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Hi my name is Johnny Mast my work is creating network daemons for Rosiello security development. I am 23 years old and a total Linux code addict, My development process takes me trough the following operating systems.

  • Solaris
  • Mac osx
  • Bsd
  • Linux

For solaris 10 i created the locate tool that we all know (unofficial) but the developers motto these days is.

"If you need it, make it";

  • and

"if it breaks, fix t";

My skills

  • C -- 8 years
  • C++ 2 years
  • PHP 1 year
  • basic (ow my) 5 years
  • Abled to help out on unix related topics
  • Im a friendly helping person.

Contributions to Ubuntu



Bug Fixes (Dapper):

Merges: (Dapper)

Packages created in universe:

  • (./) ttb [Teletekst-browser] here

  • kryptor [Rosiello`s Krypyor] here

Documents and translations:

  • MOTU
  • Launchpad translations to dutch.
    • GnomeBaker

    • MiniGW32
    • Policycoreutils
    • Horde2
    • Slm
    • Pkgconf-parman-basicfilesystems
    • Hercules
    • xchat-gnome
    • Pkgconf-clamav

Reverce Engeneering:


  • Kernel level
    • Writing device driver for ENE flash card reader.
    • Writing device driver for Formosa USB reciever (remote irDa controle)
  • Userland applications
  • Documents
    • Im writing a paper for packages about how to pack .deb packages
    • Planning on writing a white paper on how to secure stand alone daemons

Note. Please also read my lauchpad profile if you dont have a clear image of me. You can find all my translations/bugfixes and support reply`s on that list.

Bug reports

Kernel 2.6.12-9-386

Distrobution: Ubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger"


Description: acct() doesnt work well.

Irc is what im doing when im awake ( #rosiello) and back from work (i check fire extinguishers in holland). If you need more info please send me an email at or

Some of my projects:

Project name : Argus

Description : Argus is a tool to trace the execution of an application that gives also the possibility to modify run-time its system calls. (Linux)

Role: Developer.


Project name : Extreme FTPD

Description: Fast secure flexible FTPd with SSL (Multyple platforms)

Role: Lead Developer

WWw: +

Project name : anIRCd

Description: anIRCd a nice project to code on in my free time (Not that i have much) it will support SSL and server linkage TS5 and T10 protcol.

Role: lead developer

WWW: +

Project name : Jatx

Description : A command line tool for root people that displays information about users on the local system and displats wich processes they have starten. How long/when , how much memory etc.

Role: lead developer

WWW: +


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