This is a shell script to install Trac with geolocation capacity

  • At this moment is in spanglish only :P'

  • Works well: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

  • It doesn't work: Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS (bzr version too old to work with Launchpad and python-pip, python-virtualenv packages are missing.

Autor: JavierRovegno

Installation of Trac issue tracker and plugins:

  • Not need to be root
  • Do not need complicated configurations
  • Do not require modification trac.ini

Only need the install of a minimum number of packages from Ubuntu official repositories:

bzr subversion python-subversion python-bzr-svn
python-setuptools python-virtualenv pip apache2-utils

Can be used without problems in parallel with Trac installation from official repository Ubuntu.



Get this branch: bzr branch lp:~jrovegno/+junk/trac-geo-portable

Hosted on Launchpad


For INSTALL: (Estimated time <2 min)

  1. Download the Trac Geo scripts:
    • $ bzr branch lp:~jrovegno/+junk/trac-geo-portable

  2. Change the directory to trac-geo-portable
    • $ cd trac-geo-portable

  3. Install dependencies from the official repositories Ubuntu (requires root privileges)
    • $ sh

  4. Install Trac and Trac Geo plugins on ($HOME/trac-portable)
    • $ sh

  5. Create svn and bzr on ($HOME/geo-repository) and the Trac Geo project on ($HOME/trac-geo)
    • $ sh

Ready! Now check your http://localhost:8000

  1. To stop trac-geo
    • $ sh

  2. To run trac-geo
    • $ sh

To UNINSTALL just deleted: (Estimated time <1 min)

  1. Delete Repository svn and bzr
    • $ rm -rf $HOME/geo-repository

  2. Delete Project trac-geo
    • $ rm -rf $HOME/trac-geo

  3. Delete trac-portable
    • $ rm -rf $HOME/trac-portable

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