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I am currently a Uni student undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Systems and Aerospace) at the University of Queensland. I have a strong interest in computers, especially software and web programming.

I have played around with Linux since 2006, with Ubuntu being my main choice. I initially tried Knoppix and Fedora, but after trying Ubuntu 5.10 and later Ubuntu 6.06, I settled on Ubuntu as my favourite Linux distro. Currently I have Ubuntu 11.10 installed on both of my computers, as well as a couple of virtual computers that are mainly used for web programming.

I taught myself HTML/CSS in 2003, and moved on to PHP a couple of years later. I created my own basic CMS in 2008, as a way to learn more in-depth PHP and MySQL. However, I have now decided to use Drupal for all my websites, as it is a lot easier and much more powerful.

I am a member of Ubuntu Australia Team, mainly helping out with the IRC channels and translations.


  • Ubuntu Australian LoCo Team Member

    • I have chaired the monthly Ubuntu-AU IRC team meetings, in tandem with JoelPickett since June 2011

    • I have fixed up wiki pages to have a consistent look and feel
    • I help to answer questions on the #ubuntu-au IRC channels
    • I assist with managing the social network pages for Ubuntu-AU, including the Facebook group and page, Twitter and accounts
  • Translation of Ubuntu to English (Australia)
  • Ubuntu Global Jams
    • I ran two Jams for the Precise cycle
      • Localisation jam - a discussion to determine the plan of attack for producing a localised version of Ubuntu for Australia. We will be using the results of this to hopefully create a local iso in the not too distant future.
      • Wiki jam - worked through the wiki section for Ubuntu-AU to clean up old pages, as well as improve the content for people new to Ubuntu-AU
  • Assist people in my community with using Ubuntu and linux for the first time. I have helped numerous people convert their computers to Ubuntu, and check up on them regularly to ensure that they are still enjoying the wonders of Ubuntu, and are not encountering any problems.
    • Created a simple script for Launchpad that makes en_AU translation a lot easier by batching results into 50. The en_AU translation effort has greatly benefited from Joel's small, albeit, useful script. -- jpickett

Future Goals

  • I hope to keep the English (Australia) locale translations at 100% translated
  • I would like to see a localised iso for Australia, so will assist as much as I can to get this done
  • I would like to assist with fixing bugs in Ubuntu packages


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

Joel has been a wonderful asset to the Ubuntu-AU LoCo. As he states above he has been very active with localisation, running global jam events and getting in and helping out with general team administration and social media management. -- jarednorris 2012-04-08 10:30:29

Echoing what Jared said - Joel has been quite an asset to the Ubuntu-AU team, keeping people up to date with what is happening in the LoCo meetings, events and updates of documentation. He certainly is a concrete member of the LoCo and is very reliable. He has put a fair bit of effort into the en_AU translation project and continues to be the maintainer of the new strings. -- jpickett 2020-12-05 03:25:12

Joel has been fantastic for the Ubuntu-AU team. His great at translating and his past GlobalJam events have been brilliant. His skill are great and he is a well organized guy. I fully recommend him to become a Ubuntu Member. -- benny 2012-05-08 08:11:33


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