• No directions on how to use the CD images provided on the download page.

Many Windows users do not know what an ISO image is. It would be nice if the download page had a direct link to a tutorial on how to burn the provided CD images using other operating systems. The tutorial could contain a quick (~1 paragraph) discussion of what an ISO CD image is, and why you can't make a boot CD by copying the ISO file in the same way you would copy a picture or document. From there, it could contain walkthroughs for a few of the most popular windows / mac cd burners that support ISO images. In the mean time, here is a link to a site with directions for Windows users:

  • Command Line is still needed for some tasks

Ubuntu is an awesome step forward to a command line less environment. But still from now to then the command line is required to perform simple tasks. The most common for a novice Ubuntu user is installing a downloaded package (i.e. one you didn't aquire via synaptic, but direct download). dpkg -i [bla] should really be wrapped by a graphical interface like gdeb.

  • Fonts and Icons are rather huge compared to Windows / Mac.

Especially on 1024x768 the fonts and icons are too big for users that switch from Windows. It gets even worse when running gaim or looking at Ubuntus Install/Remove software program.

  • Fonts look bad when not anti aliased

Windows users are used to crisp fonts. Anti aliased fonts look quite blurry, but if you switch off anitaliasing the default font (Sans) get's really ugly. Especially at smaller sizes (<= 12).

  • System settings are in three different menus

System->Settings System->System Management Applications->System Tools

  • Links in x-chat won't open up in firefox as left-klick default.

They just don't work. Although rightklick->Firefox->Open in new tab works (open in existing won't).

  • Set up as default in /etc/default/rcS "FSCKFIX=yes"

This is so normal users are not confused about any filesystem corruption reports that they then have to figure out how to fix. Any "power users" can set this back to "No" if they need to, but it would make life with Ubuntu a lot better for 99% of us.

  • Make GCC a part of Default install. Those moving from othere distros are irked by it not being there on an otherwise superb OS.


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