About Myself

In 1996 I was assisting in a computer network environment for a local school. I was introduced to Slackware Linux that year by a friend of the manager of that department and haven't looked back since.

My home is now almost entirely Linux based running Ubuntu / Mint. I preach the good news of Linux with my personal recommendation being Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu and Mint, of course!

Projects & Ideas

I've had the idea for a while to create a type of LUG or LUG project that focuses on advertising and focusing attention to Linux in local communities. This leaves the LUG or LUG's open to assist and help the community when the need arrises.

I play around a little with web development including PHP and web server setups. I've also done scripts like the following OGG Vorbis Video to Flash converter found at

For the LOCO

I was extremely pleased when I was given the opportunity to serve as the Georgia, USA LOCO Team Support Manager. Even though I live in GA, I am at a distance from my other Co-LOCO Team members and this makes it a little tougher to "be a part of the team" - so to speak. At least, that's how I feel. But I try to do what I can to answer all problems and concerns that come up and to be as much of a contributing member as is possible at this distance!

If you have any concerns, you may E-Mail us by visiting the forums which can benefit everybody using it or through IRC on channel #ubuntu-us-ga.

Thanks for stopping by.



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