Intrepid Ibex Release Party

A social meeting of ubuntu enthusiasts to celebrate the new release. Thursday, 30th October at 7pm, The Longstone Pub in Dublin

And boy did we celebrate it. Started off with just six or seve people there, and then all of a sudden we had over twenty or so folks sitting down, having some nosh and pints, we are after all in a pub and we're Irish Smile :) Out come the laptops, showing off what Intrepid Ibex can do. Lots of ooohhh's going on over the wireless just magically working.

As usual we had the upstairs of the Long Stone pub booked. The barmen at this stage are well used to us, however random folks walking through couldn't get over the fact that there were so many laptops and nerds in a pub. Indeed some of them came over and asked what we were doing and to be fair showed a lot of interest and a couple even took some CD's home with them with Intrepid on them and hopefully they'll come to the drop in center if they need help.

I'd never been to a release party, so wasn't sure A) what to do and Awesome! B) what to expect. I had installed Intrepid the night before so was ready to show it off. I'd advertised the event on IRC, Mailing Lists, Facebook and on Twitter. All I could do then was hope folks would show up. They did! Thank you!!

By all accounts I think it was a great success. A lot of people turned up and it was an opportunity for them to ask questions, including myself to others who offered some advice and were able to demonstrate how things were done. I think all in all, everyone agreed Intrepid had a lot of nice new features and people were impressed with it.

Thanks for coming folks Smile :) Laura

And here's a few pictures:

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