John Levin

Email: <john AT SPAMFREE technolalia DOT org>

About: I'm a freelance webmaster/troubleshooter/jack-of-all-[computer]-trades. I've run the Ubuntu stall at Lug Radio Live for the last four years, and organised the London Gutsy launch party at the Pembury Tavern (pub using free-software).

Why Ubuntu: For the community as much as anything else.

Interests: Documentation, help, bug-hunting; Xubuntu, Mozilla and related (Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, NVu, Seamonkey, Songbird; anything in XUL); web applications; what ever takes my fancy Smile :)

Bugs submitted:


  • 1927 - System hangs on network activity (realtek 8139)
  • 1965 - htmlgen docs not showing in help browser


  • 584 - Can't create new files with mousepad under gnome


Wiki Pages Created:


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