John Vivirito

Email: <gnomefreak AT ubuntu DOT com>

OpenPGP keys: 3C1C3C2A

I am a member of TriLug Ubuntu Members Ubuntu IRC Ubuntu Bugs QA Ubuntu-desktop-effects

My Personal website is Personal Site

My launchpad Site is Launchpad Site


Im a 31 year old living in Apex N.C. USA.


* Helping people

* Packaging for ubuntu/kubuntu (just started learning)

* Making Kubuntu as well defined as Ubuntu is in support and docs.

* In the progress that Kubuntu has made over the years and would enjoy helping Kubuntu in future progress


* Some Wiki pages

* Help users in IRC

* Teaching classes in #ubuntu-classroom (last one i did was basic compiling)

* Worked closely with others to pull #ubuntu-nun back to life.

* Bug triaging bugs

* Helping with Kubuntu related bugs.

* Started a launchpad team ubuntu-desktop-effects

* Packaged Iceape for Gutsy

* Working with the Ubuntu-Mozilla Team in bug triage along with packaging.

* Set up a Ubuntu-Mozilla Team repo for testing packages before uploaded. see PreviewPackages

In The Future

* Working on my Python and C programming, so i can learn how to write/package/maintain Ubuntu programs/apps.

* Working on my packaging for Ubuntu and Kubuntu.


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