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Beaverton, Oregon, USA

About Me

I am a member of the Ubuntu Kernel Team working for Canonical on the Ubuntu Kernel, and AppArmor development. Currently I am working on security and general bug fixing in the Kernel. I am also an upstream developer for the AppArmor project.


I started to become involved with the Ubuntu community during the Gutsy development cycle, though I had installed and played with each release starting with Warty.

IRC. I'm usually on #ubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-hardened, #ubuntu-kernel, #ubuntu-server, #apparmor (, #ecryptfs (

I did an open week session a few cycles ago about how to use AppArmor.

Outside of Ubuntu I am currently involved in the AppArmor project, and ecryptfs.


Currently my major contributions are to the AppArmor project. And I have been involved with the Ubuntu EC2 kernel and some bug work on Ecryptfs.

In the past I worked on compiler hardening for the gcc compiler. As well as hardening patches for glibc.


I have been tweaking software for a long time starting back in the Amiga dev scene, and then writing opensource drivers and software for BeOS, before moving on to linux full time in 2000. I have always been drawn to working on the core of the OS and tools, tinkering with the kernel, gcc, and glibc, fortunately there still appears to be a lot of tinkering to do in these areas.

Beyond that I am working with the AppArmor project towards version 3 and with improvements in usability and mediation capability. And I have gotten back in to hacking on ARM based platforms, this time using Ubuntu instead of the bare metal Nintendo DS hacking of the past. I also have plans of resurrecting the handwriting recognition project I started working on back in grad school, which would be nice to see running in Ubuntu.

My launchpad page

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