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This information is most likely out of date. I may update it in the future, but see some of the resources on the right for more accurate information.


I'm Jacob Peddicord, an 18-year-old web and software developer, Ubuntu member, and CSE student.

I know Python, PHP/MySQL, C/C++, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript technologies, to name a few. Most of my web applications are written in Python with the Django web framework.

I started venturing into Linux back in late 2005. I had downloaded Ubuntu 5.10 because I had always heard many great things about it. However, it refused to install from a DVD drive, and as a result, I tried SuSE. In May 2006, when Dapper was starting to become popular, I installed it and since then have never went back to any other distribution. I have given out around 50 copies of Ubuntu since (over 1000 if you count Ohio LinuxFest!), and have personally installed around 20 copies on others' machines.


I rarely post photos on the Internet, but here I am. I'm on the left, talking to Paul Williams (right) and Dan Buch (standing) at the Ohio Feisty release party at Panera.

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Bug triage and 5-A-Day - when I remember!

  • Forums:
  • Helping out with the Ohio LoCo team:

  • LoCo Support System for Drupal

    • Wrote original code
    • Now maintained by ubuntu-qc
  • Packaging:
    • Beginning some packaging work - still learning!

FOSS Contributions (not necessarily Ubuntu)

  • I write on FOSSwire, which has become relatively popular in recent months, along with Peter Upfold.

  • I'm working on a project known as Xeiso, a dedicated open gaming platform interface.

Team Memberships

Check my Launchpad profile page for more information.

Future Plans

  • Continue advocating Ubuntu
  • Finish some programming projects of mine



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