I live on the west coast of Canada in the city of North Vancouver. I have been using Ubuntu since January 2005. Before Ubuntu, I used Mandrake, and before that, slack. I first installed slack in 1999, and have been trying to get away from Windows ever since.

Stuff I'm Workin On

Style Guide

I am currently working on creating a style guide for the Ubuntu docteam. The planning stage is complete, and work has started. If anyone is interested, please contribute. See StyleGuide.

Documentation Handbook

Once the style guide is done, I plan to start work on a software documentation handbook for the docteam. The handbook will include the style guide as a major component, but it will also be a guide for creating software documentation in general. It will also feature guidelines that are more specific to the Ubuntu docteam and the way it works. My hope is that the handbook will become essential reading for anyone who wants to write software documentation.

DocBook Article to Moin XSLT

I have created an experimental DocBook to Moin XSLT toolset. It's described on the ArticleToMoinDesc page.

Other Writing Stuff (non Ubuntu)

I have written a detailed explanation of how to use a spreadsheet to simulate a computer at the binary level. It turns out that by using 1s and 0s in the cells, coupled with the spreadsheet's AND, OR, and NOT functions, pretty much any microprocessor can be simulated and studied. You can find the article at

I have also written an article that describes how Einstein came up with E=mc2. It's a lot easier than you'd think to follow the process he used. The article is at


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