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I'm the Technical Architect for Canonical's Commercial Engineering team. My background is in Linux kernel development, mostly for hardware enablement & bringup.

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I've been working on a few things:

  • Hardware enablement on the x86, arm and powerpc architectures. This is mostly kernel development.

  • Tracking the progress of ARMv8 - at present, this is mainly around toolchain support.

  • Planning and development for OEM Ubuntu preinstall projects (eg, the Ubuntu BIOS/UEFI requirements document)

  • Ubuntu support for UEFI and Secure Boot. Most recently, I've been working on key management infrastructure for secure boot.

  • Initial design and development work for the ARM clock subsystem & device tree infrastructure

  • I'm the kernel maintainer of the SPU filesystem. SPUFS provides userspace access to the vector offload processors on the Cell Broadband Engine.
  • The patchwork web-based patch tracking system

  • Various askubuntu contributions

Future Goals

Most of my plans for the quantal cycle are based around UEFI, to ensure we have the components to support Ubuntu on UEFI & secure-boot enabled hardware (both preinstalls and post-sale installs of Ubuntu), and associated management infrastructure.

There's a few components to this:

  • Rolling out changes to the preinstall process that work with OEM factory setup for UEFI-based machines
  • Developing tools for managing signing and verification of the Ubuntu boot process
  • Ensuring that the Ubuntu boot infrastructure works with secure boot
  • Implementation of key management infrastructure for post-install updates of secure boot configuration
  • Hardware enablement for new features in UEFI


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

Jeremy work with Grant Likely on bringing device tree to the ARM architecture which is important for Ubuntu on ARM. Device tree on ARM was discussed during UDS. I am working on Ubuntu kernel for Calxeda ARM Server SoC and it highly relies on device tree. Thanks, Jeremy.

Jeremy Kerr is very friendly and has a lot of knowledge in many areas, e g, git and patchwork. He has recently gained knowledge in secure boot, an area as important as it is controversial. He has been actively working together with Red Hat on this topic as well, which is commendable. With his Ubuntu membership, he will be able to spread knowledge about secure boot to the wider Ubuntu audience, which I believe would be very useful!

Jeremy Kerr is a very good engineer and has worked in many areas that Ubuntu has benefitted from, e.g. the Device tree on ARM and the UEFI secure boot support in Ubuntu. He definitely deserves the membership regarding to my work experience with him.

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