Preparing for the Session

If you are interested in testing, also consider testing snappy. Checkout the snappy jam page for more information.

Session Host

You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with performing the testing in advance so you have a basic understanding of what to expect. This is best done by performing a test yourself before the day of the jam.

It is recommended you perform testing on the development version of ubuntu during the jam. To do this, you will be booting a live session of the development version of ubuntu and testing applications. Additionally you may perform an installation of the development version on real hardware or in a virtual machine.


Have participants come prepared with a laptop and usb key (2 gb or greater) that can be wiped clean.

You may wish to have extra usb keys already loaded with the proper image in case folks have trouble creating them.

Holding the Session


Let folks know they will be helping test there hardware and looking for bugs in the development version of ubuntu.

Follow the guide to ensure each participant has valid a bootable usb stick. Should this cause issues, follow the guide for virtualbox and have them test in a virtual machine.

If possible participants should try to test both the installation and the desktop / applications. If participants are unwilling or unable to test the installation, they can focus on testing the desktop instead inside a live session.

If / when you find an issue, please be sure and file a bug for it!


Boot the image and be sure to select the option allowing you to try ubuntu/xubuntu/kubuntu/lubuntu, etc. This will boot into a live session of the default desktop.

Once booted into a live session, you are ready to test. Start by performing the application testing below. Once you've completed testing the application testing, it's time to try an install. See the image testing below for this final step.

Optionally, participants can chose to try out unity8 and test it on there machine.

Application Testing

Testcases to execute: Application Testcases Choose the current development version of ubuntu as the 'milestone'. (Currently that is 'vivid daily').

What is it?: Application testing is the manual testing of specific things (test cases) in applications.

What's tested?: The default desktop applications

Tutorials: Application Testing Walkthrough

Image Testing

Testcases to execute: Image Testcases Choose the current development version of ubuntu as the 'milestone'. (Currently that is 'vivid daily').

What is it?: Image or iso testing consists of running through an installation of ubuntu.

What's tested?: Iso image ubiquity / debian installer

Tutorials: ISO Testing walkthrough

Unity8 Testing

If you're adventurous and want to check out what the future of Ubuntu is going to hold, see Unity8Desktop for more information and help with testing Unity8.

To file bugs, use the unity8-desktop-session package. The unity8 team will reassign your bug if necessary, please file bugs for any issues you find!

Phone Testing

Got a phone? Try living on the edge for a little while by trying out the development release for the weekend. Flash the devel-proposed channel and see what breaks! Although reflashing your phone won't cause you to lose data, make sure you have everything backed up before attempting this.

Getting Help

Get help on #ubuntu-quality on freenode.


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