Javier Carranza

About me

  • I'm a Guadalinex developer since February '04

  • I'm actually in NM process in Debian

  • I am a member and co-founder of Xinug LUG in Jerez (Spain), and a member of Hispalinux

  • I'm interesting in getting involved and contributing with Ubuntu because my efforts on Debian and Guadalinex. I feel all my efforts can be appreciated in Ubuntu and I'd like supporting it.

April '05 Conference Interests

  • Coordination between derivatives Spanish distributions (i.e. Guadalinex) and Ubuntu.

Packaging interesting

  • Qcad which I'm already packaging in Debian and Guadalinex.

  • Cinelerra which I'm already packaging in Guadalinex.


  • Part time, I'm also currently working on Guadalinex/Debian.


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