This Ubuntu Ireland Team IRC meeting was held at 9pm Irish time on Wednesday the 16th of November 2011, in the #ubuntu-ie channel on FreeNode. Everyone was welcome to attend and to add topics to the agenda (below)

  • Note: The LoCo Team Portal listing for this meeting can be found here


  • Agenda item


    Review of previous action items

    Standing agenda item

    Report on Oneric CD Distribution


    Wiki vs LoCo Team Portal


    Adding admins to facebook page or and RSS updater


    A google + page?


#title #ubuntu-ie Meeting

Meeting started by ebel at 21:05:11 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2011/ubuntu-ie.2011-11-16-21.05.log.html .

Meeting minutes

Meeting started Wed Nov 16 21:05:11 2011 UTC

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-11-16 (ebel, 21:05:34)

  • Review of previous action items
  • Review of previous action items
  • Report on Oneric CD Distribution

ACTION: ebel to reply to people already contacted wrt to cds (ebel, 21:16:36)

  • Wiki vs LoCo Team Portal from airurando

  • Adding admins to facebook page or and RSS updater
  • A google + page? from infoturtle again
  • AOB?
  • Ubuntu Hour
  • team reports
  • meeting structure/schedule
  • AOB?

Meeting ended at 21:51:04 UTC.

Action items

  • ebel to reply to people already contacted wrt to cds

Action items, by person

  • ebel
  • * ebel to reply to people already contacted wrt to cds

People present (lines said)

  • ebel (82)
  • airurando (51)
  • infoturtle (47)
  • slashtommy (15)
  • meetingology (4)
  • imgarysmith (4)
  • Bpb101 (1)

Full Log

  • 21:05:11 <ebel> #startmeeting

    21:05:11 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Nov 16 21:05:11 2011 UTC. The chair is ebel. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

    21:05:11 <meetingology>

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    21:05:22 <ebel> welcome to the nov. 2011 orc meeting

    21:05:31 <ebel> here's the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-11-16

    21:05:34 <ebel> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-11-16

    21:05:44 <infoturtle> A meeting for Orcs?

    21:06:05 <ebel> PLease say PRESENT if you're here

    21:06:06 <ebel> PRESENT

    21:06:12 <slashtommy> PRESENT

    21:06:13 <imgarysmith> present

    21:06:18 <infoturtle> PRESENT

    21:06:22 <Bpb101> Present and new

    21:06:45 <infoturtle> hello Bpb101 and welcome

    21:06:46 <airurando> PRESENT

    21:06:50 <ebel> Bpb101: welcomer 21:07:01 * ebel is not having luck with hitting the right keys today :P

    21:07:08 <ebel> #topic Review of previous action items

    21:07:15 <ebel> [topic] Review of previous action items 21:07:35 * ebel is unsure if he's using meetingology correctly, aren't you supposed to get a PM when you do a command?

    21:07:47 <ebel> anyways, anyone wanna say anything on this topic?

    21:08:15 <infoturtle> what were the previous actions?

    21:08:32 <airurando> last one I think related to ebel mailing the list re CDs

    21:08:44 <airurando> no other actions I believe

    21:08:56 <ebel> yep, cds are next topic.

    21:09:27 <airurando> yip move on

    21:09:40 <ebel> #topic Report on Oneric CD Distribution

    21:09:59 <ebel> as you know we got ~250 cds from canonical of offical professionally manufactured cds of 11.10

    21:10:06 <ebel> for distrubution around ireland

    21:10:57 <infoturtle> Have many claimed them yet?

    21:11:04 <ebel> I've emailed the mailing list and gotten some replies for worthy causes 21:11:13 * slashtommy suggests an Ubuntu Hour next weekend to distribute them

    21:11:19 <ebel> I have given ~ 10ish to benchapman/thejetset for codedojo

    21:11:29 <ebel> and similar left some at TOG, the dublin hackersapce

    21:11:42 <imgarysmith> ebel I emailed you a few mins ago about it

    21:12:00 <ebel> I'll need to email people who replied already and ask them to send me a SAE so I can send them

    21:12:05 <ebel> (If you're outside dublin)

    21:12:15 <infoturtle> Can do

    21:12:20 <ebel> inside dublin, i presume a physical meetup would be easiest for all around

    21:12:28 <infoturtle> There's a few places I wish to drop them off to

    21:12:41 <ebel> So if you think you could use some cds, email me: rory@technomancy and tell me what you'd do with them

    21:12:58 <ebel> uptake has been less than last time alas

    21:13:14 <airurando> ebel, infoturtle I should be able to drop some to Limerick early December

    21:13:15 <ebel> some good news: the folks in limerick co.co. are still using ubuntu, so I'll send some down there

    21:13:25 <infoturtle> is that technomancy.ie or .com?

    21:13:31 <ebel> infoturtle: .org

    21:13:42 <infoturtle> cheers

    21:13:43 <ebel> (or yeah, forgot to include a TLD :P )

    21:13:51 <ebel> so email me: rory@technomancy.org

    21:14:07 <ebel> Any questions? comments? feedback?

    21:14:29 <infoturtle> how much postage should I cover?

    21:14:59 <infoturtle> sorry, just saw airurando, that would be great if you could

    21:15:09 <ebel> I'm not sure. I posted them last time in a postoffice and your one weighed them and said diue to size that it was a 'small parcel'

    21:15:18 <ebel> think it was €1.50 maybe....

    21:15:20 <ebel> or €2

    21:15:30 <infoturtle> ah grand

    21:15:41 <ebel> deffo sub €5

    21:16:05 <ebel> (shame there's no easy way to get refund on unused stamps...)

    21:16:21 <ebel> anything else?

    21:16:36 <ebel> #action ebel to reply to people already contacted wrt to cds 21:16:36 * meetingology ebel to reply to people already contacted wrt to cds

    21:17:19 <ebel> Once I've distributed some CDs, we'll see how many are left, maybe another ask the list situtation

    21:17:27 <ebel> #topic Wiki vs LoCo Team Portal from airurando

    21:17:34 <ebel> airurando: care to take it away?

    21:17:54 <airurando> thanks ebel

    21:18:27 <airurando> Can we drop recording event and meeting details on the Wiki? We have been dual recording these details on the Wiki and in the LoCo Team Portal (formerly the LoCo Dir) for several months now.

    21:18:50 <slashtommy> aye, i highlighted this problem over a year ago

    21:19:02 <airurando> aye slashtommy

    21:19:21 <slashtommy> have one place for events, and everything else points to the one source

    21:19:22 <infoturtle> seems like a good idea, no need for more than one copy

    21:19:40 <slashtommy> exactly, same goes for facebook and google+

    21:19:45 <airurando> but I was happy to run then in parallel until we were sure the LoCo Team Portal was for us.

    21:20:18 <airurando> *them 21:20:19 * ebel is relatively disinterested in the outcome, and sees no massive difference between the two

    21:20:48 <infoturtle> agrees

    21:21:03 <slashtommy> grand, it's decided then

    21:21:21 <ebel> ok

    21:21:27 <airurando> cool wiki dropped

    21:21:32 <ebel> #agreed IrishTeam wiki page to be deleted

    21:21:34 <ebel> right?

    21:21:37 <ebel> or:

    21:21:42 <ebel> #agreed IrishTeam wiki page to be abandoned

    21:21:51 <slashtommy> point it to the loco

    21:21:58 <ebel> kewl

    21:22:07 <ebel> next:

    21:22:10 <ebel> #topic Adding admins to facebook page or and RSS updater

    21:22:14 <ebel> from infoturtle

    21:22:50 <infoturtle> Ya, time is no longer my friend and maybe if we had more admins to post events and such on facebook then user there would get more from it

    21:23:05 <infoturtle> I can be quite forgetful too and just forget to add things

    21:23:25 <slashtommy> infoturtle: see above

    21:23:28 <infoturtle> at the moment I'm the only one who can use facebook as the Ubuntu-ie page

    21:23:32 <slashtommy> have one place for events, and everything else points to the one source 21:24:09 * ebel has no problem being a facebook admin, but cannot really commit to doing much actually with it

    21:24:14 <infoturtle> indeed, I'm saying my problems is not being able to update the page, unless I do it via auto RSS

    21:24:16 <airurando> slashtommy you know there are people who use facebook but not the loco

    21:24:19 <ebel> wonder if you can pull stuff in from L.D.

    21:24:33 <infoturtle> via rss you can

    21:24:54 <infoturtle> I have an account for one of those auto feed I could just like if that's cool with everybody

    21:25:08 <airurando> infoturtle I'd be happy to be an admin also

    21:25:09 <infoturtle> *link instead of like

    21:25:11 <infoturtle> soory

    21:25:24 <infoturtle> airurando fantastic

    21:25:30 <ebel> rss sounds like it might solve a lot of problems?

    21:25:33 <slashtommy> airurando: i suggest linking to the LD

    21:25:39 <slashtommy> from the facebook page

    21:25:55 <airurando> can we do that?

    21:26:09 <airurando> if so who will do that?

    21:26:15 <infoturtle> I wouldn't know how to link to the LD 21:26:40 * ebel hopes there's just an RSS feed somewhere

    21:27:45 <airurando> identica can post to twitter and twitter then to normal facebook accounts (not sure about group pages) 21:28:37 * ebel is unsure

    21:28:40 <infoturtle> airurando, could be perfect if it did

    21:28:58 <airurando> I suppose the topic was simply to add more admins

    21:29:05 <infoturtle> will I check that out and if not link an RSS to it and make airurando admin anyway?

    21:29:06 <airurando> are we drifting

    21:29:40 <ebel> well perhaps, but would sorting out auto rss remove the need for more admins?

    21:30:13 <airurando> can we do that in the context of this meeting?

    21:30:29 <ebel> infoturtle: your call, you're admining it now.

    21:30:33 <infoturtle> handy to have more anyway so it's not just me as admin. Just in case anything needs to be added or changed

    21:30:47 <ebel> wanna make it easy for you, just put me, and I presume, airurando down as admins

    21:30:56 <infoturtle> cool, will do then

    21:31:01 <ebel> wanna do a long term solution, then figure oiut some rss?

    21:31:23 <infoturtle> perfect

    21:31:41 <ebel> kewl

    21:31:51 <ebel> #topic A google + page? from infoturtle again

    21:32:12 <infoturtle> ya, now that g+ allows pages I see an awful lot of locos starting pages

    21:32:22 <infoturtle> do we want one or is what we have enough?

    21:32:53 <ebel> you wanna set one up?

    21:33:01 <airurando> I think we shoud generate one and park it until we sort it all out.

    21:33:30 <airurando> whatever the major social platforms are we should have a presence.

    21:33:32 <infoturtle> I can do ya, but g+ doesn't support multi admins yet

    21:33:33 <imgarysmith> It can't be any harm having one, spread the Ubuntu love

    21:33:49 <infoturtle> so if I do it it'll just be me till they allow it

    21:34:02 <slashtommy> infoturtle: if you want to set one up, go for it 21:34:12 * ebel would have no problem with that personally

    21:34:26 <airurando> fine by me

    21:34:41 <infoturtle> cool, I'll part it for now and see how it takes

    21:34:45 <ebel> kewl

    21:34:46 <infoturtle> *park

    21:34:54 <infoturtle> god dam typing skills

    21:34:54 <ebel> #topic AOB?

    21:35:13 <slashtommy> ubuntu hour?

    21:36:17 <airurando> 02 Dec 11?

    21:36:27 <airurando> czajkowski is home I think?

    21:36:28 <slashtommy> laura is here!

    21:36:44 <ebel> yes

    21:36:50 <ebel> #topic Ubuntu Hour

    21:37:05 <slashtommy> good plan, i will consult czajkowski arrange a date/location and tell everyone

    21:37:23 <ebel> kewl

    21:37:32 <airurando> cool

    21:37:46 <airurando> I've 2 more things

    21:37:53 <airurando> team reports

    21:38:05 <airurando> and

    21:38:19 <airurando> meeting structure and schedule

    21:39:06 <airurando> ebel can you #topic the first

    21:39:18 <ebel> #topic team reports

    21:39:37 <airurando> we haven't published a team report since August

    21:40:01 <airurando> tdr112 is our lead on this but he is very busy.

    21:40:19 <airurando> I've been chatting to hime and I had hoped he would be here.

    21:40:29 <ebel> oh yes, tdr112's been working lots

    21:40:50 <airurando> during our chats he stated he would look for new blood to help with the team reports.

    21:41:05 <airurando> was gonna ask here.

    21:41:42 <airurando> The Reports were a great help for our reapproval application during the Summer.

    21:41:53 <airurando> To drift away from them is not good.

    21:42:03 <airurando> any volunteers?

    21:43:09 <infoturtle> I'm quite tied as it is but if no one else does I can try

    21:43:15 <ebel> yeah

    21:43:24 <infoturtle> it would be a shame to see that part just fall off 21:43:28 * ebel probably won't have time...

    21:43:56 <airurando> I've helped a bit in the past but I was hopeing someone else could chip in

    21:45:11 <infoturtle> will we put it to the mailing list?

    21:45:20 <ebel> probably best

    21:45:20 <infoturtle> in case someone not present would like to try it

    21:45:28 <airurando> I'd like tdr112 to lead this

    21:45:49 <airurando> ansd that is prob a goo idea infoturtle

    21:46:01 <airurando> move on

    21:46:26 <ebel> yeah

    21:46:27 <airurando> meeting structure/schedule

    21:46:36 <ebel> #topic meeting structure/schedule

    21:47:04 <airurando> do we need to introduce more flexibility into our scheduling?

    21:47:34 <airurando> I championed the 3rd Weds idea but is it working?

    21:48:07 <infoturtle> Well all here may say it suits, we need that people that can't make it to comment on this

    21:48:12 <ebel> TBH something that annoyed me with the meeting was the length (usually 1½ hrs), rather than day time

    21:48:13 <infoturtle> perhaps? 21:48:25 * ebel has no objection to weds or other nights

    21:48:34 <airurando> Are folks happy toI hear you ebel 21:48:35 * ebel slightly prefers the 9pm, gives time for dinner etc.

    21:48:51 <imgarysmith> 9pm suits me better too

    21:49:01 <airurando> me three

    21:49:12 <infoturtle> I good with it

    21:49:37 <airurando> infoturtle it was mentioned on the mailing list and the response was nil

    21:49:47 <infoturtle> fair nuff

    21:49:53 <infoturtle> can't do more for them so

    21:49:57 <airurando> ok stick with 3rd Weds and 9pm

    21:50:02 <ebel> yeah

    21:50:06 <infoturtle> agreed

    21:50:14 <ebel> no objections, so stick with it. Smile :)

    21:50:18 <airurando> all done here

    21:50:20 <ebel> #agreed keep irc mweewtin same

    21:50:24 <ebel> #topic AOB?

    21:50:45 <airurando> not here

    21:50:49 <infoturtle> not from me anyway

    21:51:04 <ebel> #endmeeting

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