What is Ubuntu Kylin ?

The objective of the Ubuntu Kylin project is to create a variant of Ubuntu that is more suitable for previous Windows users all over the world. We are committed to provide you with a simpler and more enjoyable experience out-of-the-box. For instance, by providing UKUI Desktop Environment which provide a ‘familiar Windows-style layout’ to windows. Ubuntu Kylin has been a formal member of the Ubuntu family, since Ubuntu Kylin 13.04. Now, we are working on 22.04.

What's new in Ubuntu Kylin 22.04


Kernel 5.15

Same as Ubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin 22.04 includes the 5.15 Linux kernel. This includes numerous updates and added support since the 5.13 Linux kernel released in Ubuntu Kylin 21.10.

Desktop Environment UKUI 3.0

Network Manager Applet

  • Fix the problem that the list fails to load after clicking the wireless module after starting the screencast
  • Fix the problem that when the wireless network is turned off, there is still a WiFi list in the wireless connection list, and the switch is still on

  • Fix the problem that wired and wireless networks are connected at the same time, and the available wired connections are not displayed after sleep wakeup
  • Fix the problem that the authorization window will pop up twice when a newly created user makes a network connection or modification

Window Switch

  • Fix the problem that the icons of tasks fixed on the desktop after taking screenshots are not fully displayed in the window switching interface
  • Fix the problem that Alt+Tab can't switch multitasking view
  • Fix the problem that the preview interface is not displayed correctly after moving the window on the desktop preview interface

Power Management

  • Fix the problem of not being able to enter sleep mode within the set time


  • Fix the problem that when the screen is locked, pressing WIN+P will input characters in the input box


  • Fix the problem that the taskbar icon disappears after switching English, logging out and logging in again
  • Optimize the style of the collection box


  • Fix the problem that if you check the automatic login on startup in the installation system settings and create a new user after successful login, the screen will be blank when the user is switched.
  • Fix the problem that there is no prompt when the login password length reaches the maximum
  • Fix the problem that the prompt message of login failure after the password setting expires flashes by, and the specific prompt cannot be seen clearly

UKUI Interface

  • Added a unified interface for desktop operating system version information
  • Fix the problem that the log4qt log library occasionally releases resources due to waiting for the thread to exit and blocking the process exit problem
  • Fix the problem that the session occasionally gets stuck

System Notification Backend Program

  • Fix the problem that the screenshots of the desktop pop-up window and the screenshots of the sidebar are inconsistent with the jump
  • Remove the use of dbus to obtain the screen information interface, and use the Qt default mechanism to obtain

Setup Backend

  • Added the memory function of the display mode of the display and optimized some components
  • Added Gsettings status setting for sidebar sound
  • Fix the problem that there is no hot key pop-up window when the microphone lock is pressed, and there is no corresponding function
  • Fix the problem of black screen when connecting to the monitor after booting


  • Fix the UI display error of the new archive file button
  • Fix the problem that the sound icon in the taskbar is grayed out in classic mode
  • Fix the problem that the bottom of the GRUB interface is prompted on the left


  • Fix the problem of invalid search
  • Fix the problem that after clicking on the U disk with administrator authority and then clicking on "Quick Access", the "Unauthorized" window will pop up
  • Fix the problem that the virtual path disappears occasionally after entering and jumping after manually supplementing the virtual path

File Manager Plugin

  • Fix the problem that the size of the shared page icon is consistent with the basic page size
  • Fix the problem that the terminal cannot be opened in the file manager after uninstalling the terminal from the start menu
  • Fix the problem that the mobile phone transfers files through the USB device and reports an error when copying to the desktop

Control Center

  • Add a new state to determine "whether it is currently logged in state"
  • Fix the problem that the screenshot in the user manual of the control panel is inconsistent with the actual situation
  • Optimize the language setting of the control panel, from the current user's effective to the system's global effective

System Monitor

  • Fix the problem that the system monitor single-threaded single-process processor occupancy rate is too high
  • Fix the problem that the status update is not timely when killing the software store process
  • Fix the problem that the partition editor process icon is displayed abnormally


The ISO can be downloaded from here.

Known issues

  • LP: #1967239, ukui-settings-daemon crashes after loggin, and the temporary solution is just reboot.
  • LP: #1969728, no contents under option "icon theme".



Thanks to Aron, RikMills, kc2bez, dbungert, bdmurray, franksmcb, sil2100 and others who involving in the development of Ubuntu Kylin. If you want to be a contributor of Ubuntu Kylin,see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin/NewContributorGuide and https://developer.ubuntukylin.com.

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