Approval Application for Japanese Team (ubuntu-jp)

Key Details


  • Spread Ubuntu in Japan - Increase the number of Japanese users involved in the Ubuntu community.

    • Continue to organize regional meetings.
    • Attend local FLOSS conferences four or more times per year.
    • Distribute Ubuntu CDs at events.
    • Continue running LoCo team resources: Web site, IRC (#ubuntu-jp), Mailing List (, Web forum.

    • Write articles on local magazines and web sites.
    • Advise more companies which plan to use Ubuntu for business.
  • IRC Meetings - Continue to organise regular weekly IRC meetings.

  • Make Ubuntu better for Japanese users - Translate more applications, improve Japanese display and input support, and work to build up and provide a better Japanese language environment.

    • Maintain to make Japanese users update their ubuntu system comfortably.
    • Continue to create and distribute Japanese Remix Desktop CDs which supports Japanese input even in live session.
  • Better relation ships with other FOSS communities - Expand cooperative ties with other Ubuntu and FOSS comunities.

    • Maintain cooperation with Debian JP Project.
    • Deepen exchanges with other FLOSS communities including LibreOffice, Linaro, Android, etc.

  • Deepen exchanges with Ubuntu users in other countries

    • Encourage more of the Japanese LoCo Team members to become Ubuntu Members.


Experiences from 22 July 2009 to 19 June 2011.

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