I'm a web and desktop developer, although I'm not developing any desktop applications lately. I'm purely a hobbyist at both types, but I'm exercising my skills so maybe I can get a programming job and become something more.

I'm not even 'minted' as an Ubuntu user yet because my CD (ordered March 2008) has yet to arrive. (I have dial-up, and the download lasted several days before my browser crashed and lost it.) I don't even know if it will install correctly on my WinXP box, lol. I'm just trying to find the door to get out of Windows.

I first learned about Linux when I was browsing the web. I tried to read the instructions for some distro (not sure which), but it was over my head. I decided to look around for a free RedHat copy (for ease of installation, because I figure something that sells should be easier) and/or a savvy contact. I recently (March 2008) asked a friend of mine and he told me that Ubuntu is easy to install.

Email: <jesdisciple AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Website: (I need to work on it, but it'll be a while.)


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