Free Software history

  • Debian Developper since 2000: glibc, initrd-tools, mailutils, grep, inetutils, Hurd porter, sponsor, debconf organiser, d-i porting.
  • GNU Maintainer since 1995: mailutils, inetutils
  • GNU Sysadmin from 1995 to 2004
  • Gnome Foundation Member
  • Other contributions and life:

  • Ubuntu member since 2005.


  • C, C++, IP, HTML, PHP, ECMAScript, SQL, XML, Python, Java


  • Java
  • Servers: ISP and Corporate IT


In the past I have contributed to the following:

among other things. I'm not generally keeping this list up to date.

These days I assist with ongoing toolchain and ports work.


I worked at Canonical from 2005 to 2007. I spent time on the distro team and as the Ops manager for the Global Support and Services team. These days I work for Google.

Other stuff

I have a almost 15 years of experience in corporate IT. I am Novell certified, have integrated GNU/Linux into NT LANs, and have corporate telephony experience (traditional, as well as IP based)


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