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  • Doesn't work with VIA Chrome 9 IGP chips, hangs when loading desktop ( -- toni-helenius 2009-07-23 17:27:58

  • Doesn't work at all with Intel 865 graphics; X freezes on boot. Slightly edited #intel-gfx@freenode log tidbit follows;

    • [Thursday 23 July 2009] [02.48.52] <anholt>     I've managed to reproduce the problem on an 865, and spent a couple of days trying to fix it, with no luck so far.
      [Thursday 23 July 2009] [02.49.54] <Zorael^nb>  anholt: mmkay. well, at least it's comforting to know it's not just some freak error only I'm getting :3
      [Thursday 23 July 2009] [02.50.21] <anholt>     Zorael: yeah, it looks like it's a problem specific to 865 and not 855.
      [Thursday 23 July 2009] [02.51.23] <anholt>     it's also specific to render accel, so we're looking at just disabling render accel on it.

    Not yet fixed as of 27/7 and xf86-video-intel git commit 8084f76d86f048ca5b82da089fffa9665dbbcdd5. -- zorael 2009-07-27 20:50:55


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  • Hi, haven't tested it yet, but as soon as I have my netbook with me I'll upgrade. I only wanted to comment something. I hope karmic doesn't have kde3 apps anymore, but many apps aren't upgraded to kde4 yet, as gambas. I know oxygen won't ever be available in qt3, but I know qtcurve is, and it's as configurable as gtk version. Can we have qt3 configured to used qtcurve as the default theme, and qtcurve settings the same as in gtk? I think it would look great like that. I built and tested qtcurve in jaunty and it looks great, altought I had some trouble with qt3 settings to match. Well, just sharing my idea. Testing soon the alpha image. @Daniel Velasco@

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