Ubuntu-ie January 2012 Team IRC Meeting

This Ubuntu Ireland Team IRC meeting was held at 9pm Irish time on Wednesday the 18th of January 2012, in the #ubuntu-ie channel on FreeNode.

  • Note: The LoCo Team Portal listing for this meeting can be found here

Meeting started by ebel at 21:08:05 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2012/ubuntu-ie.2012-01-18-21.08.log.html .

Meeting summary

LINK: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/308/detail/ (ebel, 21:09:16)

  • review
    • DNS (ebel, 21:10:07)
    • (ebel, 21:11:57)
    • infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new website (ebel, 21:12:08)

    • ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds (ebel, 21:13:21)
  • Campuscon this Saturday from tdr112

LINK: http://campuscon.hackingwit.com/ (tdr112, 21:20:01)

  • Any other business?

Meeting ended at 21:28:05 UTC.


Action items

  • (none)

People present (lines said)

  • ebel (36)
  • tdr112 (11)
  • moylan (7)
  • meetingology (3)
  • Victor9098 (1)

Full Log

  • 21:08:05 <ebel> #startmeeting

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    21:08:17 <ebel> Welcome to the January IRC Meeting for Ubuntu IE

    21:08:29 <ebel> please say PRESENT if you're here and paying attention.

    21:08:30 <ebel> PRESENT

    21:08:36 <moylan> PRESENT

    21:08:54 <Victor9098> PRESENT

    21:09:10 <tdr112> here

    21:09:14 <ebel> the agenda for this meeting is here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/308/detail/

    21:09:16 <ebel> #link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/308/detail/

    21:09:23 <tdr112> PRESENT

    21:10:00 <ebel> #topic review

    21:10:07 <ebel> #subtopic DNS

    21:10:31 <ebel> (Changing ubuntu-ie.org DNS to point to blacknight)

    21:10:38 <ebel> I haven't looked into this yet, sorry.

    21:10:53 <moylan> christmas happened. Smile :-)

    21:10:56 <ebel> Canonical have some fancy commands you can do to change DNS parameters w/ permissions etc.

    21:11:38 <ebel> but haven't looked into it yet.

    21:11:54 <ebel> sorry, i'll try to look into again

    21:11:57 <ebel> #subtopic

    21:12:08 <ebel> #subtopic infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new website

    21:12:43 <ebel> but infoturtle isn't here....

    21:13:07 <ebel> perhaps we leave this until later, infoturtle might show up

    21:13:08 <moylan> shelve it till next meeting?

    21:13:21 <ebel> #subtopic ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds

    21:13:55 <ebel> I have replied to everyone who expressed an interest in getting some CDs, and gave my address. I haven't recieved any SAEs and haven't sent any CDs out ☹

    21:14:10 <ebel> So we still have about half the CDs left.

    21:14:56 <ebel> Anyone want any?

    21:15:18 <moylan> i use netbooks so cds are superfluous

    21:15:51 <ebel> I'm unsure why the uptake has been so low this time, could be a combination of (a) me idlying too long with sending them out (b) people waiting for LTS (c) "send me a SAE" is more effort than when I posted them CDs for free

    21:16:33 <moylan> i think these days most installs are from usb

    21:17:45 <ebel> perhaps...

    21:19:02 <ebel> any comments on the review of previous action items?

    21:19:12 <moylan> no

    21:19:50 <ebel> #topic Campuscon this Saturday from tdr112

    21:20:01 <tdr112> http://campuscon.hackingwit.com/

    21:20:08 <tdr112> i will be along this weekend

    21:20:30 <tdr112> and i will be giving a talk and giving out ubuntu cd after / during the event

    21:20:48 <ebel> Did you get the CDs I left in TOG? Do you want/need any more?

    21:21:05 <tdr112> i have them

    21:21:09 <tdr112> i am in tog now

    21:22:34 <tdr112> if any is in the area feel free to drop by and get a cd

    21:22:39 <tdr112> thats all

    21:23:15 <ebel> cool

    21:23:23 <ebel> anything else we can do to help?

    21:23:36 <tdr112> nope , thanks for the cds

    21:24:00 <ebel> kewl

    21:24:07 <ebel> #topic Any other business?

    21:24:19 <ebel> We've reached the end of the agenda, any other business?

    21:24:34 <moylan> can't think of any

    21:25:19 <tdr112> all done here

    21:25:19 <ebel> Oh, I should mention that I'll get the DNS looked at by next meeting

    21:25:27 <ebel> #agreed ebel to look at DNS for next meeting

    21:27:37 <ebel> AOB?

    21:28:03 <ebel> nope

    21:28:05 <ebel> #endmeeting

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