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  • Launchpad Entry: jeos-hardy

  • Packages affected: linux-source-2.6.24, open-vm-tools


This spec describes the changes to be made to the JeOS in Ubuntu Hardy.

The Ubuntu JeOS cd image will in hardy be built daily using the existing cd building infrastructure. Various tools will be added to the JeOS image to optimize it for the various virtualisation technologies we expect will be used to deploy Ubuntu JeOS. This includes, but may not be limited to vmware's open-vm-tools.

Release Note

The Hardy Heron release of Ubuntu JeOS has seen great improvements. The kernel used has been further tweaked and specialised for deployment in virtual environments and user space tools have been added to speed up deployment.


Ubuntu JeOS should be a first class virtualisation guest OS. To reach this goal, we need to provide a kernel optimised for this special use case and also provide the userspace tools that go with the virtualisation technology used.

Use Cases



Apart from a different kernel and a slimmer selection of packages, the JeOS iso is the same as the server CD. A jeos seed will be added to the ubuntu.hardy seeds and the daily building of cd images will be extended to build the jeos image, too.

VMWare's open-vm-tools were freed in August 2007. We'll include them in the archive.


Specifically, a seed for JeOS will be added containing the minimal and required seeds, the -virtual kernel, grub, and usplash. The JeOS will be added to the existing alternate cd building infrastructure.

Test/Demo Plan

We should test if JeOS works using the following virtualisation technologies:

  • vmware
  • kvm
  • qemu (w/o kqemu)
  • qemu (w/ kqemu)
  • VirtualBox (OSE and PUEL versions)

The tests should include installation and basic performance testing. Details to be added later.

This need not be added or completed until the specification is nearing beta.

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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