About Me

John Anderson is a software developer in Salt Lake City. He currently works for Orchid Event Solutions writing conference management software that runs on open source technology.

He also contributes to these open source project:

My interest in Ubuntu

I first tried Ubuntu in April 2005. I'm platform agnostic, I always have multiple distro's running in my house at the same time and Ubuntu sounded like an interesting replacement for my debian boxes.


  • Email me if you like: sontek {at} gmail {dot} com
  • Jabber: sontek {at} gmail {dot} com
  • Find me in the #ubuntu-utah channel on (sontek)
  • Find me in the #monodev channel on (sontek)
  • My Blog

Community Contributions

Utah LoCo Team

I attend the Salt Lake City Ubuntu meetings every month.

== Utah LUGS == I attend

Ubuntu Tutorials

I provide many tutorials and tips for Ubuntu and Linux in general on my blog.


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