Ubuntu Developer since 2008. Member of the Membership Board. Former member of the Release team.

Community Council election

The Ubuntu Community Council is the primary community governance body for the Ubuntu project and therefore having a seat on the council comes with great responsibility.

I've been involved with the Ubuntu project for many years now and have been exposed to all parts of the project. During the years that I have been part of the community, not only did I learn a lot about technology and open source in general but, most importantly I built and solidified relationships with other members of the community. One of my goals is to keep doing that and grow our community even bigger.

Ubuntu is still gaining popularity very fast every single day. Being an open source project, I believe it is very important to have a strong and transparent community so that we can focus on our common goal: make Ubuntu even better!


Launchpad: http://launchpad.net/~iulian

Email: iulian@ubuntu.com

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