ubuntu-ie December 2011 Team IRC Meeting

This Ubuntu Ireland Team IRC meeting was held at 9pm Irish time on Wednesday the 14th of December 2011, in the #ubuntu-ie channel on FreeNode.

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Meeting started by ebel at 21:04:57 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2011/ubuntu-ie.2011-12-14-21.04.moin.txt .

Meeting summary

LINK: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/302/detail/ (ebel, 21:05:48)

  • CD distribution

LINK: http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ needs some make up? css? (delcoyote, 21:18:00)

  • AOB?
  • website

ACTION: ebel to be read for dns (ebel, 21:40:49) ACTION: infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new websute (ebel, 21:41:03) ACTION: ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds (ebel, 21:41:15)

  • AOB?

Meeting ended at 21:42:46 UTC.


Action items

  • ebel to be read for dns
  • infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new websute

  • ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds

Action items, by person

  • ebel
  • * ebel to be read for dns
  • * ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds
  • infoturtle
  • * infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new websute

People present (lines said)

  • ebel (57)
  • airurando (43)
  • infoturtle (18)
  • moylan (9)
  • mokmeister (7)
  • meetingology (6)
  • delcoyote (6)
  • slashtommy (1)

Full Log

  • 21:04:57 <ebel> #startmeeting

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    21:05:00 <ebel> woot

    21:05:19 <ebel> please say "PRESENT" if you're here and paying attention

    21:05:20 <ebel> PRESENT

    21:05:26 <moylan> PRESENT

    21:05:26 <infoturtle> PRESENT

    21:05:27 <slashtommy> PRESENT

    21:05:27 <airurando> PRESENT

    21:05:32 <mokmeister> PRESENT

    21:05:46 <ebel> meeting page is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/302/detail/

    21:05:48 <ebel> #link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/302/detail/

    21:06:17 <ebel> #topic CD distribution

    21:06:40 <delcoyote> PRESENT

    21:07:03 <ebel> I (as PoC) have the box of CDs. Some have been given out (to BenChampman (for coderdojo), to airurando, some in TOG)

    21:07:24 <ebel> however i have been bad and haven't actually followed up with people who asked for cds earlier

    21:07:27 <ebel> Sorry.

    21:07:42 <infoturtle> I got some but haven't handed em out yet

    21:07:44 <ebel> there are still lots of cds here

    21:07:50 <infoturtle> thanks again to airurando

    21:07:51 <ebel> I'll do that after this meeting

    21:08:16 <airurando> infoturtle my pleasure

    21:08:18 <ebel> sorry again

    21:08:29 <airurando> no bother ebel

    21:08:45 <airurando> do you need any help with it?

    21:09:10 <ebel> For the record, if you would like some CDs, please send me a self addressed envelope. Email me rory@technomancy.org and I'll sort it out

    21:10:10 <ebel> anyone wanna talk on this topic?

    21:10:15 <moylan> is there a public email address that we can tweet for that so that others can see it?

    21:10:49 <airurando> interesting idea moylan

    21:10:55 <moylan> just a thought

    21:11:08 <moylan> i'd never tweet somebodies private email address

    21:11:12 <airurando> ebel what do you think?

    21:11:15 <ebel> yes, you can tweet that

    21:11:28 <moylan> if you're sure...

    21:11:30 <ebel> this is a publically logged channel and publically logged meetin

    21:11:58 <moylan> there's public and scraped web pages public. how good is that spam filter? Smile :-)

    21:12:28 <moylan> say a subject line of 'ubuntu cd' or something?

    21:14:05 <ebel> what?

    21:14:41 <ebel> I am not sure what you're asking about. This might spread some light on what I think your assumptions are: http://www.google.ie/search?q=rory%40technomancy.org

    21:15:18 <moylan> fair enough. just thought it might help you filter out requests if you asked folk to use a specific subject line.

    21:15:24 <ebel> nah

    21:15:28 <ebel> tis grand

    21:16:42 <moylan> i'll tweet that email address later for folk who want ubuntu cds. we could all blog the same?

    21:17:08 <airurando> aye

    21:17:13 <infoturtle> can do

    21:17:46 <ebel> sure

    21:18:00 <delcoyote> http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ needs some make up? css?

    21:18:30 <ebel> anythign else on the cd topic?

    21:18:48 <delcoyote> any left at tog?

    21:19:00 <ebel> should be. lots

    21:19:19 <delcoyote> thanks ebel.. need to get there, but I use a different time table

    21:19:24 <ebel> ok

    21:19:30 <ebel> #topic AOB?

    21:19:43 <ebel> delcoyote: you asked about css?

    21:20:00 <airurando> The website

    21:20:22 <delcoyote> Just comparing ubuntu-ie and loco team websites, and needs some css? the website?

    21:20:45 <ebel> #topic website

    21:20:59 <ebel> (a) another thing i've forgotten to do! (change dns to point to blacknight)

    21:21:06 <airurando> it is very old

    21:21:15 <ebel> (b) who's offered to do the redesign? (/me forgot()

    21:21:38 <infoturtle> I was on it ages ago with thethomaseffect

    21:21:43 <airurando> thethomaseffect I think

    21:22:08 <ebel> ok

    21:22:13 <airurando> can someone change the 11:04 banner on the fromt

    21:22:19 <airurando> *fromt

    21:22:24 <airurando> ahhh

    21:22:29 <airurando> *front

    21:22:43 <ebel> right, i'll try what canonical suggest to move it to the blacknight host. then it'll be up to thethomaseffect to sort out setting up & configuring the new website

    21:23:09 <airurando> is thethomaseffect still up for it

    21:23:29 <airurando> delcoyote, are you interested?

    21:23:29 <ebel> good question. they aren't here now...

    21:23:42 <infoturtle> airurando: done

    21:23:59 <delcoyote> I'm useless but full of ideas, sorry airurando I can't help but I wish i could

    21:24:21 <airurando> infoturtle thanks

    21:24:28 <infoturtle> I can take it on again over xmas if we're on black knight now

    21:24:32 <airurando> delcoyote not to worry

    21:25:37 <airurando> maybe we could make this a regular agenda item

    21:25:55 <airurando> I only wish I had the knowledge to dig in

    21:26:32 <airurando> I'd certainly like to get involved in some way but would be pestering the lot of you

    21:27:21 <infoturtle> well when I'm free and we're on the new server I can reset things up. Then any little jobs that need doing can be brought up monthly

    21:27:38 <infoturtle> any one who's up to doing the little things can help out

    21:27:45 <infoturtle> or what ever way people want to do it

    21:27:57 <airurando> fine by me 21:28:11 * ebel is unsure if he has email for thethomaseffect, might look and shoot them an email to find out if they are still interested

    21:28:28 <ebel> if we change dns, and nothing happens w.r.t. blacknight, then we have no website

    21:28:36 <ebel> (or at least, it's all offline)

    21:28:43 <airurando> ebel thethomaseffect is one man I think

    21:29:22 <ebel> airurando: i never implied otherwise (you're the second person to mention to me today about my use of "they" as a gender neutral singular pronoun :P )

    21:29:45 <airurando> apologies

    21:29:59 <airurando> ebel wrt website is that rock and hard place?

    21:30:12 <ebel> well, here's an idea, website not being used much. let's bite the bullet, and just switch it. then we can get moving

    21:30:15 <airurando> what is the sequence of events that must happen

    21:30:41 <airurando> can we archive the old one?

    21:31:09 <ebel> the old one will still be there, on canonical servers, cut off from the internet.

    21:31:23 <ebel> we can repoint ubuntu-ie.org back to if at a later date if needed

    21:31:46 <airurando> OK

    21:32:13 <airurando> so are we simply starting fresh on blacknight?

    21:32:33 <infoturtle> we have that option at least

    21:32:40 <infoturtle> we don't HAVE to tho

    21:33:06 <ebel> depends who wants to set it up

    21:33:32 <airurando> what is the simplest safest way for us to get up any running on blacknight with a spiffy ubuntu theme?

    21:33:32 <ebel> depends if they wanna use the same software, depends if they wanna manually re-enter all content

    21:33:42 <mokmeister> where is the advantage of moving the website off of canonical servers and onto blacknight?

    21:34:09 <ebel> mokmeister: canoncial only provide a limited, out of date version of drupal

    21:34:36 <mokmeister> ok

    21:34:44 <ebel> and i think people wanna set up a new one

    21:35:20 <airurando> I think we should get it up and running as quickly and simply as possible.

    21:35:56 <mokmeister> agreed.

    21:36:49 <airurando> infoturtle could you have a plan in place by the time of the Jan meeting?

    21:37:12 <infoturtle> can do

    21:37:43 <airurando> ebel could you have the 'switch' ready to press by then also?

    21:37:49 <ebel> sure.

    21:38:06 <airurando> is that it so?

    21:38:08 <ebel> can take a several hours for dns to switch

    21:38:12 <ebel> tisn't instaneous

    21:38:19 <ebel> (well gets complicated :P )

    21:38:25 <ebel> anything else?

    21:38:27 <airurando> we've waited years

    21:38:36 <airurando> several hours is minor

    21:38:43 <airurando> actions for yourselves?

    21:38:58 <mokmeister> ubuntu hour in Limerick, still happening?

    21:39:23 <infoturtle> the last few that were on I was at on my own but I would love to see one again

    21:40:02 <airurando> ebel actions?

    21:40:18 <ebel> wha?

    21:40:35 <ebel> oh

    21:40:44 <airurando> infoturtle to have plan for website in place by jan meeting

    21:40:49 <ebel> #action ebel to be read for dns 21:40:49 * meetingology ebel to be read for dns

    21:41:03 <ebel> #action infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new websute

    21:41:03 * meetingology infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new websute

    21:41:15 <ebel> #action ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds 21:41:15 * meetingology ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds

    21:41:15 <airurando> cool

    21:41:17 <infoturtle> woo websutes!!

    21:41:18 <mokmeister> have the ubuntu brand guidelines changed since last november? I suppose they would need to be followed for the new website

    21:41:28 <ebel> #topic AOB?

    21:41:31 <infoturtle> course

    21:41:35 <airurando> next meeting

    21:41:39 <infoturtle> I'll re read em

    21:41:56 <airurando> Wednesday Jan 18th

    21:42:11 <infoturtle> I'm cool with that

    21:42:23 <ebel> grand

    21:42:38 <mokmeister> will try to remember! ;D

    21:42:39 <airurando> lovely

    21:42:46 <ebel> #endmeeting

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