I first began using ubuntu at 5.10, as dual boot to my windows xp install, sometime in 2006, I reformatted and upgraded to 6.06, forgot windows and have been using ubuntu for everything ever since, upgraded to 6.10 and now running feisty on my new dell, which did not come preinstalled with ubuntu, because I live in Australia and we don't get that choice here.

I am not a programmer or I.T. professional, or anything like that, I do some freelance web design and publishing over at basically because I enjoy it, and I like working with ubuntu. My real day job (well actually it's a night job): I'm a security guard for I have begun to convert a lot of my training material from the original powerpoint file to html, converted using impress, and some done manually, to autorun on CD for that other OS that the NSW government insists on using.

I am on the forums every now and then, not as often as I'd like but I help people where I can. Contact me:


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