Michael Godawski aka Jan Quark

I am 22 years old. My first contact with Linux was some years ago with Linux Red Hat. But first I had to get to know Ubuntu to be all for it.

I dwell in the Ubuntu World for 4 months now, and I learned thousand times more than during the usage of other Operating Systems. If I learn something new I always try to pour this new gained knowledge into a tutorial or essay.

Because when there is a clear shape, the spirit can become clear too.

Special Projects - Today and Tomorrow


  • planning to get involved into the translation ( speaking German and Polish fluently )
  • continue to edit the beginners section of the wiki "Beginners Section"

  • continue to expand the Virtual Ubuntu Tour



I've always found Janquark to be very helpful, whether it be on the IRC channel's, or on the forums. And after reading his tutorials/How-To's I'll certainly start linking to them when appropriate on the Ubuntu Forums.


When i first started using linux i had a bunch of different problems regarding media playback, graphics cards and some bad propitary hardware in my machine which would not work together with my Ubuntu 7.04.. i took a break from the linux world for a while and thought at the release of 7.10 that i would give it a try and together with janquark i got everything working including the media playback which i had some issues on. I don't think that i would have been using linux as of today if it wasn't for janquark who helped me a lot in the beginning.



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