I am Jan Claeys, 32 years old, living in Bruges, Belgium.

My computing experience started with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K and its built-in BASIC language around 1984. Later, on an XT-clone, I learned about Turbo Pascal 3.x and used this up to BP 7 (I still prefer Pascal over C/C++!). I've worked as a ColdFusion/web developer in the past, but my favourite programming language is now Python.

My first experiences with "linux" were on servers in 2000 (Debian, Red Hat, Cobalt), but I haven't used it on the desktop seriously (as in: "everyday use") before January this year (2005). That's when I did the "cold turkey" from 99% Windows to 99% Ubuntu. I am a member of LugWV.

I also was involved (as a board member & doing support) in Tik vzw / PUB, a non-profit representing customers of my ISP (and other ISPs in the near future), which also tries to represent internet users in general (e.g. where digital civil rights are involved).


My involvement in Ubuntu until now includes sitting in several (too many Wink ;) ) Ubuntu IRC-channels & mailing lists & trying to help people when possible, and I also follow several Belgian & Dutch (linux) newsgroups on Usenet.

I also did some Dutch translations, both for Ubuntu & for upstream projects. This is something I want to get more involved into. I am a member of Ubuntu's DutchTeam and BelgianTeam.

I've also reported some bugs of course (and I should probably have reported more).


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