Contact Info

Jim McQuillan

Location: Waterford, MI, USA

Email: jam at ltsp.org

IRC: jammcq on the #ltsp channel on irc.freenode.net


  • LTSP - I'm the founder and project leader of an awesome project that provides Thin client support to Linux servers. The Linux Terminal Server Project http://www.LTSP.org

  • I'm now focusing on shaping LTSP to play better with Linux distributions, so that we can integrate LTSP into distributions of all flavors. Take a look at Project MueKow for a look at some of our plans.

  • I've travelled all over the world, talking about LTSP, including really cool places like Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Norway, Brazil, Canada and all over the US.
  • I've been working with Unix since 1984. Back in those days, we used (dare I say it) SCO Xenix. Been on Linux since somewhere around 1995.
  • I'm currently the president of the Michigan Unix Users Group MUG.

  • When I'm not working on LTSP, I'm busy running my own consulting company: McQuillan Systems. I specialize in the healthcare industry. lately, I've been spending alot of time gluing systems together, including RIS, MIS, Transcription, Dictation, PACS, and tying into insurance companies and hospital systems.

Time Available

  • Pretty much every waking minute. Well, unless I'm working on billable stuff for clients.

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