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Who I am

I'm Jamie Bennett, a software developer from Bath, Somerset, in the UK. I've been using Linux since installing Slackware in 1995 and I've been an Ubuntu Fan/Promoter/Contributor since the Warty days. I also work for Canonical as VP of Engineering.

In addition to working for Canonical I have a contract and consultancy company that has for many years worked on open source projects, both paid and free of charge. A lot of this work has focused on distribution infrastructure. Notable work has been with the Linux From Scratch Project (Lead Developer of Automated Tools), Nokia's Maemo Platform, and several little tools such as rsstorrent. More details of which can be found at http://www.linuxuk.org.

Testimonial from OliverGrawert

Jamie is a pleasure to work with, he is always reliable, the packaging and code work i reviewed from him up to now was good for becoming a universe contributor.

If jamie promised work to be done it was always on or even ahead of schedule. I think Jamie is a very valuable contributor to Ubuntu who also cares about giving back to upstream. During the Lucid cycle Jamie developed the weboffice integration for armel netbook images, the work he did was included in the default images, code as well as packaging was good here and did not need extensive changes. Jamie asks if he doesnt know something, he does not go forward on assumptions but researches issues properly before solving them.

Jamie worked also on resolving various FTBFS issues on armel and helped as well with the Thumb2 assembler code transition of the Ubuntu archive.

Im happy to have him working on the ARM port and would like to express my highest confidence in his knowlegde, he has my full support for becoming a universe contriubutor and to gain upload rights.

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