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  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bugs!


  • Post known issues here
  • (almost) no support for ATI graphics card + KDE desktop effects (fglrx doesn't work with Jaunty's xserver, bug 313027 , and there are reports of open source drivers being very slow).

  • New NVIDIA drivers (180.35) causes problems. Logout or shutdown from inside KDE does not work.

    • I think this is resolved with driver version 180.37 - dave-stfu
  • Nvidia 64 computer chipsets still cannot boot kernel without pci=nomsi option
  • Plasma from the liveCD crashes: Use the install option from the bootmenue and update from commandline after installation.
  • Connection to non-broadcasting (hidden SSID) wireless networks with the network-manager widget isn't possible bug 330811


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  • Great Job everybody so far. 9.04 will be a great release if this tempo continues.
  • Everybody in the Kubuntu-Team and KDE-Team the previews are very very promising. Keep the motivation high and the Wow-Effect is sure. Honestly I checked out many windows-managers, but the new KDE is a dream. Hope Nvidia and Ati will support us better and ext4 is patched for the usual Users-Desktops till to the Final of 9.04. So all our dreams comes true ... - scholli
  • Nice release, but there are a few problems for me (hope this is the right place to report them):
  • The new plasmoid-network-manager has some graphical glitches, which causes trouble: The lower part of each section is cut off, so e.g. I can only see one out of three wireless networks
  • Log out doesn't work, instead of kdm I get only a black screen (intel gfx card) - tom
  • any plan to update the artwork with respect to the default KDE4 look? A customization would give a more professional impression to new users. Thanks for the nice job - gian
  • If this great work continues, the 9.04 release would become the first really useful KDE 4 based release for me. Still missing wireless (non-broadcasting) connectivity and a systemsettings applet for controlling daemons other than the KDE 4 services. Keep up the nice work guys - christiansen
  • Great Job everybody so far. Please don't use adept as standard package manager - in comparison to Synaptic its awful complicated to use it as normal user. It would be great if 9.04 becomes a distro everybody can use again - after a far from perfect 8.10 version (a lot of missing translations and even more bugs). I would like to recommend it again to friends and family - keep on working.
  • I tried installing this on my old Sony Vaio PCG-XG19. Kubuntu worked fine on it until alpha 5, but now plasma is crashing and will not start. I am trying to figure out more about what might be going wrong and will post a bug when I do. Also, I notice that the time zone page on the installer doesn't work as well as the one in alpha 5 - what was the change? I don't seem to be able to set my computer to be on India time; I was able to in alpha 5. (I am not in India, but plenty of people are!) I have to say that Amarok 2 still has a ways to go before it is as simple and easy to use as the KDE 3.5 version. (see: bug 316889,ubuntu forums,Idea 16533) -- mgolden 2009-03-16 03:29:34

  • Looks nice! nm-plasmoid for president! Some things i noticed:
    • Got some graphics issues with intel 915GM and the 2.6.1 driver. Some parts of menuebars aren't painted again sometimes, so you see parts ofthe plasmadesktop within a application. Any plans to update the intel driver to 2.7.x?
    • Display flickers on intel 915GM as i execute xrandr. is this usual behavou? didn't see this behaviour on 8.10 and 855GM
    • day/week-view don't work in korganizer just get the headline (one day/weekdays) -- freinhard 2009-03-17 23:24:58

  • Where is the Amarok KRunner plugin? As an old katapult fan it is a must have. Still not on Alpha 6. I don't know whether one exists, rumors do imply that one does... -- toni-helenius 2009-03-17 07:50:37

  • The translation in Gnome, but overall in Kubuntu in several languages isn't consequent. In different languages Kubuntu has a amateurish image for this. In Germany for example Users changes to different Distributions for this "Denglisch"-reason. I don't know if it is marked as Bug? But if it is so, so it should be marked as "high" - very important. I pulled out a screenshot from another blog: Hope this thematic would be taken seriously. Thanks for all and best wishes... -- scholli

  • When upgraded from KUbuntu 8.10 to 9.04 Alpha 6, the wallpaper was just changed to the default one. I think it should be kept as the one I used.
  • The Flash player on FireFox didn't work. The solution is to do as follows: sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

  • There's no sound of the system until I install the package "pulseaudio" and restart the system. However, Skype still doesn't have sound.
  • Sometimes it can't get focused when I try to type from keyboard.
  • I just installed it and the installer looks great. But it would be nice if the Installer guesses the country from the value given in the timezone section. So that if I give Zurich as City for the Timezone then it would guess Switzerland for the country and the keyboard layout in the next section.
  • The infamous SSH bug affecting Quanta and multiple other IDE's is still there. This is a regression. Using Kate is not a long-term option for developpers. Please put that as a priority, since KDE4, SSH (fish, samba) is a pain under Kubutu.

Kubuntu is shaping up. Here is my feedback from my experience

  • I believe that the usability of Kvkbd Virtual Keyboard can be increased. For example, it is hard to tell which key the mouse cursor is over. It is also hard to tell which modifier key is active or if any is active at all. It is difficult to tell if you have clicked, for example, Caps Lock or Shift. This is especially true if you look away and back again. You may forget that you have one of them pressed and you can't easily see that you have it pressed. If you click one of these modifier keys it should, maybe, change color or be highlighted more vividly.
    • On my (physical) keyboard some of my keys are darker than others. My Shift, Ctrl, Tab, Esc and a couple others are gray whereas the other keys, letter and number keys, are white. This brings visual separation between types of keys which makes it easier to home in on which keys you are using. Implementing this in Kvkbd would greatly enhance its ease of use.
  • In the application System Activity/Monitor the "quick search" box between the "kill process" and "All Processes" buttons, is way too thin.
  • I usually change, at least, the color of my windows and my font size after install. However when you run a program with administrative privileges, it uses the window style, colors and fonts that kubuntu originally installed with. Would it be possible to look into this so that even administrative programs would reflect my current window style, colors and fonts? This would truly bring uniformity and gorgeous consistency to the kubuntu desktop.
  • It seems that you are currently unable to change the date and time in Systems Settings, Date & Time. When you try to apply a changed time you get the three following error messages.

    • Unable to contact time server: .
    • Can not set date.
    • Error setting new time zone.
  • When I installed Jaunty Alpha 6 on a pc with 128mb ram , plasma wouldn't start (Just as "mgolden" said above). So i moved the hard disk to another computer with more ram. When I started Jaunty on that computer plasma still did not start. However if I Alt+F2 and typed "plasma" it would then start (panel, desktop wallpaper and widgets appeared.) So I started Jaunty again on the 128mb pc but even though i tried to run plasma again (Alt+F2) it did not start on this computer. Is it that Jaunty/Plasma has outgrown a pc with 128 MB ram.
  • When I change the CPU policy from Dynamic or Performance to Powersave, it will have my session locked. Quite strange.

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