> thoughts anyone?
 19:49:37 <moylan> we should streamline the decision process.  maybe the next time the doodle poll should be a location + date selection in one poll.
 19:49:57 <moylan> also maybe block book the 1st saturday of the month for events or something...
 19:50:02 <ebel> i agree to try to give it a go, but i'm a terrible one for the procrastinator
 19:50:13 <airurando> haha
 19:50:39 <carles-091labs> we can definetly try
 19:51:03 <airurando> moylan I agree but I think actioning it at one meeting and agreeing on it at the next may even be too long
 19:51:33 <airurando> I just wanted to get folks thinking on this
 19:51:37 <carles-091labs> there's always the mailing list... we don't have to wait that ling
 19:51:41 <carles-091labs> #long
 19:51:48 <airurando> we can leave it here
 19:52:04 <airurando> carles-091labs that is a good idea
 19:52:22 <moylan> might put more activity onto the mailing list
 19:52:29 <airurando> indeed
 19:52:33 <carles-091labs> true
 19:52:50 <airurando> we can all think on it
 19:53:13 <airurando> #topic any other business
 19:53:13 <meetingology> TOPIC: any other business
 19:53:41 <carles-091labs> not from me
 19:54:15 <airurando> #topic next meeting date proposed for Wednesday 21st of September.
 19:54:15 <meetingology> TOPIC: next meeting date proposed for Wednesday 21st of September.
 19:54:22 <airurando> any objections
 19:55:04 <airurando> no?
 19:55:06 <carles-091labs> nope
 19:55:08 <airurando> cool
 19:55:15 <moylan> nope
 19:55:29 <airurando> as there is nothing else we'll finish up here
 19:55:42 <airurando> thanks all for attending and participating
 19:56:03 <airurando> looking forward to UGJ Galway joining in this year!!!!
 19:56:07 <carles-091labs> welcome and thank you
 19:56:14 <airurando> #endmeeting

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