Call me "Rin", "Joey", or "Joŝko".

About Me

IconsPage/PicIRC.png My name is Joey Stanford and I'm a full Ubuntu member. I made the switch to using only Ubuntu in my personal life in 2004. I have been using GNU/Linux since the mid-1990s. I currently work for Canonical LTD.

IconsPage/IconHandshake.png I was a project lead and founder of the l10n and Native Lang Esperanto Teams. I currently work with other F/OSS projects like bzr.

IconsPage/IconFavourites.png I'm very passionate about the Free/Open Source software movements and am a strong believer in using such software as the foundation of all computing. (Mark said this best: We’re committed to reinventing everything we need until the free software stack is a genuinely complete computing universe.) I am also a big advocate (and part-time activist) for GNU/Linux on the desktop and as such am a strong supporter of my favourite distribution, Ubuntu.

Visit my launchpad account for more information about me. My Ubuntu webstie is

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