In the spirit of Zegenie Studios' Linux Distribution Chooser Quiz, this is a quiz for new users to determine if Ubuntu is a good choice for them.

Project Status

26 April 2007 - Still in the brainstorming phase

How to Contribute

You can contribute in any of the following ways:

Create quiz questions

We have to figure out what to ask people

Organize quiz questions

In order for the quiz to be easy to take, the questions should be organized by group

Determine appropriate scores for answers

The scores should be of roughly equal weight per question, as the total score is what will determine to what degree Ubuntu and/or desktop Linux is a good choice for the user.

Create the quiz

Know any backend programming? Someone would actually have to whip this together into functionality--either from scratch or based on a template

Design it

Nothing fancy, but the quiz should probably have appropriate artwork (either original or used with permission from Ubuntu's trademark department). The webpage should be W3C compliant and not overly complicated or slow to load

Host it!

The quiz would probably have to live on server space somewhere. I'm not sure if Ubuntu would officially sponsor it and host it on the Ubuntu servers.

Test it

After all the initial work is done, someone has to make sure the scoring works

Maintain it

If things change, someone has to go in there and start editing questions and score values


Proposed questions

A photograph straight from a digital camera would be approximately: A) 1GB B)1000GB C) 1MB D) 1KB

The boss's computer is running slow. You tell him he needs more memory. He shouts that he threw out all the junk on the hard drive only yesterday. Do you A) Calmly explain what you mean, open his control panel and see what type and how much he needs Awesome! B) Say "I'm only saying what I read in a magazine this morning" C) Say: "Well my friend tried that and it worked for him, so it might work for you too" D) Say: "How many sugars in your coffee?"


*Make it lighthearted or cheeky *Keep the quiz short--no more than thirty questions

More discussion about the quiz

You can toss around ideas casually and discuss this project further in this Ubuntu Forums thread

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