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I'm an early user and advocate of Linux, and more generally Open Source Software, in the business world. I've been around with computers and particularly linux for some time now, and during all these years I've been using and promoting opensource technologies.

I started using Linux in 1995 with Slackware. At this time, the kernel was in version 1.2. Then I switched to Redhat until v6 in 2000, Debian and finally Ubuntu with Dapper in 2006.

My professional activities lead me to large scale deployment of linux servers, virtualized environments, network monitoring, collaborative and messaging suites. I'm now working for the Ubuntu QA Team at Canonical.

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I began contributing to Ubuntu with bug triaging, with a focus on installer and upgrade bugs. I ran a session on this topic during UDS Maverick called "Package installation failures" for the release of Lucid (Check the slides)

Then I spent some time on SRU verification before being involved in doing QA for the releases of Natty to Quantal. During that time, I coordinated the testing of the release with the community and the release team and wrote test automation tools to help with image testing ( and upgrade testing (

I continued developing more test automation tools to test the release and improve its quality, some of them are now critical pieces of the release process:

  • Auto Package Testing Automated testing of Ubuntu packages using autopkgtest.

  • DKMS Testing Automated testing of DKMS modules on all supported releases.

  • Tools used for the daily landing of upstream packages into Ubuntu

  • Otto an LXC based tool for functional testing of GUI applications on hardware.

  • Runner for ubiquity tests or automation of ubuntu desktop application tests

I also worked on other side projects:

  • CI of gnome with JHBuild infrastructure on Ubuntu
  • Bibisect repository of libreoffice.

  • and smaller contributions here and there (gathering of changelogs or screenshot tool for Ubuntu phone)

I'm mostly active on IRC on #ubuntu-quality and #ubuntu-bugs where I help when I can.

Future Goals

I intend to continue contributing to test automation tools wherever it is needed that will help to bring Ubuntu to a high standard of quality together with an innovative user experience.


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Martin Pitt

Jean-Baptiste has been one of the pillars of Ubuntu QA for several years now. He is meticulous and tireless in manual and automatic testing and following up to issues, setting up and maintaining Ubuntu QA infrastructure, and his bug reports are one of the finest on earth. I wholeheartedly recommend him for Ubuntu membership, he has more than earned it. Thank you, Jean-Baptiste!


Jean-Baptiste = ubuntu quality. He's a true go-getter, leading by example. Recognizing the needs for tools early on, he continues to solve problems before most even recognize them. He is passionate about making ubuntu better and is a critical part of keeping ubuntu quality going. It is my pleasure to recommend him for membership. In my eyes, he's been a member for a long time already.

Didier Roche (didrocks)

Jean-Baptiste is bringing a whole lot to the Ubuntu distribution and community. His technical skills as well as his always friendly and willing to fix things to move forward is a great asset for our community as a whole. He helped on facilitating the package delivery process on Ubuntu, getting the QA infrastructure up to test every packages that enters ubuntu, testing automatically upstream libreoffice, kernels modules, and upstream GNOME. And that's not all, he did as well a lot of manual testing (upgrade testing, install testing), and without him, we would have shipped a lot of broken releases from day 1. As Balloons told, it's been a long time that he's a truly ubuntu member in my mind.


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