I, John Rigby, apply for upload rights for packages u-boot-linaro, linux-linaro-omap, linux-linaro-mx51, linux-linaro-s5pv310, linux-linaro-u8500, linux-linaro-vexpress and linux-meta-linaro.


John Rigby

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Who I am

I joined Canonical as part of Linaro in April 2010. Since that time I have worked mostly in packaging Linux Kernel and U-Boot packages for Linaro. I also do upstream U-Boot work.

My Ubuntu story

After using other distro's for about a decade I started using Ubuntu in 2007.

My involvement

I have been maintaining the Linaro Linux and U-Boot packages since September 2010. For Natty I introduced the ability to produce per-platform source packages to make the long build time for ARM kernels bearable. The script that does this has also been used by Mathieu Poirier in his efforts to port a Ubuntu Kernel to the Nokia N900 for a project to bring Kubuntu to that platform.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I have been maintaining releases of the following packages:




Areas of work

Linaro kernel packaging and anything U-Boot.

Things I could do better

Packaging best practices and bzr are still not as easy for me as git. However, I am learning.

Plans for the future


I will continue to be responsible for u-boot-linaro and linux-linaro. I also plan to continue to make innovative contributions to upstream U-Boot.

What I like least in Ubuntu

It would be nice to be able to share U-Boot binaries across boards that have the same processor. For example now we have separate U-Boot binary packages for each supported OMAP3 based board. Another annoying thing is the need for X-Loader on OMAP[34]. U-Boot should be self contained.


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I'm not John's primary sponsor, but I did see the efforts he has put into u-boot-linaro and linux-linaro-* source packages. u-boot-linaro qualifies as a relatively normal package, while linux-linaro-* are really special due to the specificities of kernel packaging. John did a really good job at learning his way through packaging tools, and organizing to deliver the relatively large set of linux-linaro-* source packages. Not only do I think that John is confortable enough with packaging of these bits, I think he will be reliable in asking others when he doesn't know, and being careful by default; he also proved that he will learn from his mistakes and arrange to avoid them. In my opinion, he now has enough experience to upload these packages directly.


I have been sponsoring regular uploads of u-boot-linaro and linux-linaro-* packages for John for several months now, and have seen him progress in his understanding of Ubuntu packaging and how packages fit together in the system. He accepts my most nitpicky feedback with grace, and through his efforts the linux-linaro packages are closer to being lintian-clean than the main Ubuntu kernel packages currently are. He has also worked to resolve an upstream kernel issue involving compiling and execution of helper utilities at runtime which prevents developers from cross-compiling the same kernel packages that we build natively; when fully fixed, this will be of benefit to everyone building armel kernel packages in Ubuntu.

John is the unqualified expert where the Linaro kernel and u-boot packaging is concerned. He works closely with this code on a regular basis, and while he still has the occasional question, I've definitely outlived my usefulness as an upload sponsor for these packages: my review adds nothing to the quality of the package uploads, it just slows him down. There's no doubt in my mind that he should be given upload rights on these packages.

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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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