About Me

  • Full Name: Pengiran Izam Ryan Bahrin

  • E-mail: <izamryan AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

  • Location: Brunei Darussalam

  • Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~izamryan

  • IRC: izamryan @ irc.freenode.net


I'm a Chartered Accountant and an avid user of Open Source.

I've been a heavy Linux user since 1998, and an Ubuntu user since 2005.

I am the Brunei Country Manager for the Linux Counter.

Contributions to Ubuntu

Plans and Goals


  • Currently planning to mirror Ubuntu Linux repositories in Brunei


  • In Brunei, increase the profile of OSS in general, and Ubuntu in particular.
  • Facilitate international experts to present on OSS, Ubuntu and other technologies in Brunei.


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